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  1. Well, thats what I thought I'm planning on buying a new one tomorrow... Is anybody familliar with the ToPower 420? http://www.topower.com/pwr_atx12v.html TOP-420P4 Input Voltage Selector: 95~132 Volts or 190-264 Volts AC Active PFC Version: 88~264 Volts AC Output Voltage +3.3V +5V +12V -12V -5V +5SB Max Current Output 26A 42A 18A 1.0A 0.8A 2.5A Max Combined Wattage 220W 216W 12W 4W 12.5W Total Wattage 420W Is it anygood compared to what I have now? http://english.aopen.com.tw/products/power...00-60PN(PF).htm Well... latest tried the 3.9's and the card seem to be quit stable. hadn't had any crashes so far. Is there a big diffrence between the CAT 3,9 and 4.3 drivers??
  2. I recently upgraded from a ti 4200 8X to a 9800 pro. Amazing diffrence! But, after about 20 minutes of gameplay, my system totally locks up. The screen goes in stand-by mode and the soundcard starts making squeeking noises, I'm not OC'ing the vid card, tried CAT 3.9 4.1 and 4.3 and the omega 4.3, all same results I am OC'ing my AMD 2400 + wich is running at 2185 (190 x 11,5) got two optical drives, 3 casefans, 1 HDD, and a coolermaster aerojet 7. And... a good quality Aopen 300W PSU... wich is guess is my problem... Does the symptoms sound familliar to anyone and is it for certain the PSU wich i than need to upgrade? Thanx!
  3. Well... If it isn't softmodded, how do you explain that windows devicemanager sais " Radeon 9800 PRO" and "Radeon 9800 PRO secundary"??? (back of the card, on the labels it just sais "Radeon 9800 128M" Will, take a better look nextime!!) Thanx for the replies and the suggestion to get the VGA silencer. I checked, and it is availible here in the Netherlands! But, will it go a pro got to 400 core without the extra cooling??
  4. Yeah, did a lot of reading about the diffrences on the Infineon and Samssung memory and also on the NP's as the Pro's. Correct me if i'm wrong, but the GPU are totally identical, accept the NP runs at a lower clockspeed of 325 standard can easily run @ 380 since the coolers are the same and the only diffrence is cheap infineon lousy slow 3,3 ns memory?? Defintly going to take a reall close look in the store tuesday, but the only thing that bothers me is that major retaillers are selling softmodded cards now!
  5. Hi guys, So, since my last post I decided to update my GF4 4200 128 to a atlantis 9800 pro , pretty good upgrade, i thought. Well, an major dutch hardware chainstore (they got about 25 stores in the country plus a big internetstore) had a great deal of an atlantis 9800 pro OEM, so no games, box and other things you don't need and only pay for, for just under 200 euro's I came home, installed the card, windows said 9800 PRO and 9800 PRO secundary (where is that for??) in the device manager. So i thought, cool, it works! than took a look at the default clockspeeds and they where... 325/290. Numbers sounded famillier, but not 9800pro famillier... so i thought, somethins must be wrong and put it to 9800 pro standards... well, major artifacting, nothing was playable... and i started having doubts... Than the TV output didn't work... could not connect to my TV, wich is always a sign of softmodding...... So took a better look at the card itself and at other reviews.... Found out that a pro has samsung ram, 2,86 ns. mine has infineon ram, 3,3ns. wich acording to a review is for a 9800 NP.... Also the stickers on the back say its a "ATI RADEON 9800 128M" Strange huh?? that windows sais its a pro, but it aint! Called'm today, and they said they'll have a real one on tuesday, so gonna change it right away! Have any of you had any experience of major stores selling softmodded cards? I think it sucks, if I didn't look better, feel like i got ripped off!
  6. Hi guys! Ehm, little question, Ive run my Gf4 Ti 4200 8X 128 MB OC'ed for quit a while now (about a year). But, since yesterday, everytime when I play game, (especially BF:V) after about 10 minutes orso my PC freezes up. I've tried just about anything (tried all drivers, from 45,23 and up), return it to stock speeds, reinstall card, upping the AGP voltage, reinstall the games, locking the at agp 4X (wich seems to help a bit, than its about 15 minutes). But everytime my system locks, after about a minute orso windows XP says "device faillure" .... I did run the card when it was artifacting just a bit in somegames, while others where fine... So, what do you say, can the problem be fixed or time for a new one???
  7. Friend of mine had an airduct, from an open window directly into his case an the CPU.... Got amazing temps in wintertime, would have beaten any H2O system!! Unfortunatly, after a have rainstorm, when he wasn't paying attention, it rained in through the airduct in his case on the CPU heatsink, mobo, VidCard, RAM, everything absolutily soaked!!! He had to by a whole new system, accept for the PSU and dvd/cdrw/floppy.... Even the Case started corroding!!!
  8. Thanks for the tips, Locked the AGP @ 66 and changed the jumper to 200 fsb (great tip, never would have thought of that!! thnx!) But, I keep having the same problem, even with those changes made, I get a very strange mousecursur in windows, all windows are weird looking and 3d apps are full of artifacts...... when i change back to 191x11.5, all ok!! Does anybody have anyother tips i may trie??
  9. Hi Guys,, Is't been a while since my last post, but since I've started OC'ing I've put in some extra casefans and an Aero 7+ ( I know i know, should gave gotten an Thermalright with a Tornade + FighterJetsound!) and things really hace improved... Just two things that I don't really understand yet. First, I only have a 300 watt powersupply, an aopen, so it's a good one, pretty happy with it actually. But what are the symptons of lack of power?? I thought a reboot, just like an unstable system, but had anyone actually experienced it? (Current calculated use is around 250W) Second, currently I'm running @ 191x11.5 stable. But when i trie to push the FSB just up by one mhz, is start getting artifacts when running 3D apps (games!). Even if i lower the multi and/or (tried both) upp the Vcore. Does anyone has an explenation for this?? Before people say that the psu can't handle it, 200x11 is just as fast as 191X11.5, so the cpu delivers the same performance and uses equal power. I think Its my mobo A7N8X, build 1.04, 1007 bios. Asus says it can handle the 200 fsb, but i think 191 is the max. Has anyone else had the same experience i had and would know a solution (upping up the V-AGP maybe?)?? Ehm... Just a quick third that came to mind, I've read some people talking about their Videocard bios, is there a way to acces it?? Thnx!!
  10. Well, actually nothing... No USB devices, 2 casefans, and everything else thats in my sig, so no big power-eaters! Friend of mine is thinking of getting a new PC, all budget and basic, I'm gonna build it, so i think he's getting my psu and i'm getting a new one! Edit: Does it make a diffrencewhen is set my memory or cpu settings to aggresive instead of optimal??? Could this be the problem??
  11. But does a CPU @ 11x200 ask more powen than a [email protected] 11.5x200 (Vcore the same)?? cause the speed, andso the performance of the CPU is nearly the same, so I would think it would consume an equal amount of power.... (Its an Aopen PSU) btw, I am thinking of a new psu, but since everything is working great at the moment, there is no real need yet
  12. Well, like i said before, I wish could go to 200 fsb. I've tried 10x200, 10.5x200, 11x200 with Vcore's up to 1.75. But everytime i get the same problem. Windows and everything works fine, just when i run 3Dmark01 or a 3D game I would get artifacts, and strange flickering in the screen, also tried locking the AGP bus, but with the same result.. Mayby its the 300W powersupply that can't pull it, i don't no, but at the current setup everything works fine (and even at higher Mhz), so I doubt that. If anybody else knows why I get these strange 3D imigas at 200fsb, I'm happy to trie!?!
  13. Maybe a dum question... (noob) But can XP crash so dramaticly due to overclocking that you have to do a total reinstall???
  14. Well, I've been thinking about a new cpu-hsf, but since I can't get 200 fsb, i can't puch it any higher... I want't around 2200, and got that, especially since the psu and the temps are still ok. So, I think I'm happy!!..... for now!! And also, While playing games, I'm average @ 50, so I cannot think of any application i use where my cpu-usage is so intensive (besides prime95) that it would run constantly @ 100%?? can anybody else???
  15. Well, I've got a Asus A7N8x nForce2 mobo build 1.04 with 1.007 bios. According to Asus and Nvidia it should support 200 fsb. I've also just started (with a little help) OCing and my aim was 11x200. When i try raising the fsb to 200 (even @ 10 mp) i would get strange artifacts during 3dmark testing, even if i lock the AGP bus at 66 Mhz, it keeps doing the same I got in right now woking @ 11,5x191 (2197Mhz) so nearly the same, rockstable, no strange things! Vcore is 1.7 and temps are good (54-55 max on prime95 torture test) so I'm happy with the result, i really doupt if i can push it any further without inversting in exotic cooling things like that.
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