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  1. holy smokes...I think I'll take a class next year... o_0 I just wanna make a stinkin simple little menu that functions like the one at the top of the following page: http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/exchange....cfm?view=sn120 but without using flash, as I cant afford to throw down $100 for the educational version. I already have Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX. So show me an easyish way without having to do a whole style sheet and I'll give you a cookie (I've been using simple templates for this long, I can put this off another year till when I have time to take a CLASS on this stuff, which is the way I learned basic dreamweaver and fireworks functions, and I was able to build on that with photoshop)
  2. Chevelle's 2 first albums I also like Project 86
  3. Dodge trucks own, but I like the old design more. Coolest truck I've seen is my Uncle's 3500 Diesel...Huge Monster and gets 25mpg.
  4. Any pointers on resources? How to start, how they work, I have no clue at all, but I research how to do something and it usually returns with CSS, and I have no clue what to do. So yeah, pointers would be much appreciated. And if you're gonna simply reply with a , I've heard it before, i wanna know how YOU learned.
  5. That's not short I'm ~5'8'' 150lbs about 16 years ago my projected max. height was to be 4'10''...I guess that's why doctors call it "practicing" medicine.
  6. did you format as FAT32 or NTFS? for over 137?gb you need to go with NTFS
  7. 1990 Volvo 240 Stationwagon 4cyl 2.3 Liter Engine (Specs sheet says 114HP at 5400RPM) 218,000 Miles JVC MP3 CD Stereo Thule Rack --3 Bike Racks (Dont even have to take off wheels) --Will probably remove one to make room for surfboard Heated Seats Power Locks and Windows 4-55 Air Conditioning (4 windows down, 55 miles per hour) Just got it yesterday for $1100, the overdrive didnt work, but a check of the fuses revealed that the fuse to the overdrive was shared by the rear window defroster, well..whaddya know, unplug the rear window defroster and replace the fuse, and there's the overdrive. Next Priorities: Pair of High Beams as one is out and it's more economical to purchase a pair and then use the old one as a spair Front Brake Repair as the rotors are slightly warped. Cosmetic repairs available at junkyard: New Front Grille Cover New Bumpers (replacements for the plastic assemblies) My favorite comment on it: "its hideous!! what is that???! is that HIS car??" --my GF's sister
  8. 1/8" Piece of Iron (hammering on trash at age 8 with no eye protection) in eye, surgically removed, now I have a cataract in my left eye, but it's out of my field of vision, so I basically only really notice it when driving at night Doc said my eyes were perfect when I had them checked in May. I almost have 20/20. Not too bad at all! If the metal had been going any faster, like less dust in the air or a less humid day, I probably wouldnt have vision in my left eye. Left pupil doesnt quite dialate. (the pic is after having dialating drops in both eyes, they normally only look like that when it's pitch black I imagine... and you cant see anything anyway, slight size difference in a dim environment) and of course the usual, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, small 1" 2nd degree burn from hot thing, 4 wisdom teeth out, etc. nothing worth mentioning that fits into any of those categories (confirmed that is)
  9. back when Qwest was US West we used to call it "US Worst" Firmware update did not help. I'll suggest skipping the Access Point and going directly to modem I'm beginning to think the problem lies with the modem, Actiontech is notorious.
  10. I use windows media player 10. Burn the file to CD using Musicmatch, then rip with windows media player 10 (there's a setting to have it rip using mp3) Musicmatch is so slow...I use it when I get the free song with a slurpee or a fast food drink.
  11. so you think maybe a firmware update might help with the M$ Gateway? I'm 700 miles away and cant really swap out one of my parts with her's. Also can anyone give pointers on updating firmware for that gateway? Again, I'm 700 miles away and cant physically look around and try to figure it out.
  12. A friend of mine has Qwest DSL and when she tries to play BF2, after a few minutes, her internet connection dies and the modem needs to be reset. This is a total loss of connectivity on the computer. Call of Duty shows the same problem. We did not have this problem using her computer at a LAN Party at a different house that was using Cable internet. only happens when gaming...it really cramps our style though The connection setup is an Actiontech R15245U Modem>Microsoft MN-700 Base Station>Cat5>Computer (2 laptops on wireless and 1 desktop on Cat5) (this is not a bandwidth overuse issue as this happens at 1AM when she's the only one in the house using the computer and hers is the only one on) We are not sure if the connection loss is network wide and cannot test this at the moment as she does not have access to the other PCs I dont think the computer specs matter but oh well Windows XP Home AMD XP 2800+ Barton Sapphire 9600xt 128mb 512 Corsair Value Ram Abit motherboard that I cant remember
  13. Comes from resupplying, capture assists, kill assists, kills, revives, heals, repair points, driver kill assists, and driver ability assists. There's a good online place to check stats...pretty cool, shows how close to your next rank you are too. http://bf2s.com/player/%5Bj5%5Dmista.yuck/
  14. all the time... I once spilled soup on a Free After Rebate keyboard...it was beefy soup so I went ahead and rinsed the keyboard because I know what beefy soup would smell like in the keyboard a week later, found that it held EXACTLY a cup of water. Amazing
  15. Who's your ISP? I've had SBC slow down on me recently, get ping mountains more and more often (as opposed to spikes) If you have comcast, call support and they will probably try resolving it, assuming what i've heard from a different customer is true.
  16. as for choice between telephoto and wide, do you have difficulty fitting stuff in frame? wide. Do you not want to get close to a stinky subject? Tele. Professional photographer: gets paid http://forums.photographyreview.com Check that out, check out the critiques, and learn. Dont know if you're just looking to improve or what.
  17. alright, if you have a dream that you are playing BF2, or if your dreams turn into BF2 scenarios...well...that might mean you play too much.. or it might mean quit sleeping and play BF2, because when you dream it, it doesnt count towards your stats.
  18. I'm confused, the topic title really supports a strong point though, dont do drugs.
  19. now what? it took me the length of this thread to actually connect to the account server. Anyone else have this problem?
  20. I'm pretty sure they throw in a mediocre motherboard, lock down overclockability etc. if anything, it's a good folding rig. my friend has an HP with 512 ram, 3200+ A64 and a GFx5200, it runs cs source and BF2 pretty well, loads stuff very quickly too.
  21. How To get base system For $160 Ok ok, before you shoot me, look at that, no need for overclocking because it's got a 64 bit 3200+. Now, just add your 6600gt for $160 from newegg and a gig of ram for $70 or so, and you've got yourself a non overclockable box with xp home, 3200+, 1280 ram, 30GB hard drive, CDROM etc. EDIT: Deal is Expired, Go Home.
  22. Mr_Yuck

    Bf2 Crash

    Battlefield 2 only supports the following video cards: Radeon X700 (PCIe) Radeon X600 (PCIe) GeForce 6600 (PCIe) GeForce PCX 5900 (PCIe) GeForce 5800 Series (AGP) ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition ATI Radeon X800 PRO ATI Radeon 9800 Series ATI Radeon 9600 Series ATI Radeon 9550 (RV350LX) ATI Radeon 9500 / 9700 Series ATI Radeon 8500 Series ATI Radeon X300 Series NVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra NVidia GeForce 6800 GT NVidia GeForce 6800 NVidia GeForce FX 5950 Series NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Series NVidia GeForce FX 5700 Series Taken from: http://www.planetbattlefield.com/bf2/game/system/ In other words, I think it's about time for an upgrade, but that list doesnt include FX5200, and my friend with an HP has no problems. I do think that BF2 hates 9200 series though.
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