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  1. Agreed, banner is completely inappropriate. I know it's possible to opt out of certain advertising programs and in this case, it should def. be done.
  2. Thinkin about buying a GPS reciever for my laptop. $35 USB Wondering about what the best free navigation software is. I've heard of some, so I googled it and found a HUGE list...I'd like to know something you've used that's good so I dont spend 29 hours trying to find the best software to use this gps receiver. (I get lost in SF...it's bad)
  3. I didnt know there was still drivers ed in high schools anymore. My drivers ed was through a private company, we were taught paralell parking and the dangers of trains...this was in a town with the nearest train 100 miles away, the nearest uncontrolled train intersection about 200 miles away. They taught us about cruise control, airbags, and ABS...how many new drivers can afford cars with these features? The class cost over $300 and provided maybe 5 hours of behind the wheel training.... "this is what ABS feels like when you slam them on at 20mph" "Try this cruise control" and "Check your blind spot!" Nothing on gravel or wetness. Just videos talking about it. $300 should get some behind the wheel training at some closed course with more challenging conditions. 3 years later, I took my drivers liscense test in California (this $300 driving school wouldnt send the paperwork needed to transfer the training to CA) The driving test consisted of driving close to a curb, going through a roundabout, and parking in an extra wide perpendicular space without speeding or crashing. Indeed driving certs in this country ARE too easy. Mandatory stability control will not replace proper vehicle control. Also, the article is unclear, is this just for pickups and SUVs or will this include sedans, wagons, and other real cars? If the latter is the case, I'm completely against this.
  4. Yeah, I guess utility beats out soul...we can dream though... I Considered buying an '84 240 turbo wagon from my uncle with 20,000 original miles and a garage life, with some upgrades, but...that's $8000 I didnt have, but it sure is a sweet car, maybe I'll have a hotrod Volvo some day, ya never know.
  5. I bet your fuel pump relay gave up the ghost. 150k is nothing for a volvo. My '90 240 that I sold to my neighbor so I could buy an Automatic '88 is still going strong with 222k miles on it. That B230f engine is awesome, my family currently has 3 of them, an '85 740, a '92 740, and my '88 240. You can crawl in the engine compartment, close the hood, and keep working on the thing...so much room, not surprising that people take those out and drop V8s in there! I'll be putting some Billstein shocks on mine and i'll be good to go. Dont need no stinking performance upgrades...want...yes...need...no. I recommend you put a sign in that S10 and start looking for a new brick
  6. nice one. Crazy Swedes. I love Saabs too, the 9000 not so much as the 900s but that was really well done.
  7. Apple vs Orange juice? Hardest decision of the day, but I already had 2 bottles of apple juice, so I'm gonna have to go with orange juice for a change.
  8. there will probably coupon codes and other deals that will make stepping up to the geforce 7900 plausible for your price range pretty soon. (watch slickdeals.net for deals on the e1705, which is pretty much the same as the i9400.) Also, more RAM would be a good idea, but unless you need it as a filler to reach a coupon code, buying it from a different store would probably be cheaper.
  9. This is what looks to me like a Volvo ad/music video from the 80s, very entertaining and includes some really cool synchronized driving on the part of the 740 drivers. This video is a real treat for Volvo fans like myself. Volvo SnoRace I'm lovin the song too...
  10. 2 identical laptops with 3 major differences: --Centrino Duo T2300 (1.66ghz) Vs. Turion 64x2 1.6ghz --1gb Ram Vs. 2gb Ram --Geforce Go 7400 (512mb) Vs. Geforce Go 7200 (256mb) __Both use the same battery, I'm wondering which will have better battery life (I have the video card clocked down for max battery life when running off the battery, this is automatic) __Also, will an extra gig of RAM help balance out the Video cards? I know the one with the 7400 will run games pretty well (BF2 on medium settings), will downgrading to a 7200 take this away? __Assume the price is the same I googled this, but only found one review and it wasnt a very well done review. (CNET, only test was 3dmark)
  11. Tried a straight usb keyboard with no luck. Tried removing the newly installed memory, no luck Hm.. could the removal of a pci parallel card (like the old printer connector) have anything to do with it?
  12. Title says it all. I'm trying to setup a system, and the keyboard works fine in the bios and command prompt, but when it gets to the windows xp setup, it stops responding all together, the numlock led stays lit. Hitting capslock, scroll lock, or numlock brings no change in the LEDs, but it does in the bios. No response whatsoever, ctrl alt delete, tab, escape, nothing works. Any ideas? I've tried 2 ps2 keyboards, both directly to the PS2 port, and through a USB>PS2 adaptor. Same results for each and both, works in bios, not in windows (setup)
  13. weather.com, google is usually at least 10*F off. I also like to use my arm for temperature, licked finger for windspeed, and eyes for cloud/precipitation forecast.
  14. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...refer=australia http://www.forbes.com/business/services/fe.../ap2991068.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Irwin He's done. He will live on in reruns ;(
  15. so nobody has it working? I went to MS's site, next commercial, I'll try something that was mentioned in their FAQ --edit: nope, didnt work
  16. Talk about killing a fly with a sledgehammer, that would be nice but I'm a college student...thanks for the suggestion though, I can dream cant I?
  17. In WMP10, I was able to go to "My Music" and just select a folder I wanted and "Play selection" But now with WMP11 Beta 2, I cant do it, it just hourglasses for 1 second and then nothing. Doesnt matter if WMP is running or not. Screenshot for clarification. is there a fix for this other than rolling back to 10? (anyone else have this issue?) I dont need those "google" responses, I tried. I dont need those "use media library or winamp suggestions" I tried and dont like And certainly not an Itunes suggestion, that's like trading in a porsche for a taurus because the headlight burned out.
  18. I go to the obvious solution for myself: Volvoforums.com, maybe i'll upgrade to turbobrick.com eventually
  19. yeah I googled it and found one called "Babylon" but it's not very free after 30 days. The thing about googling stuff like this, is there's a big chance that you end up with pages like this or programs loaded with spyware. Vasto is right, I was looking for a more personal answer, and I thank you for that, but the CD type isnt my thing for the same reasons you have, I also prefer googling "define: piano" or dictionary.com etc. But there's no wifi at my college.
  20. I say go for it, that asus is a good setup IMO. Def. get the upgraded battery though. And a bigger internal hard drive might be a better idea than external for portability, but an external makes backups easier. I have an HP and love it too, but mine's the 15.4" from costco. You might consider 14.1" models if a slight size increase is worth a smaller price with slightly better specs.
  21. Kingston cross shipped my RMA memory to me before I even shipped out the old sticks. They have my loyalty.
  22. I need a dictionary for my laptop for when I'm in class, the community college here doesnt have WIFI. Oxford would be nice but I'll settle for other. Windows XP MCE 2005 I'd like a free one, but would be willing to pay a small price if necessary.
  23. old toyota pickup, they're invincible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQltQ6Qzdb4 Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5ZtntPoaVQ&NR
  24. For single player, check out US Invervention. Classic idiot BF2 bots, but they make good target practice As for POE2 I love it! I havent played vanilla since POE2 came out.
  25. Panasonic is the electronic equivalent of DEATH. I've had 2 video cameras die, one television input, one television speaker (seperate tv), and one VCR on its last legs. 83% of my personal experience with panasonic has been rotten, 17% is the second copy of one of the models I had die. --Never again. I like the looks of that one, I'll be going to town today to look at various units in person. I've been lookin on ebay, anyone have experience with Jensens? I see those have lots of features and low prices.
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