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  1. Referral link | Without referral Referral link | Without referral Using the referral links to enter helps me out, thanks
  2. I present you... Ron Paul Swanson.
  3. I used to pirate games as a kid, sure, but now that I earn money, I don't anymore.
  4. Even if you don't need all that capacity right now it gives you a lot of room for upgrades, esp since it will probably be compatible with things you'll get years from now.
  5. Go for the 2500k, its only what, 200 bucks now? You can easily upgrade to an ivy bridge from a z68 card... just get spend a bit more for a futureproof one.
  6. oasis789

    Trine 2

    I loved the first Trine. It reminded me a lot of that old game Lost Vikings. No, not the one in Starcraft 2.
  7. Yeah, and all those cleavage and butt shots... whatta MILF! for real, she's a mom of 2. JB you lucky dog
  8. oasis789

    DOTA 2

    Does beta access become full game access?
  9. I thought the $5 is like a deposit on the actual purchase... but it isn't? It's like an extra fee to play early?
  10. I was in the beta for SWTOR and preordered. Prob roll a gunslinger or a sorceror... haven't decided which one goes first.
  11. I wonder how fast it would eat through a bigadv WU
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