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    Intel Pentium 4 1.9 Ghz Westmere ...sissy build ;)
    non Branded MB....coz no one makes them for P4 anymore!!!!
    INtel 845 G onboard Graphics...(yes..no gaming)
    1.25Gb DDR 1 ram.......
    160GB Seagate HDD....40GB Samsung HDD
    Windows Xp Pro SP3 ...... Ubuntu 10.04......OSX 10.5.8 Leopard (testing)
    250 watts PSU

    Looking forward to Sandybridge for my new build (i7 baby)
  1. Good luck everyone. Feels a bit awkward to have not posted anything here except during Christmas. Thanks to Tapatalk I hope now I can be more active on this forum. Thanks a lot OCC for this giveaway. Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. This prize list is like heaven for any hardware freak Its almost hardware pron! I would just love to get my hands on that grand prize build and piece it together myself. Its amazing. Thanks OCC for a lovely contest again and Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New year to everyone single member here on OCC.
  3. ^ some????? well I just got a CM notepal cooling pad for my lappy, pics in the evening
  4. My goodness. You are one hell of a logical thinker. Thats really superb reasoning. Are you a judge? and no I am not being sarcastic. Its just your replies are very thought out.
  5. lol. US knows you just cant go around killing people. Its simple logic. that will lead to WW 3. So you just give out loans to countries and tie them into contracts for infrastructure development, none of which they can repay and viola! they are indebted to you and must hence to your bidding. Win win situation. Why use guns when you can use your brains
  6. Yup and at the price at which you tell them to sell it to you. Democracy is just a game and all of us die for an invisible border that a politician drew on a map. In the end he is just as guilty as the guys who let loose agent orange in vietnam....children are still born with deformaties today.... they number much more than those who died in and after 9/11(God rest their souls).
  7. You my friend should be the next president
  8. Oh btw, good riddance he is dead. I can travel to work in peace now.
  9. And still it is 9/11. I don't friggin get it. Is it only American lives that matter? We had 7/11 , 26/11 ... more "11's" than you guys can count. Almost all of them died either going to work or while getting back from work. 26/11 included mostly people having a drink at night and eating a scrumptious dinner. No one notices that. Every year thousands die because Al qaeda was operating from Pakistan. They send over terrorists every day into kashmir and mainland India, we keep shouting and no one listens. But all this time it is the US govt funding Pakistan and even giving them F-16's. Will your govt now please label Pakistan a terrorist state, before some there takes over Osama's place.
  10. aww man....I am late for this Congrats winners
  11. I got my Covenant cloaking device! @ Bosco: How about I streak through the World cup finals of the Cricket WC and I get all the stuff!!!!!!!!!
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