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  2. oasis789

    Ron Paul

    I present you... Ron Paul Swanson.
  3. oasis789

    For all the would be software pirates.

    I used to pirate games as a kid, sure, but now that I earn money, I don't anymore.
  4. oasis789

    1500W PSU enough?! Lol

    Even if you don't need all that capacity right now it gives you a lot of room for upgrades, esp since it will probably be compatible with things you'll get years from now.
  5. oasis789

    i5-2500k or i5-3570k

    Go for the 2500k, its only what, 200 bucks now? You can easily upgrade to an ivy bridge from a z68 card... just get spend a bit more for a futureproof one.
  6. oasis789

    Trine 2

    I loved the first Trine. It reminded me a lot of that old game Lost Vikings. No, not the one in Starcraft 2.
  7. oasis789

    hello everyone

  8. oasis789

    A lurker surfaces

    Yeah, and all those cleavage and butt shots... whatta MILF! for real, she's a mom of 2. JB you lucky dog
  9. oasis789

    DOTA 2

    Does beta access become full game access?
  10. oasis789

    Drum n Bass anyone?

    A classic:
  11. oasis789

    lmfao, I have to pay to download from origin?

    I thought the $5 is like a deposit on the actual purchase... but it isn't? It's like an extra fee to play early?
  12. I was in the beta for SWTOR and preordered. Prob roll a gunslinger or a sorceror... haven't decided which one goes first.
  13. I wonder how fast it would eat through a bigadv WU
  14. oasis789

    Post New Music you like!

    A jazz classic.