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  1. But as I said what I really need to know is that is it perfectly fine using drivers directly from Intel or is it recommended to use OEM drivers from Sony since my notebook is from Sony? I really wonder if Sony made some updates or so on the hardware and that's why they have OEM drivers but some people said that companies like Sony made it easier to install all of the drivers for each model of there computers so they made them all OEM. Because if that's the case then the Intel drivers might be more updated and better over all. But I don't know since all Sony techs say that all drivers are OEM and I need to use there drivers to update the computer. They don't tell me if they made some changes on the hardware like on the video card or so.
  2. I can tell you forsure that since alot of updates have been made on the drivers since it was first made so the site called notebookcheck saying that the Intel HD can't even play Quake 4, or Doom 3 well is not correct at all. Since I play it on Ultra settings and it plays very smoothly. I never played Doom 3 or so when the Intel HD first came out since I just got my new computer 3 weeks agao but all I know is that this computer plays games pretty well with todays drivers. Of cource it's not the best but for a $580 notebook it's good. Normaly it costed $700 but it was on sale at OfficeMax.
  3. Well I did try playing Crysis on my computer and it played pretty well on low settings like around mostly 25 FPS and high as 35 FPS. Everything had to be on low though and the res was set to 1024x768. I mean for an onboard video chip it's pretty good. I know it's alot better than the older Intel 4500MHD. At first when the Intel HD came out the drivers weren't good so games didn't play well but today since it's been a year from now drivers are much better and can play games like Crysis and Doom 3, Quake 4 very well. Actualy Quake 4 and Doom 3 play around 45 FPS and Ultra settings as around 60 FPS depending on the area. I did notice that the Intel HD came right around when the Intel i series like the i3, i5, i7 came out so it's been about a year. But eather way is it 100% safe and better to use drivers directly from Intel or should I just use the OEM drivers from Sony?
  4. So does that mean OEM drivers aren't really good for games? I thought that Sony have designed the drivers to make my computer run the best for everything. I thought Sony OEM drivers are the best for certain model of notebook I have. But do you guys think forsure I should uninstall the current video drivers and install the Intel HD drivers directly from Intel? Just want to make sure that it's perfectly fine doing this since it seems like you guys are saying that you don't use OEM drivers.
  5. Well I know that some people have said that my CPU is like a Core 2 Quad processor since the Core 2 Quad doesn't have HT. I thought then that means it would help games run alot better than a normal for example a Core 2 Duo. Basicly they said that having 4 HT is like having a basic quad core but just without the HT.
  6. I was always wondering about this but I noticed that on my computer it detects that there is 4 CPU so does that mean that my Sony notebook that is a Intel i3-370M 2.4 gHz is like a quad core? Since it's like a quad core will games run better than a normal dual core? I did get the new Sony computer 3 weeks agao and normaly it costed $700 but I got it for $580 since it was on sale. The model I have is VPC-EB3QFX. You can google it it you want more specs. Here are some specs of my machine Intel i3-370M 2.4 gHz 4 GB DDR3 ram 320 GB hard drive Intel HD Graphics 1.7 GB video ram Realtek High Definition Audio Windows 7 Home 64 bit
  7. Well do most of you guys use drivers directly from Intel, ATI, Nvidia? Or do most of you guys use OEM drivers from Sony, Toshiba, Compaq etc? If you guys mostly use directly from like Intel did you guys have problems? Did it work better overall using ATI, Nvidia, Intel etc?
  8. Sorry if I made you guys confused but basicly I need to know is that is it completely safe to use the drivers directly from intel even it says my current drivers are custom made from Sony?
  9. One thing I do know that is that my computer doesn't try to keep charging just because it's lower than 100% or 50%. For example right now I have set it so it only charges upto 50% since it said that's the best to set it to if you use the wall outlet power the most and basicly right now it says I have 49% of power left but it isn't charging just because it's lower then 50%. I wonder if todays computers can think and adjust by charging it when it needs to or not and not just keep toping off all the time.
  10. Does this battery care function really help save the batteries life? It has two choices I can select one is 50% and one is 80%. It said that if I will be using AC power mostly then set it to 50% and if I use the battery the most then set it to 80%. I have been using my notebook at home mostly so I use the AC power. Or is it best to just have that feature off and let it charge 100% when the computer needs to?
  11. Is it ok to install the Intel HD graphics drivers directly from Intel.com website instead of using the Sony esupport drivers website? I noticed that the Intel HD drivers on intel is more current and I wanted to use it to upgrade my current video driver. I know I might have to uninstall the current drivers and then install the newer drivers from intel to make it install right but I wanted to make sure that I would have no problems on my computer using the latest drivers from Intel's website. This is the model of my Sony notebook. VPC-EB3QFX I used the Automatically identify and find drivers thing and ran it and it said. Product Detected IntelĀ® HD Graphics Current Driver Installed 8.15.0010.2182 A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer. Should I just ignore this and go ahead and download the latest drivers from Intel? Now I did talk to Sony tech support and they said something about all Sony notebooks are OEM drivers and they said they recommend to only download them from esupport website. Latest drivers from Sony website Version : Last Modified : 09/21/2010 This is the latest version from Intel.com website Version: Date: 12/08/2010 As you see the Intels website is more current. But is it still best to use the older version Sonys custom made driver? I would assume soon Sony will update there drivers but I just wanted to know if it's ok to just uninstall the Sony drivers and install Intels drivers that is more updated. Someone did say to ignore the 8.15.10 part since that's the Sony driver numbers and they said look at the rest of the numbers. Like 2182 vs 2246 from Intel. Eather way it seems like the Intel is newer than Sonys. I just need to know that forsure it will work right using the Intel drivers instead of the Sony drivers. Now I do know I need to uninstall the Sony driver and then install the Intel drivers to work since if I don't it won't let me install the Intel drivers. It will say this. "The driver been installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer. Setup will exit"
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