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    Volvo Driver
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    Rig 1 "Format4" (for 4 windows formats)
    --Asus P4P800 Deluxe
    --Intel [email protected]
    --Kingston HyperX PC3700 2x256 Dual Channel
    --PQI Power Turbo PC3200 (yes, unmatched RAM, but when I bought it, OCing didnt help, of course it does now)
    --Asus Radeon 9600xt TVD (With vivo)
    --Sound Blaster Live!
    --NEC 2500a 8x+/-DVD-R/RW
    --Lite On 52x32x52x
    --1x 200GB IDE Western Digital
    --2x 120GB IDE in RAID 0 (Seagate and Maxtor)
    --All harddrives with 8mb cache
    --Floppy Burner
    --2x blue led fans, 2x clear temperature controlled fans, 1x orange/red led fan
    --Zalman 7000a CU CPU Cooler
    --Raidmax Scorpio Case
    --Logisys Illuminated Keyboard
    --Logitech MX1000 mouse
    --Kinyo KY-100 5.1 Headphones
    --Logitech Z640
    --Labtec Monitor Mic
    --Canon IP3000 Printer
    --Winxp Home
    --Iconcepts Mousepad with gel wrist comfort thing
    --17" Gateway EV700 CRT (Gateway store clearance, $50)

    Rig 2 "AMD" (because it has an AMD processor)
    --Too lazy to find name of Epox Motherboard
    --1Ghz AMD Athlon
    --512MB PC133
    --64mb Asus Ti4200
    --Old Logitech 2.1 System
    --Logisys Multimedia Illuminated Keyboard with Wristrest
    --Yamaha 8x4x24x cd burner
    --Floppy Burner
    --Ultra Old Micron Case
    --Xenix Blue LED FAN mouse
    --USCG Mousepad
    --Winxp Home
    --17" Gateway EV700 CRT (Gateway store clearance, $50)

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    Hot sauce, Mountain Biking, Website Design, Photography, video editing, Computer gaming (battlefield 1942, Counter Strike, C&C Generals, UT2k4, Halo etc), overclocking