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  1. since installing windows ten everything starts shuts and runs well except I get black screen in youtube and media player although the sound works as normal in both programs implant
  2. I am using UFT 12.5 on a Windows 7 64bit PC. When using UFT against IE9 an "Internet Explorer has stopped working" error is returned. This happens even when using the Object Spy on an open browser. This often locks the entire PC requiring a forced restart. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get UFT to work with IE9? Thanks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How should it feel for Chinese tourists bringing home MADE IN CHINA souvenirs from any country they visit...jokes on nha khoa
  3. jadentyhy

    Java woes

    How did you solve this? Even i'm facing the same issue.
  4. I would kile to know some expert comment on istalled updates: Once i am going Control Panel --> Program & Features --> Installed Updates Here only i can see the updates related to application like MS Office / MS SQL etc . It is not listing the Winodws OS or IE related security updates. If you go Windows Update and see "View update History" here it lists Winodws OS or IE related security updates. As user i want to see consolidated view of installed updates any idea where we can have this view for recent installed updates. WSUS server was used to detect and installed updates. Thanking You !!
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