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    -Haf 932 Chassis<br />-Asus Rampage II Extreme Motherboard<br />-Intel i7 930 - clocked to 4357 Mhz<br />-Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler (to be replaced)<br />-6GB 12800 Ram (to be replaced, so wont bother with further specs)<br />-OCZ Revodrive PCI-1x SSD Hardrive<br />-WD1002FALS x2 raid storage HDD<br />-HD 5870 Graphics Card (to be replaced)

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    Norway, specifically the bloody cold part.
  1. I know I've bothered you before with inane questions about WC, but at this time I've calculated how much money I'll have on my hands come january, so I'm considering building a WC setup, with Peltier blocks, and (iff possible) a peltier device to tranfser heat FROM the water aswell. What I'm wondering, is, where do I go to find peltier blocks and cooling elements? I've googled the . out of the entire internet, and mostly i get spammed with tests and commercials, and after a few pints, I really dont have the eyesight to browse through the entire interwebs. Any hints would be greatly appreciated, and any experience gained through assembling a WC/Peltier hybrid system would ofcourse be shared, and welcomed if anyone before me have tried a custom setup. As always, regards from the cold part of norway =)
  2. Allright, I've had a look at configs and space in my case. So far, space for the radse will not be a problem for 2 loops, I'll use a 140.3 for the Chipset/CPU (split line), and 2x 120.1 before the GPU (decided on not adding a 2d card, I'll consider upgrading to 1 or 2x 6990 when the time comes) The problem is how much pressure i want on each loop, I've decided allready to use a pump/res combo, wich I've found more reasonable alternatives than using a Laing D5. Considering that, the alternatives right now are; -A double bay sized res/pump. Output 750 lp/h (liters per hour) -Single bay res/pump. Inbult fan controller/display. 510 lp/h (300 usdx2) -Single bay res/pump. Inbult fan controller/display. 420 lp/h (200 USDx2) -Single bay res/pump. 200 lp/h, no controller/display. (80 USDx2) I can use a single controller for all the fans without problems, what I'm worried about is what pressure im going to need for each loop. At this point, Im looking at serious money, and i dont want to throw more into it than i need. I'll be using the Swiftech Apogee XT CPU block, and getting a full block for the graph card, and a full mobo block, both from EK. As for running stable, I should clarify, Im running stable for everyday use and gaming, if I push the CPU to 100% load, I'll last maybe 5 mins before crashing. And on air i have some noise, wich is why i want to upgrade to WC. My PC is about 6 months old, and cost 5200 USD new, and im getting a OCZ Revodrive 120gb for it now. I want to keep this PC alive as long as possible, so with the kind of OC'ing i have submitted it to atm, i need watercooling. When i DO get it WC'd the way i want to, I'll see if i can keep it on LinX or Prime, and post some scores for ya
  3. I'm running stable on 4.357 I'll run some tests and take SS of it, and post it here aswell. Edit: I havent run a single test on it yet, but im running that speed 24/7 while gaming, I've had 1 bluescreen the lasts months after final tuning, and i actually suspect that was the graph card... That and the fact i hadnt shut my PC down for a week Absolutely no heat issues, except noise.
  4. Atm my i7 (it's a 920 to boot, I seem to have forgotten all my components proper names before listing them earlier) is clocked to 4.357 with a Noctua NH-D14 without heat issues, and the card is on a stock cooler, and i have no heat problems at all, the card is clocked variably. To compare, Corsair's Hydro H70 (single rad, decent block/pump) closed system gives me the same heat level that my Noctua does. With that in mind, wouldnt i get a comparative heatloss with better pumps, rads, rad-fans (push/pull), and better blocks, even with more components in the loop? I will ofcourse have to see how much cumulative heatgain I get inn effect with the 5970 in the loop, if i add a 2d, I'll probably have to add a 2d 120.3 on the outside.
  5. Hmm... Might not be a bad idea, I'll have a look for how to make room for it... I checked out both DD and EK's sites, figured some things I'm way better off ordering from then, as opposed to buying within norway, so I'm ordering GPU and MB blocks, Rads, Res and Pump from them. Fans i get better quality and better prices as i work in a computer shop myself.
  6. Thanks for the feedback =) As for the loop, atm my plan is to run 3 rads, 1 120.3 and 2x 120.1 in sequence, since I'll be OC'ing the 5970, and getting a 2d 5970, also OC'd, in addition to the CPU, I'll be looking at some serious heat. Would splitting the loop be a bad thing? That is, Pump -> Rads -> Y splitter, 1 to CPU, one to GPU -> Y splitter, linking the loops together again? That way i wouldnt get heated water from the CPU to cool further components, but fresh cooled water for both. Between the DangerDen and EK waterblock, they cost respectively 120 USD, and 130 Euro's. The price difference here is irrelevant to me, i just want the best product. I'll be looking at some user testimonials for both before i decide, thanks again for the tip =)
  7. Thanks man, I'll have a look Also, I have no idea why I have claimed to have a 5870 in my PC.... I have a 5970, and on that note, im searching for a block for it, but if I order within Norway, im limited to either a Swiftech Epsilon, aquagratiX, or CoolIT OMNI A.L.C. I have no idea if any of these are any good, Google is once again providing too much info Anyone have any experience with these, or a suggestion for a block thats good enough for me to consider ordering it overseas?
  8. Im a bit unsure of how to run my loops with the setup I have in mind now. So far the theory is a .3 rad in the roof of the case, and a .1 in the back, should i run these on one loop with the flow going by the .1 rad midways through to dissipate some of the heat, or should i use the .1 for a separate loop? If i were to use it for a independent loop, I wonder if it would be strong enough to handle either CPU or GPU, and using a rad for the ramcooling flow alone seems like overkill. Edit: Found a kickass single rad that i can use for the CPU cooling, or mount midway in the flow, just have to try out the 2 sets i guess... Seems like the setup i had in mind will come to approx 800-850$. Might be able to shave 100$ if I sweettalk my supplier Thanks to you guys and google i think i have a viable plan now, currently im going with: CPU: Swiftech Apogee XT GPU: Swiftech GPU-waterblock Komodo (went with a mid-quality since I'll swap graph card when the 6900 series is available) Chipset: Swiftech MCW30 Tank/Pump: XSPC X2O 750 Dual5.25 Bay reservoir pump (inbuilt 750 l/ph pump) Radiators: MIST Extreme 3x120, MIST Extreme 1x120 Fans: Papst Fan, 4412F2GM 140m³/h, 38 dB(A) Tubes: Not decided, my supplier only delivers ClearFlex tubes, wich I've heard clouds up fairly fast. And i was considering high quality colored tubes, since I dont want to use any dye in the system. If I've missed something critical, please let me know, any feedback is much appreciated
  9. Thanks for the response guys =) The reason I wanted a liquid additive was to manage without external radiators, if i can get by on for instance a 120.3 in the top (wich i still havent checked if i have room for) and a 120.1 in the back, I wouldnt need to look for different liquid cooling solutions. I think im going to get far just by using quality radiators with good fans, and proper planning on the placement of radiators.
  10. Hey, I'm currently in the planning process of a watercooling system for my PC (current specs listed in sig). I feel that I've exhausted my options with aircooling, aswell as gotten enough hands on experience with it that i need to take it to the next level, i.e watercooling. So my questions are: -Is there any other solution than radiators for cooling the liquid? If possible, I'd like to have all components internal. I've seen some chassis' with inbuilt "refrigerator" solutions, so if anyone knows of similar systems that can be bought separate from the chassis, and preferably in smaller scale that would be great. -is there a liquid additive i can use to get lower temp without damaging the system? -Wich bay mounted temp display/control should i go for? Ive seen loads, but i cant seem to find any feedback on weither they are crap or good. I could always loot one and bastardize it into an external display, but that wouldnt look as good. When i have a plan for the cooling, I'm giong to upgrade a few components, so those that will be cooled by the system will be listed below for reference. -Processor: i7 930 OC'd to 4,357 Ghz -GPU: 2x 5970 (or single or dual 6970 when its released) -RAM: I was considering OCZ Flex Ex PC-17000 12GB Kit but I'm very open to suggestions here. Also, im not too sure what other components i should include in the system, so further suggestions are much appreciated. To conclude, I'm brand new to watercooling, other than what Google has taught me, so any and all feedback/suggestions are welcomed. Thanks from Norway (the bloody cold part up north)
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