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    Case: Cooler Master HAF X Nvidia Edition
    PSU: Corsair HX750
    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3
    CPU: Intel Core i7 950
    RAM: 6gb Kingston HyperX T1 2000mhz
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 465
    Sound: ASUS Xonar Xense
  1. Thanks so much! Great list of sponsors. Merry Christmas and good luck all!
  2. Shame on me for not visiting these forums more often But while I was away the Mean Green Machine got a little meaner and greener! If you haven't noticed, it has been TERRIBLY hot in Dallas this year (summer from hell!) and my poor rig needed some relief. I ended up scoring an EVGA Superclock cooler which was surprisingly better than my old Dark Knight even with the same fans rigged up. My graphics cards were still dying for some O2 though... so I paired the perfect green chassis with the perfect green motherboard: the Gigabyte G1 Assassin. As a tactical gamer, the military theme and gorgeous green and black styling is just icing on a great cake! (then again, EVERYONE knows the frosting is the best part ) Even better, look online and you'll see the board goes for $460 MINIMUM. I scored this board at Micro Center (the last G1 board in ANY Micro Center ANYWHERE) for $339!!! Alas, my system is incomplete. My mean green machine is incomplete without an SSD to boot on. If I could have any drive, it would be the new Kingston HyperX 120gb drive, but a Patriot Wildfire or OCZ Vertex 3 would also be great. However, I don't think I'll be able to get one, but you never know. Finally, even before I got this new board I decided to really push my rig and see what it could do, I'm sure it could do better yet, but I was satisfied when I managed to break the 10,000 barrier in 3DMark11!!! See the results here: http://3dmark.com/3dm11/1396623 You can also find my rig at http://www.modsrigs.com/detail.aspx?BuildID=25872 be sure to +1 if you like
  3. They actually made a cable to deal with this issue. At retail they literally charged $50 for it, but now, literally the same cable can be found here: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10830&cs_id=1083005&p_id=7526&seq=1&format=2
  4. I don't have the 3011, but I have the smaller U2410. It is my first IPS monitor, but it has the most amazing color I've ever seen (especially for the price) It's probably debateable on whether or not the Apple Cinema monitors are better, but you would pay a greater premium for them I believe. IMO gaming is amazing! I've had no lag issues and color-rich games such as Bad Company 2 and Just Cause 2 really make it shine.
  5. Wow! Those are some GORGEOUS coolers!
  6. I am a little surprised. I've had nothing but great success over my years with Logitech. Remotes, Z-5500, 2 different G-15s, MX510, MX518, G5, G500, Alienware TactX (It's logi at it's heart). Never a problem. As you can see I do change setup quite often, but they go on to continued usage and I have never* had a problem. *Spilled a half-can of root beer into an original G15 *Spilled a 1/4 bottle of water into a 3-year-old G15v2. As you can see, those were MY BAD
  7. A fan controller might be a good investment, especially if noise turns out to be an issue for you. There may be a number of 3 and or 4-pin (PWM) fan connectors on a motherboard. There is always one by the CPU, but there are most likely a few others too (you may want to look at your mobo manual, or just really close at your motherboard, they can sometimes be hard to spot). Also, fans can come with either 3-pin, 4-pin PWN, or 4-pin molex connections. Frankly it depends on the fan, and many fans with 3-pin connectors come with molex adapters. I can tell you that I have a Cooler Master case, and every single 3-pin fan came with a molex adapter, so you might be in luck. I would take a look at the packaging pic from where you ordered, see if you can spot a molex connector somewhere.
  8. At the very least it'd be great to see the most liked.
  9. Awesome win! That CPU cooler looks gorgeous! Might need a little TLC for the cables but that's where the HAF-X excels! Have fun benching and playing BC2
  10. me too, just waiting on the optical drive and the hard drive Ordered a Sony DVD-RW combo for $18 and a WD Caviar Blue 500gb for $40
  11. Yeah it's going in an Antec 900, so it does take a little more work
  12. Wow that WAS fast, I wasn't actually expecting it that fast. It is a gorgeous psu and I can't wait to get working on this ASAP! Wanted to thank sponsor XFX, Bosco and OCC as a whole (THANKS!)
  13. Not trying to be impatient, but do you have any idea how long the shipping might take? I'm extremely grateful, it'd just be nice to have an indication when it might be here Thanks again XFX/Bosco!
  14. Yeah that is what I thought. That's actually how most people who have 12gb have it configured, my bad.
  15. Yeah I definitely see that, and like I said putting the Frozr on bottom actually seems to make it less of a squeeze because of the size difference, etc. Neither of these scores are FM approved, I'm using beta Forceware 266.77 and Vantage has PhysX on, so that does skew it. 3DMark11: P9040 http://3dmark.com/3dm11/759503 3DMark Vantage: P32449 http://3dmark.com/3dmv/2949398
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