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    Pentium 4 3.2GHz (Socket 478 - 512k Cache!)
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    ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe
  1. I stand corrected (on garbage line) - didn't mean it as ignore it - meant it as "it's pretty much marketing" (and not all "Great" power supplies may even apply for or have these ratings... I really hate getting a power supply much larger than necessary - it's an added expense that's wasted... I'd rather calculate myself than use an online one, just because they ARE going to overestimate... Some are worse than others. I'm not saying Power Factor is the basis of the whole decision - I'm simply stating that power supplies with better power factors tend to have better manufacturing processes behind them. Which goes back into the "getting a larger power supply than necessary" - it's probably because the components aren't the best that they could be... And I can't say where I work...
  2. I never said 80+ was garbage - I said that it doesn't mean much at the end... Keep in mind that not all power supplies even need to get that rating done (and it costs money to do it - it's more marketing than anything else). I also never said I spent extra money on a 550W (where I work, we have access to many parts/test parts/engineering samples/etc) - it was determined, after testing, that the 550W was more than adequate (and still has room to grow) with the loaded configuration. The 750W was overkill. And yes, 3 servers off a single 1000W... I can't tell you more than that (NDA), but it's there, it works... The power supplies and components have been commercially available since the end of 2007, but the configuration isn't up for discussion at this time. Of course, that's worst case scenario... In commercial use, there is a LOT of redundancy (it's not a single power supply). And no, you can't just buy the power supply and expect to use it like that... Power supply calculators are nothing compared to hands on testing.... And we do that quite a bit here. (Oh, and for the 1000W, the power factor played a big part - if I was dealing with something less than .98, I'm sure that 1000W power supplies wouldn't be adequate).
  3. Definitely post up the pics!! And it's good to keep your squirting down to a minimum...
  4. The Power Factor (not the 80+ rating - that's all pretty much garbage when you see how they do the rating) is probably your best bet in determining the efficiency... In my work system, I dropped the power supply down from a 750 to 550 just because it was determined to be oversized (QX6800 + HD3850 + 5 Hard drives + burner + bunch of accessories, fans, USB devices, lighting). Compared to newer components, these actually draw more power off the wall, and the 550 still works without a problem I am looking at 3x servers in front of me - all running 2x E5630 + 18GB RAM @ average load - all off a single 1000W power supply (there's actually more that I'm not including - hard drives, a 24 port gig enterprise switch that's powered by the same power supply). Your power supply might work out just fine - I've noticed that about 90% of the people tend to get power supplies much larger than they actually need. If you already have the components, the best thing to do - test it...
  5. ?? Socket 2011 boards won't be readily available towards Q3 next year... Unless he plans to wait 9 months or so to get a new system... Chipset flashing? And DX###? Are you talking about Intel boards?
  6. I take it you didn't read the quote I was laughing at, did you? If you read that, not knowing it's about watercooling, it's funny...
  7. mcw

    Newbie First Post

    I feel you - I'm still in your former boat (my system @ home is over 7 years old) But at least you've moved far beyond that now... Welcome to the OC (I'm still new here, hehe, but welcome)
  8. Yeah - the "USA OCD" thread is like watching a television series with a season long arc... Every single post is a cliff hanger! I beginning to wonder if you picked the title on purpose? USA OCD? haha
  9. You could try booting up a Windows 7 disc into the recovery environment - I believe the LAN is enabled there... At least that'll tell you if it's something screwy in your install, or if it's really an issue with the hardware... Or, you could find some free Linux-based Live CD and test your network that way... As you've already ordered a card, it might not matter...
  10. I'm sorry - but I read that and just couldn't stop laughing!!! What kind of coolant was running through there?
  11. Wow - thanks guys! Those are definitely awesome temps for those coolers (versus comparably priced air-cooling only)... I'm probably going to end up building the following combinations to test the H70: DX58SO2 + W3570 P67A-UD7 + 2600K DP67BG + 2600K
  12. The only think you can't really mess with is the BCLK - you get about a 5% max (stable).. And that's simply because the whole system runs off a single clock. Some motherboard manufacturers will choose to add a separate clock, meaning it won't matter... I could barely go up to 102 on some motherboards before the system would just become unstable, but I was also using beta/engineering BIOSes and CPUs. But, as far as CPU goes, the only real overclocking will come in the form of changing the multiplier - and that's really only possible with the K-series... The non-K models have a +4 bins max limit. However, the K cpu is only about a $20 upsell from the non-K, so most will just go for that... If you are deciding between an 1156 and 1155, the Sandy Bridge is worth it, hands down...
  13. Wow - thanks for the screenshot Were the ~40sC temps there under full load?
  14. Have you come to a conclusion yet? I think we all want to know
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