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  1. Well, I did reset it about 6-8 times before giving up and assuming my card is kaput. I too believe that my x16 slot has malfunctioned but I had never come a slot dying off. My current plan is to invest in a better card and run it in the x4 slot until I can fully upgrade the system. Videos online claim that one will see no performance dip by running a card in the slower slot.
  2. Hi everyone, About two weeks ago, I lost feed to my monitor from my video card. I had assumed that my card had reached the end of its life cycle. Today, I had the thought of swapping the card from the existing x16 slot to x4 slot just to see if I get a different result and my display came to life. Now, I am confused wherein does the issue lie. If it is the motherboard, I believe I will lose my Windows licence as well and would require a complete fresh install.
  3. Thanks. I saw it and its cost is reasonable enough for me. Will procure it once I've cut the area. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  4. That's a great idea. Will look to source it here. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  5. You should be fine, Also your text is impossible to read on the mobile forum. I have no idea how it happened. Will try to correct it. This is the best route. Raising the board up with higher standoffs will make every PCIe slot and the rear I/O panel completely misaligned. Just cut the hole a bit larger to clear the bigger rear backplate. You are right guys. It occurred a bit late to me so I suppose I have no alternative but to expand the hole in the cabinet. Hate to ruin its aesthetic appeal but I suppose that price is not as steep as that of a new cabinet.
  6. Hi everyone, My cabinet, CM 690 II Advanced, has a poor design for the CPU retention hole making it small/inadequate. While it didn't bother me initially thinking I'll be content with the stock cooler, however after 5 years, I've realised the need for an upgrade but can't do so due to the lack of space. I intend to install a Noctua NH-L12 but I feel its backplate will create an issue in the cabinet. As a workaround, I'm wondering if I mount the motherboard on longer Standoff screws I might be able to create some room but would the motherboard be safe with such a mount given the excess weight of the heatsink? Help me with your suggestions to resolve the issue. Thanks!
  7. hey guys the system is running fine now the problem was in one of the rams i took it out and the system has been smooth ever since thank you all for your opinions
  8. hey guys so i built this new rig comprising core i5 2500 gigabyte ga-p67a-ud3r western digital 2tb hard disk palit gtx 460 cooler master cm 690 II advanced antec truepower new 650w i connected all the cords into the right ports and when i press the power switch nothing happens just the cabinet fans spin for a second the processor fan does nothing and neither does the power supply fan what might be the problem
  9. hey IVIYTH0S sorry for the late reply mate i was busy throughout the day yes two vengeance would cost less but still as i had said i am keen to go for a dual channel kit than single sticks anyway new update on my side i was in the market yesterday and i managed to get my hands on a pair of gskill 8gb kit so the problem is solved on my side thanks for the help mate though i must admit the vengeance were really tempting at that price i am buying the stuff from lamington road mumbai or online from smc international
  10. haaha in terms of rupees two 4gb vengeance sticks cost me rs4800 a dual channel gskill kit 2x4gb costs 5400 a 8gb vengeance kit costs me rs7900 or $171 both at 1600(i am thinking of going for sticks with 1600mhz as i think better the speed better my performance) but guys tell me if it is so simple then why do dual channel kits are quite expensive
  11. there is a pair of gskill ripjaws cl9 8gb kits but they cost a little more and the source is unreliable 1333 - $113 1600 - $117 1600 cl8 - $127 vengeance two sicks of 4gb will cost me - $106 the prices are in rupees just converted them into $ according to present rates
  12. hey guys i am in the market right now and i am on a look out for a 2x4gb dual channel kit for my sandy bridge system the problem is i cannot find a single dual channel 8gb kit so is it okay if i buy a two 1x4gb vengeance sticks will they run in dual channel mode i did research for the same online but could not find much information on it it seems that two individual sticks cost lot less then a dual channel kit of the same so it makes me wonder if this setup will really work or not
  13. yeah i know i will have to adjust the clock speeds such that they both are identical but on a different note how much do i stand to gain by running two cards at this resolution as i was told it might be an overkill just overclocking might do the job
  14. hey guys i have a palit gtx 460 768mb since just one card will not be sufficient to keep up with most games i intend to sli it but the problem is i cannot find another palit card here all i can find is zotac or galaxy cards so was wondering if it is advisable to sli with cards form different manufactures as after reading many forums online i found many 460s have been having problems with in an sli setup at the most i will be gaming at the resolution of 1650x1050 thanks
  15. yeah that was what i was thinking too will do the thing today and let you guys know thanks for the suggestions
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