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  1. well mine was 125. I dont know if you didnt see it in time.
  2. *****Moderator note**** DQ'd you do not meet the rules requirement. 60 post unless you have been a member longer than 6 months and then the post requirement is 10 you currently have 13 post as of this posting. Thank you
  3. Sorry about edit, I didnt know I could not do that, I edited just to add the extra message besides the number . I hope I haven't been disqualified since my number hasnt been checked yet .
  4. Hey fellas ima join in this contest with #75. GL ALL
  5. Looking at that case with that color reminds me of the freddy krueger nightmares lol. it looks good.
  6. I have the Microsoft Sidewinder X8 and its epic, I have seen it on sale for around this price but you gotta be with your eyes open
  7. Plantronics are good, but I usually go for some very very good headsets and a seperate mic. Just because I want to hear incredible sound with a pair of Ultrasone or sennheiser.
  8. i think the Alienware OptX™ AW2310 but its to expensive, atleast for me ..,, :"(
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