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  1. Works for me... Free after rebate is the cheapest I've seen for motor oil.
  2. http://www.valvoline.com/maxlife/microsite.asp So Valvoline will reimburse you for your purchase of up to 5 qts of this "Full synthetic" oil EDIT: Looks like it's good for any Maxlife oil, but original question still stands...which should I get? Sounds like a good deal...but there's gotta be a catch. Is this good oil? My 1988 Volvo 240 is due for a change, previous owner of the car claims he's always put synthetic oil in the car because it lasts longer....seems like that was just his excuse for neglecting to change the oil regularly. My car has 170,000 miles on it. So what are your thoughts on this stuff? Good/bad etc? I've always put non synthetic in my previous car so I dont know.
  3. Lookin for a receiver to replace the basic CD player in my 1988 Volvo 240. It already has 4 sony speakers (Two 4", Two 5.25") It's gotta... --Read MP3/WMA CDs --FM/AM --Built in Amp --Expandable, I'd like to be able to put a small sub or bass tube in eventually (Pre outs) --Be under or not much over $100 The following would be nice --AUX In ----USB in (thumbdrives etc) --XM or Sirius capable --ability to read data dvds with MP3/WMA Files (Never seen it, but hey, it's worth a try) It must not be: --Panasonic My speakers are fine at the moment, maybe one day far in the future, I'll put the smallest bass tube I can get in
  4. Lock On: Modern Air Combat http://downloads.gamezone.com/demos/d10277.htm Check the demo, see if that's what you want. i might get this one for my brother since he has that sweet saitek 2 piece joystick/throttle.
  5. you computer savvy? Like troubleshooting, teaching, repairs, etc? Put an ad on craigslist for computer services, start out charging like $15 an hour, market rate is like $50 an hour so i'm sure you'll get some business, but keep the price low till you're certified etc.
  6. Great size, those 19" ones are. 500:1 is PLENTY, night and day difference between my comparable viewsonic VA1912wb and old gateway CRT 19" Widescreen is like taking a 17" and adding 2 inches to the side, perfect size imo. --Man...4ms response time, makes me wish I waited, but 8ms doesnt ghost for me (old video card...bad eyes...hehe) My viewsonic was $199 after $30 staples easy rebate (didnt even have to mail anything for the rebate) Go for it! 2000:1 contrast ratio probably sacrifices response time (if it doesnt, well...ignore that comment)
  7. 1988 Volvo 240 --2.3L 114hp 4 cylinder --Manual 5 Speed Transmission --170,000 Miles --Cruise Control, heated seats, power locks, basic alarm (came from Oakland) --non psychotic heater, (240s have been notorious for having 2 heater settings: broil, and off) --Sweet rims wit decent tires --Good paint (few minor dings here and there) --Thule Cargo Rack --Manual windows (I always forget to put my power windows up before turning off my old car) --4x 4" Sony Speakers to a Sony CD Player (will upgrade the receiver, speakers are fine) Here it is next to my 1990 Volvo 240, which happens to be for sale...PM me if interested, Bay Area, CA.
  8. I got my cd key almost instantly I'm averaging about 80kbs down on the torrent (Gamespot's website was giving me 20kbs...forget that!) I should've gone with fileplanet in the first place, oh well, I'll leave torrent on overnight, that way, I get some extra folding time in, as well as providing a seed so others can download a little faster
  9. Go with Olive oil, it's healthy and tastes great. Best cooking oil ever.. IMNSHO. Get your olive oil extra virgin at Costco, the darkest bottle you can find. The label isnt on this bottle so I cant tell you which one it is.
  10. I change my vote to local custom PC shop. No bloatware, plus you're giving a small business some business. Get some recommendations from friends if possible...there are some pretty shady PC shops out there.
  11. HP, I would recommend buying through costco. They're quiet and they dont look half bad either. Be prepared for a huge amount of bloatware removal though.
  12. So this free computer had better be worth it. A neighbor had this computer that he was building but didnt have the time to finish it and went ahead and bought a pre build, but he had a hard drive that needed some data extraction. So as I'm working on burning a dvd with half his data, I feel something crawling on my neck, thinking it's a spider or fly, I just go to brush it off...well, it was a bee, needless to say, it stung me on my right palm...oh well, im not allergic and the stinger didnt get embedded but rather rested on the surface of my skin. So I recover from that and return the DVD with the guy's data on it, and for payment, he offers me that computer heap he has in the garage, pretty much all it needed was a windows install and some wire management, of course, wire management is the good part, so I'm cutting a zip tie, and naturally, I hadnt technically bled on this new computer, and we all know, it's a law of physics to bleed. Of course I was too lazy to look for fingernail clippers, and reached for the nearest sharp thing...a razor blade. Yeah, 1 candlepower on the scale of smart. (as opposed to a lightbulb) This wasnt just a cut, I stabbed my left thumb about 1/3" deep. Brilliant! I was fast thinking and got off the white carpet and to the sink...almost passed out...And they say violent video games desensitize you...ya...baloney So the part you were all looking for: ECS Motherboard (No OC...oh well) Coolermaster CPU cooler AMD Athlon 2000+ 640mb PC2100 DDR 4mb no name AGP video card (upgrade time) 13.5gb IBM HD (Swapped out for a 20gb WD from a dual P3 system that I'm gonna sell) Antec PSU (Didnt look at wattage, but it has a blue LED fan) White generic case, pretty flimsy, but not too bad HP DVD420i (DVD Burner) I'm putting windows XP pro on it now.
  13. Krazy get it yet? Do we need to explain it?
  14. Found out what BF2 1.2 is probably gonna look like, doesnt seem much different from the current one, but maybe some bugs will be fixed or something...
  15. you think you have it tough, I dont have TV and have to rent the dvds, so far only season 1 is out on dvd so I'm "Lost" at the moment Really makes you appreciate reruns. The nice thing is you dont have to wait a week between episodes, but I watched the whole season in about a week. I dont usually watch TV but this is good.
  16. I seriously think they might have modeled the mouse after the guy. You know that car commercial where it shows people next to their cars and they look alike? Now look at "Fatal1ty" next to the mouse. I'll stick with Creative sound cards thankyou very much
  17. oh how wrong you are! Newegg has it back on Auto Notify, $70 with $7 shipping. $3 under MSRP, but then there's tax...but my rebate should take care of that. Newegg should have it in by 1/20/06
  18. I couldnt have said it better myself.
  19. Thinkgeek: OOS Dang too, that would be a purchase over $15 so I could get a TV B Gone with my geekpoints. I might try compusa next week, I'm getting desperate...I have that $10 rebate that came with BF2 SF anyway. Hmm...maybe compusa is like all the others and the only available one they have is the display model
  20. Logitech.com doesnt even have it in stock, Compusa is the cheapest I've seen at $79.99??? Newegg used to have it on autonotify for $69.99, and now it's gone. The MSRP is $79.95 or something like that, and I have this thing about refusing to buy things at MSRP. It's going for $80+$15 shiping on ebay. My S key has no S on it, my D key is getting worn off, my "Any" key is gone, there's a G15 somewhere out there with my name on it, the question is, where is it?
  21. yeah I probably wont use phpbb when I redo it, but I just want a band aid to fix this little problem.
  22. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? It's morning according to cell phone clocks, night according to the darkness, unless of course you're near a pole in summer. Then it's still day, no midday or anything like that, just plain day, until the middle of the summer, then it's midday and ... gah, who cares anyway?
  23. Well the binoculars I found out werent included in the game because they couldnt get it to work, and I like the fact that it's 2 seater, Just wish a spotter would do this instead of the missiles missing the intended target and flying into a fully loaded friendly APC 3 miles away. But the CAR ALARM?? Get real, that would have been awesome! And how hard could it be? No excuse for leaving that out And the map looks awesome too, looks like a cross between basrahs edge (DC) and Mashtuur city, but with air support so you dont get those blackhawk squads owning it up. What I miss is the manual artillery/spotters, those were fun. This point and click stuff that the commander does is just plain lame. I used to own it up in BFV with the Mortar. Hehe, didnt even need a spotter, just set them on a hill and take down transport and attack choppers with 1 hit...
  24. I hear a lot about head gasket problems on BMWs and Saabs, main thing other than price that scared me away from them.
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