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  1. Alright, I will probably get that stuff. Any suggestions on alternatives would be appreciated, til i get confirmation that i can trust PQI on rebates, another $20 can be added to that for my price range.
  2. well im gonna have to upgrade anyway, 512 just doesnt seem like enough anymore. I dont want to spend $130 for matching HyperX when I can get twice as much pqi or corsair for ~$70-$90 But as you suggest, I'll have a LAN party and borrow some ram from a friend. I do have a friend over right now, but I dont wanna try to figure out how to open an HP.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820141154 I ask if anyone has used PQI Memory in a P4P800 because I suspect that the Kingston memory I have is unsupported, sounds absurd I know, but my system hangs on boot with my HyperX PC3700 while "testing nvram" I've only had Kingston Ram to test in it, and dont own any PC3200, just 2700 and 3700. Any other ~$70 dual channel recommendations of 1gb?
  4. that corsair is calling me. dual channel and twice as much as i was planning on getting, but then again, it might be the kingston ram messing up my boot times (1 minute to post, another to load windows) as it isnt listed on the supported brands of memory for asus Kingston is good about warranty though (I did get warranty service thinking that i got bad memory, got replacement ram 1 day after I requested warranty service) (cross shipping, you give them credit card # as collateral, they ship the ram before getting yours) -turns out it wasnt a bad set of ram. Sent motherboard away, still had a problem there too. but got the motherboard a month after sending it out. Still didnt fix it.
  5. I got mine (their last DVD) at Compusa yesterday...and they had a 12pack of bawls not 10 feet away. I have the gift card printout form right next to me. Ah...patience
  6. Got BF2, time to upgrade that RAM. To a GIG. --Asus P4P800 Deluxe --Intel 2.4c --Kingston HyperX PC3700 2x256 Dual Channel (512mb total) --Asus Radeon 9600xt TVD (With vivo) --Sound Blaster Live! --NEC 2500a 8x+/-DVD-R/RW --Lite On 52x32x52x --1x 200GB IDE Western Digital --2x 120GB IDE in RAID 0 (Seagate and Maxtor) So I already have that DDR466, problem is, I havent figured out how to up the clock on my ram, I'm not sure if it's even possible to run it at it's speed with this motherboard. I go with the AI overclock tuner, and it lowers my ram speed, so that's out. I go with manual, and the highest I can go is 200 or 400, whatever makes for PC3200 speeds. My question is, what ram should I get, I dont feel like spending $100+ for fast ram that I cant benefit from so I'm thinking about just getting some valueram. Send some suggestions this way please. I think i give up OCing, this house is already too hot. New motherboard is out of the question because I am eventually gonna have to upgrade my bicycle to something with 4 wheels and pay for the insurance and gas on it.
  7. Intel 865 PE chipset http://www.asus.com/products/mb/socket478/...-d/overview.htm It's that board
  8. So a while back, when I bought my Motherboard, Memory, and CPU, i bought a dual channel kit of Kingston Hyperx PC3700 for more Headroom, problem is, I cant figure out how to bump the Clock frequency for the Memory over 400mhz with my Asus P4P800 Deluxe. Is it possible to bump the Memory speed up so I can run at a 1:1 ratio or not with this board. I'm gonna be buying more ram and want to know if buying the Fast memory to match what I've got is worth it or If i should just buy Valueram or something like that? I think I have a dud motherboard too and overclocking doesnt really improve performance, so I think I'm gonna give up the OCing and try for the quietness.
  9. Sweet!!! Demo on the 10th, same day as start of summer break for me. Missing out on BF1942/Nam may cause some initial pwnage receipt while you get used to helos and planes, but everything else is good. Hopefully they went with DC style helos I felt crippled in Nam Helos.
  10. surround headphones do work, i have some Kinyos, but the hissing that the amp gives made me go to stereo and lose the amp. The headsets are huge and there are actually 3 speakers so it gives you the effect and it works, better than speakers in some cases because it doesnt matter where you sit.
  11. What the heck? How can..nevermind if it's really 1600dpi and really a laser mouse, that's pretty sweet, besides, who cares what it looks like when you hand is covering it. I'm quite curious about that mouse, somebody should buy one.
  12. I'm in Norcal and cycled power on all computers on network and modem. Still rollercoastering. Very Odd Indeed. We'll see how it is tomorrow. EDIT: it's better now. Musta been maintenance or something.
  13. yesterday it was ~768kbps (my line cap, payin for 1500kbps, but line will do 768) , today it's rollercoastering from 17kbps to 500kbps I'm just wondering if anyone else with SBC has experienced a ridiculous slowdown.
  14. I'm getting a 35Kbps download on my 768k line. Anyone else with this problem?
  15. I do believe my score in CSS has improved since getting an MX1000 to replace my Blue LED Fan Mouse... I can actually sorta use a scout now (now...for these reflexes...)
  16. It's corded and has no tilt wheel (I guess it's good for gaming then) , but hey, it's a laser mouse. and 1600dpi. Sweet. I just got the MX1000 on thursday for $53+tax from officemax. I paid for it using $50 in coins, the rest with paper...hehe...
  17. take a screenshot no really..my friend has spider webs in his big screen tv.
  18. Indian Creek Designs: Desert Fox + Smart Parts Barrel (I like the teardrop) (check ebay) Old but good.
  19. cs source. But soon...(I hope)...I'll replace that with BF2
  20. lighten up people Have you checked the ~$50 Zalmans? They are supposed to be pretty slick.
  21. "But, the laser mouse looks cool and costs more so i figured it would be better." ROFL Yeah, I think I'm gonna go for the MX1000, i mean, you're gonna be using your mouse how much? Yeah. The MX518's ability to adjust the sensitivity on the fly looks like something cool, or...one could lay off the caffeine. MX1000 can track on anything, invisible light (dunno about the 518, but ya) MX1000, cordless MX1000, available.
  22. Very well said. I'm gonna have to say I agree with you.
  23. I'm looking at the mediaplay because it has a good selection of buttons, a tilt wheel, and wirelessness. (Plus media functions which would be nice to have in any mouse.) Does anyone use it for gaming? there are a lot of reviews for it as a HT mouse, but nothing about gaming.
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