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    Core 2 Duo E5500, Asus P5Q "Vanilla", Inno3d 8800gt oc, OCZ 2gb 800mhz , Generic case "Power Logic", 18" Samsung,
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  1. save_me21m

    Panoramic Picture(s) Taken With Android

    great shots ~ might as well try it..didn't thought it was this good..
  2. save_me21m

    D3200 Shots

    great shots ~ love the 3rd and last pictures.
  3. save_me21m

    Online Photo Storage?

    And another vote for Flickr here. I'm not an avid photographer but my brother usually post most of his collective shots on flickr.
  4. save_me21m

    How many people are getting Windows 8?

    still at the point where im still lazy to up for win 8. the reviews are tied up though. win 8 favors tablets and laptops, desktop reviews are different. still confuse if its worth an up from win 7 to 8?
  5. save_me21m

    Modding & Computer Stores

    These are great lists ~ it would be a good idea to check on new additions though..cross check the lists and update it later on..
  6. save_me21m

    Official 2012 OCC Christmas Contest

    almost drop my jaws..had my mouth watering though..