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  1. Ok well I figured I'd add in too..... This is my amd phenom II 970 all stock setting for low and high.... low temp was 25c and high temp fully load for 10 mins was 36c I am running this with a sapphire 5850 hd video card a; an asus xonar d1 sound card; and a corsair h70 cooler on a m4a785-m mother board. I haven't oc'd yet but im still trying to learn and figure it out...
  2. spend the extra $20 go to ebay and get this haf x here
  3. Ok so now i sold/traded my old processor for $40 plus an asus xonar D1 pci card!! I think that will be the last of my upgrades for a while..... what you guys think good trade?
  4. thanks guys and thanks for the warm welcome!! I'm glad i joined and have done a lot of research on this so i feel good i did so im brand new like i said so what would be the best route of overclocking i have read up on this follow through from this guy idk much about it.... but it says perfect follow through for phenom overclocking
  5. yes I'm using my current mobo which does not support ddr3...... and go to a phenom II 955 and oc the difference? i paid $110 for it! lol and the same with the 5850 i didnt want a massive video card just something to get gaming done...... and again i paiid $160.... did no one look at the prices i think i got a pretty good deal for the performance..... with the h70 its not something im going to brag about i wanted the h50 but they said it is no difference and again $60 for the h70 i think its better than the d-14 for $90.... i dont see how it is cheaper.... Thanks for your honest opinion though I am happy you gave it and I am glad you think it is a good machine thanks i just wanted to have a solid base to start for overclocking it
  6. Alright so as the title says this is my first computer! I am 20 years old and I have had computers and laptops before, but this is my first computer I'm building. (kind of) My parents purchased this computer online and it was good, but not to what I wanted!! So i have used the website daily to learn about building the best computer I can. My system came with a m4a785-m mother board, a phenom 9850 processor, 4gb of no name pc2-5300 ram and I think that is about it all stock mobo. I decided at once i needed more!! That was also because the video out was messed up and could not connect to hdmi sucky!! I have done some shopping and bartering. The sytem I am going to install in two days when all my parts get her will consist of the following. A amd phenom II 970 BE processor, cooled by a corsair H70, running a sapphire 1GB 5850 video card, and last but not least 8gb of pc2-8500 ocz platinum ram. Now This all together cost me (in order) $110, $60, $160, and $90. All brand new that like i said i bartered for. I don't know what you guys think, but I feel this is a good start for some first time overclocking?? Any tips ideas or anything else I might need? Again I am from SLC, UT and my name is Bryce
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