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  1. Movies Parker Inception Stranger than Fiction The Departed Gone in sixty seconds Shows Rules of Engagement S07E11 Graceland S01E01
  2. +2 I also prefer a physical kb.
  3. I've used both RivaTuner and Afterburner. The latter takes the cake for me. Even though I rarely use it.
  4. FF does that automatically if you uncheck "Don't load tabs unitl selected" in preferences. [EDIT] Provided you have "Show my windows and tabs from last time" seleceted under the "When Firefox Starts:" dropdown box
  5. Movies: Gangster Squad Welcome to the Punch Jack Reacher Source Code Shows: Rules of Engagement S07E10
  6. I know Wev said it'll work but check the manual for that router model as some of them explicitly say do not connect a printer via usb blah blah blah something do with print spooling iirc or you can just try and if it works.. it works
  7. A lot of this is just ignorance of the OS. When I take about 30 minutes and show them how to use it, every client I have has been happy with it. That's not really practicable. Windows 8 is terrible for old timers.
  8. ummm. Windows 7 also supported touchscreen? and service packs don't add features these days IIRC
  9. @ Paul, when this happens to me I find after I click post if it hangs just refresh the page and it uploads the post, saves on double posts. I also do this. Never click post twice! I've never double posted as far as I can tell ;P
  10. More like Family Guy. Don't forget to include South Park in there too. seems like in recent times for every one episode that's half decent there are 5+ that are just taking the piss out of the latest celebrity / hot topic. OT: shame about Futurama though. wouldn't mind if they could convince someone to let them keep doing the straight to dvd movies as a consolation. Southpark has almost always been about taking the piss out of the latest celebrity / hot topic?
  11. I'm not sure about the control panel search but the start screen search is wank.
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