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  1. Looking for a battlefield name...I tried Bob the Builder, since i was usually engineer, saw another guy with that name, so i looked at my monitor...hmm, fibrax gripping stuff....nah, too long, looked at another part of monitor, saw one of them Mr Yuck Stickers....ding....I even have a Mr Yuck spray in counter strike...
  2. Radeon 9000 Pro...not bad for a 550
  3. a program called smartripper, to get the files to your computer and a program called flask MPEG, to convert it to an easier format.
  4. 11 bottles of hotsauce (the good stuff), 16 bottles of bawls, 6 tins of penguin mints, filled wallet (money went towards computer upgrade, tell you about it when it comes via fedex , other junk food, gift card to Deaf Dog Coffee, Battlefield 1942 road to rome (thought about returning it and getting call of duty, but decided to keep it and get call of duty), some CDs, a yellow shirt (that makes about 10...some kind of joke, but hey, yellow is a good colour), and some other good stuff...still waiting for the gift I ordered for my mom to come...grr...ups tracking said it will arrive on Dec. 30....
  5. we'll see what happens here: I ordered all new computer stuff saturday, the 27th, lets see if I get it next year...first computer of the new year or last of the old?
  6. sample hotsauce, have hotsauce eating contests, fishing (kindof expensive), mountain biking (pretty expensive), paintball (very expensive), golf is more fun than it looks
  7. hmm, how are your grades? The experience in building your own computer would be good. With your own powerful computer to mess with, you can learn a lot. I wont get a ticket with it like a car It is safer than a motorcycle
  8. when you are booting up, press delete and bring up your bios, there should be a setting that can turn that off, I cant remember what it is called but I do believe that there is some kind of setting in the bios to turn that off.
  9. I have an AMD Athlon, but am upgrading to a p4, these amd stickers would look good on my new P4 case B) ...
  10. the reason macs have handles on them is not for better throwing, it is so you can put a rope through it and use it as a boat anchor. some people. just in case you dont know www.turkeyscore.com/lan.htm (that's what macs are for)
  11. not too much here A few pairs of headphones (one channel didnt work anyway)...hooked up to left speaker out on subwoofer Pentium 166: Took out processor while it was running screen goes blace, put back in while running, comes back to previous state, but frozen till reboot, since that didnt kill the computer, did other things to abuse mobo and processor. (just curious) Old motherboard from a 300mhz system that i got at goodwill for $10, not sure what happened. 2 macintosh plus (goodwill $10) 1 logitech cordless optical mouse dropped one too many times. Aopen Headset Mic...just wore out 1 floppy drive
  12. I have some new computer stuff coming from newegg Asus P4P800 Deluxe Intel P4 2.4c Kingston HyperX PC3700 Dual Channel Pack (2x256=512) Newegg.com T Shirt B) Allied 400W PSU Arctic Silver Ceramique _________________ At home i have: XP Home, Lite On 52x32x52, Aopen 12x DVD rom, a seagate 120GB 7200RPM hard drive with 8mb cache, a maxtor 120GB 7200RPM hard drive with 8mb cache, This Case but in white and without the front usb, 2 case fans, 1 front, 1 back, a system blower that takes up one PCI slot space, stock hsf on processor, flat IDE Cables. it is currently 60 degrees F in my room but in the summer it gets up to about 95. How well do you all think I can o/c my 2.4c ?
  13. I like Bawls. A penguin mint in them is good too. and yes, apples wake me up better than bawls.
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