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  1. Up for sale is a Feelfree Move Kayak & Paddle. Unwanted christmas present thats been sitting around for a couple months, now its time to go. Great condition, used once. Features wheel in the keel, moulded carry handles, fishing rod holders, comfortable seat with gear storage, rear storage ties, bow hatch, drink bottle holder. Asking $450. Pickup from Sutherland, Sydney, Australia. Cheers, Rhys
  2. Up for sale are a Yamaha YZ250F & YZ250. It's sad to see these bikes go because they've treated me really well and been on some great enduro rides. But as it is with all things, need the money now so I can purchase the next bike, a Yamaha Tenere adventure bike. Pickup from Sutherland, Sydney, Australia. Please find individual bike details below: Yamaha YZ 250F '04 Owned since 2005, well looked after and in great condition,as can be seen from the photos. Regularly maintained, roughly 40 hours use. Hasn't been ridden in the past 4 years, only started when maintenance/oil changed, stored in garage. All stock standard apart from Pro Taper Contour bars with lifters for the taller rider. Asking $4000 Yamaha YZ 250 00' Owned since 01', well looked after and regularly maintained. Rough estimate of 100 hours use. Past 4 years only started every 6 months for maintenance/oil change, stored in garage. All stock standard apart from gold Renthal handlebars and lower geared sprockets. From memory its 14 - 52. Asking $2700 Cheers, Rhys
  3. Damm need to get rid of it, but think the shipping will kill the deal
  4. Make an offer, everything has to go
  5. Hey everyone, Had a box in my room collecting spare parts over the years, which in reality I'll never use again. So trying to make a little cashola for Christmas time and also sending them to someone who will use. Happy to send overseas, but definately easier and cheaper for Australian users. All item prices require postage on top. FOR SALE Broadband VPN Router: D-Link (DL-804HV) - $10 Case: Thermaltake Armor Full Tower - Black - $70 (Pickup Only) *In very good condition CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS9700LED (with socket 775 mounting bracket only) - $35 CPU Cooler: Intel Core 2 Stock Heatsink/Fan - $15 FAN SPACERS: 120x30mm - Perspex - x2 (Sold as set) - $30 Made these myself, write up found here: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=184050&hl=hoody_s13&st=0 HDD: WD Caviar 80GB (IDE) - $10 MONITOR: Proview 19' LCD - $40 (Pickup Only) Modem: Netcomm Internal 56k Modem V.92 (IN5699_4) - $8 Network Switch: Netgear 8-Port Fast Ethernet Switch FS608 - $10 RAM: 2GB (2x1GB) OCZ DDR2 PC2 8500 - SLI Ready EPP - $60 RAM: 256MB (1x256MB) Generic DDR - 400mhz, CL3 - $5 RAM: 512MB (1x512MB) Matrix DDR - PC3200 - $10 RAM: 512MB (2x256MB) Infineon DDR PC2100 (133MHz), CL2 - $10 RAM: 512MB (1x512MB) Samsung PC2-5300S (laptop) - $10 Here's a pic of the Thermaltake Armor: -Rhys
  6. $150 shipped would also cover being sent to Australia??
  7. Thanks for the help, problem I have is testing the parts, with little to no spares. I know the HDD's work for sure, already tested. As for the CPU, well I need to find a mate with a 775 socket board lying around.
  8. I havent personally tested each part, but the shop I gave it too for that purpose, came back and said everything was ok except mobo. Hopefully they havent stiched me and not tested it all. One thing I dont know, what happens if the cpu is dead. Will you get a post error code?
  9. Hey everyone, Had my old system since 2006, and for some reason several months ago, it didnt boot, and didnt post. Tried dropping the CMOS battery out and in with no luck. Tried removing all ram and using different speakers, but still no post. I then took it too a shop, in the hopes they could test several parts (using old gear they have for that purpose) to narrow down the problem and hopefully find the culprit. They came back too me and said the mobo is fried. So I went onto ebay and purchased a second hand board from china, which might not have been the best move, but I was keen to get this system going again. Recieved the mobo today, installed it, and sure enough same problem... I have no idea whats going on, chances are I've got another dud board but I'm not convinced. They also sent me an error code reader which you place in a pcie slot. Thing is its not lighting up? Any thoughts or ideas? I'm lost with this one. I havent taken the board out and tested on a bench, does this sound like an issue of the board shorting? Getting annoyed because I'm struggling to get time after work to get in there and nut it out properly. Heres the specs on it: PSU: Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000w Mobo: Asus Striker Extreme 680i (now a ASUS P5N-T Deluxe LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI ATX) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.0 GHz Cooler: Zalman CNPS9700LED RAM: 4GB DDR2 OCZ Reaper PC-9600 HPC Edition Video: BFG 8800 GTX 768MB -Rhys
  10. Wev any idea what it would be? Ive left it folding for an hour yesterday smp and two gpu's, but the problem didn't occur. Also gaming in crysis 2 for 30 min and no problem. I've never had a black screen lock so don't know what it's related too
  11. I havent fitted a rad up the top of mine, but you can fit one while keeping the 200mm fans in place. If you look from the inside of your case up, you'll notice the two cross bars with recessed holes (to keep the screw head below the above fans). The rad mounts below the cross bars, not above. So you would have, from the top down: 200mm fan Steel top of case with cutouts/cross bars Radiator 120mm fans I thought it might be better to ditch the 200mm fans and stick on the 120's to that rad for a nice push/push config???
  12. Ok checked the IOH in bios its set too auto (1.11v) and HWmonitor in windows see's it as the same (1.11-1.12v). What do you make of that boinker? I'm not sure what it should be for two cards. I've just come back from holidays and had left the computer folding smp, gpu x 2 for two weeks straight with no hitch, temps didnt go any higher than normal. Two days after I was back and still running continuous, it BSOD a 124 code. Could this have any relation to the northbridge voltage?
  13. I wont be back on that pc for a few hours, but I left the IOH on default voltage for the 980 on the RE3 board
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