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  1. haha, my bad there. I should have specified. Thanks for your input though. I really appreciate it.
  2. @medbor really? I did a quick search and it seems like a pretty good idle temp particularly since it is over-clocked to 4 ghz (200 x 20, speedstep off). I hover at 80C under full load.
  3. Update: replaced the top 2 x 49 CFM 120mm with 2 x 74 CFM 140mm and rotated the Venomous X so that it blows up. End Result: my I7 920 @ 4 ghz drops 5C @ idle to 45C. I am happy.
  4. @medbor: Thanks for pointing that out. I've corrected it.
  5. Hey, my bad. Here is more info for you. No time for pictures right now. And Raddave is correct. N-S = North South setup or bottom to top airflow along my Venomous X W-E = West East setup or front to back airflow along my Venomous X I am using a Cosmos 1000 with all fans being 120mm Scythe S-Flex's. Front bottom intake = 63 CFM @ 1600 rpm Rear outtake = 49 CFM @ 1200 rpm Top outtake = 2 x 49 CFM @ 1200 rpm Heatsink (Thermalright Venomous x) = 2 x 63 @ 1600 rpm
  6. Hi Guys, I tried a search in the forum but couldn't really get an answer. Which would be a better setup? There will be a 1 x 63 CFM installed with both options. Option 1 is the current setup. 1. W-E push/pull (2 x 63CFM) towards 1 x 49 CFM rear EXHAUST; with 2 x 49 CFM top EXHAUST OR 2. N-S push/pull (2 x 63 CFM) towards 2 x 49 CFM top EXHAUST; with 1 x 49 CFM rear INTAKE
  7. Thanks for all the tips on the weird noise. But back to my original question. Should my rear exhaust fan be as strong or stronger then my HS fan?
  8. hmmm, I may have found the source of that whining noise. It actually may be my 2 x WD Caviar Black 1GBs.... Now I just have to figure out how to "fix" it...
  9. Hi Guys, I have an exhaust case fan 49 CFM right behind my TRUE 120 (push/pull 63 CFM) and my question is should that case fan be as strong or stronger in terms of CFMs? As well, I am getting this weird whining noise from my case that I can not isolate. I suspect it may be my fan set up. Here is my setup right now: Front Bottom: 63 CFM Intake Rear: 49 CFM outtake Rear Top: 2 x 49 CFM outtake HS: push/pull 63 CFM
  10. @All Hey guys, after installing the 2 new 63CFM fans onto my ultra 120, not only is it louder now but I've noticed an oscillating noise from my case. Upon further inspection, I've also noticed that my ultra 120 is actually oscillating as well. Any ideas on how to dampen the noise as well as stop the oscillating? (yes, I have made sure that my heatsink is bolted on tightly.)
  11. Update: Alright, went with 2 x Scythe 63CFM on the heatsink and then replaced the intake fan with a 63CFM as well. Result: 45C at idle. Louder but stable at load at 80C.
  12. So using 2 x 20dba fans would produce more noise but not a full 40dba; is that correct?
  13. @El_Capitan I'm using Arctic Silver 5 and I just re-applied today. As for the last time since today, it was about a year ago. @ALL hypothetically, would it be a better idea to use 2 x 49 CFM in a push/pull configuration or 1 x 68 CFM? As well, the 49s are rated at 20dba so would 2 necessary mean 40 dba?
  14. @El_Capitan I'm using the Cooler Master Cosmos 1000. I have 1 intake at the front bottom, 2 outtake at the back top and 1 outtake at the back; all 4 are Scythe 49CFMs. From what I can see, I do not have any major blockages in airflow from wiring; I place a lot of time into the cable management in order to ensure this. As well, I noticed that I am at 3 to 1 on the outtake and intake fan ratio, however, interestingly enough, this is how this case was configured when I got it.
  15. @SpeedCrazy Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Rev C @TropicalPreist I kind of realized that 49CFM may be a bit on the low side but I was hoping to keep my rig more on the quiet side. Do you have a particular fan you can recommend? I'm thinking of the Scythe Slip Stream medium flow (68CFM). As well, I read somewhere that a push pull setup did not achieve much improvement on this heatsink. Was I misled?
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