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  1. What are the real differences between: - High FSB x Low Multiplier = X Ghz and - Low FSB x High Multiplier = X Ghz What are the pros and cons? How each method of overclocking can benefit in terms of performance, stability, and temp? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the tips. I managed to tone down my overclock to 4Ghz at 1.3v. Average temp running [email protected] is between 63-69'C. Will this perhaps help? My further questions are: 1) Will higher CPU overclock result in a better CPU folding? 2) Is there any significant merit in overclocking your RAM?
  3. Hi guys, I am wondering if any of you could give me some input on good photo screensaver. I have been using the old Google Photo Screensaver (gphotos.scr) because it's portable, simple, dual-monitor capable, and it's got the 'pan-and-zoom' feature that I adore so much. However, this screensaver no longer works in my current PC; it crashes my 64-bit Windows7 too often. I have had a look at Picasa screensaver, problem with this one is that it doesn't offer feature like how to randomize viewing your photos. Another alternative that I came across was GPhotoShow Pro, but this is not free. It costs around 14EUR per license. Windows7 photo screensaver is too simplistic and I would like to avoid it if possible. Any input is much appreciated here.
  4. 1) It's an i7 980x 2) It's a water cooling kit that comes together with my case, Xaser VI. You can have a look here http://bit.ly/eV5MOY 3) I tried that before, but would love to see how far this machine can push. So what's the ideal temp for a processor? I am looking for crunching numbers (like [email protected]) on a regular basis. Plus, have you got any recommendation of what temp monitoring software I should use? I have got CPUID Hardware Monitor and RealTemp, but both give me a slightly different view of my CPU temps.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys. I just found out that it was my screensaver that crashes my Windows. I manage to tone down the overclock to 4.50GHz with 1.40volts, memory frequency 2000Mhz, BCLK 166Mhz. Currently running [email protected] with -smp12 at temperature around 80'C on average, and it's been running for 8 hours without any hiccup. Do you think the temp is running a bit too high when running [email protected]? Quick question: is there any significant merit in overclocking your RAM?
  6. Hi guys, I am new to this overclocking process, so please bear with my questions. I recently played around with my PC by overclocking it with the following specs: CPU Overclock: 4.5Ghz BCLCK: 180Mhz SPD Multiplier: 12 Memory Frequency: 2160Mhz CPU Vcore: 1.5373V QPI/Vtt: 1.375V IOH Core: 1.300V DRAM Voltage: 1.86V I stress-tested this system with Intel Burn Test for half an hour and everything went well. However, when I left the computer for, say, downloading stuff with uTorrent or running a screensaver, the PC will automatically restarts itself. Is there anyway for me to diagnose what causes this problem? Thanks for your help in advance.
  7. The CPU is on water, currently running at 4.16Ghz. Both GPU cards are on stock fan cooler with no overclock at all. Current room temperature is around 25'-26'C (it's summer here now and it's 40'C outside today!)
  8. Thanks for the tips guys. I installed MSI Afterburner to monitor those GPU activities. I found out that I have to leave 4 threads (2 cores) idle to handle those 4 GPUs, which means -smp 10 or -smp 11 will not be optimal in this situation. The GPUs managed to reached their 93-95% capacity when I used -smp 8 for my CPU. At the same time, Windows Taskbar indicates 100% flat line on all CPU cores. CPU temperature is stable at 76'C on average, whereas those GPUs burn at 80'C. One question: does it make any difference if I overclock my CPU to, say, 4.16Ghz (at 166Mhz FSB)? Similarly, will it help if I overclock those GPUs as well?
  9. sorry, i should have added that i do use passkey to run that setup. it's been 24/7 for only 3 days so far...
  10. Hi guys, I need some advice on how I can really optimize my rig for folding. You can see my signature for the current spec of my rig. I just started this exercise on the 18th of Jan. My current results can be viewed here: http://www.hardfolding.com/fh_stats/index.php?pz=102&id=2035765&tnum=12772 ATM, I am running one SMP (-smp 10 -bigadv) and four GPU (-gpu x -bigadv -forcegpu ati_r600), totalling 5 active clients from this rig alone. In other words, I am using 10 threads (5 cores) from CPU and leaving 2 threads (1 core) for 4 GPU to run. I am considering to run a dedicated CPU console client for each core of my processor, so I am wondering if that would make any difference with my current setup. Any advice on how to improve this setting will be much appreciated.
  11. yeh, it's a real bummer in my situation. i have this idea in my mind to upgrade one of my standard HD 5970 2gb to HD 5970 4GB. is it worth the extra 2GB?
  12. so you're saying you can play FPS on dual monitor, but it's not recommended, correct? what about real-time strategy games, like starcraft2 or civilization5?
  13. hi guy, i am wondering if there are any games currently in the market that support dual monitor, especially those FPS and real-time strategy games. thanks!
  14. yes, that should work. you can view a working example here:
  15. on a rather similar note, can i crossfire an HD 5970 BE 4GB with a standard HD 5970 2GB?
  16. i find out that benching with furmark on ATI/AMD cards really depends on the driver you use. i switched to old driver set and furmark ran fine for me. when i upgraded the driver set to 10.12, the whole furmark performance became crap, more than half of what I initially got with old driver.
  17. thanks Nyt. i saw your bench result on this thread: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=176018&st=492&p=1865248entry1865248 that's what really baffles me coz I can't get mine to double the result. i got only 8000ish (with around 100 fps on average) and managed to notice that only one GPU with a raising temp, the other one remained stable. that's not even up to what you have achieved on this post: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=176018&view=findpost&p=1855739 FYI, i managed to overclock both cards to 1.200/900/1200. what driver version did you use to run that test? does physx card play a role in boosting up your furmark score? have any members come across or read about this issue before?
  18. I realize that there are some issues with getting any ATI/AMD card 5000 series to run a Furmark. However, is there any other workaround? Thanks for your replies as always.
  19. thanks for the tips, i may try 3dmark11 tonight and see how it goes. one final question: why do testers usually only run "Performance" mode test? What about "Extreme" mode?
  20. @Nyt Ryda: no, 3dmark only shows the test video on the primary display. anyways, i've done my first test round, just not sure if this is correct: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=157559&view=findpost&p=1878505 Out of curiosity: does your RAM play a big role in 3dmark vantage test?
  21. ok guys, i am totally a newbie in this kinda of thing. this is my first time overcloking effort and benching result. for some reason my 3dmark software can't register my result online
  22. Hi guys, I am trying to run my first 3DMark Vantage. I have got several questions to ask: - When the program runs the 3rd test (I don't know the name of the test, it's basically a scene of a bunch of planes flying through rings of balloons), is it normal if you get choppy screens? - I don't have an Nvidia card, do I have to worry about how to turn off Physx? - When I hooked up two monitors to one of my 5970 card and ran the test, the whole tests were bogged down giving me a score of only P9000-ish (I expect around P30000+ as per my discussion with the store who sold me this rig). The problem goes away when I use only one monitor. What seems to be the problem here? - Does 3DMark Vantage give a better score on Nvidia cards as opposed to ATI/AMD cards given that Nvidia cards have Physx technology? Thanks for the answers in advance.
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    This is a collection of wallpapers that I found randomly. Dedicated to only OCC forum. Enjoy.....!
  24. So, what do model train sets and women's breasts have in common? well, both are intended for children, but it's the fathers that always end up playing with them. this is a good article about boobs: http://www.ivillage.com/men-confess-why-theyre-breast-obsessed-0/4-a-283769
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