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  1. Look what showed up today. And i already got it dirty.
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  3. They will as they are owned by WD and they use WD technology in there drives.
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm could be on to something here
  5. Also there are a few reviews that show that they are not getting the rated speed they clam to have. Ex rated at 900+MB/s and they are getting around 700.
  6. Dont want just a plan old normal external hard drive. Or is this to be used on a tablet for travel or something on the road all the time?
  7. I need to make this in to a shirt and make my wife wear it..
  8. Mother of god thats a lot of space http://techcrunch.com/2014/08/26/seagate-ships-an-8-terabyte-hard-drive-perfect-for-all-of-your-totally-legal-and-not-pirated-stuff/
  9. Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues
  10. That doesn't sound right... my Vertex 2 and Agility 3 have been updated several times and have never lost data. Dido.. 0 Loss when i updated 3 of mine that are set in raid 0
  11. Just this alone l have seen cards drop 10c+. I would start off doing this.
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    But she just's trying to seduce you Im just not ready for that kind of commitment just yet
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    I had to stop a few times playing the first and second to take a break, because that damn girl freaked me out lots.
  14. Thats a good basic iron. But once you start getting better, you will notice that you have to hold the heat to what ever your soldering longer as its only 15 watts. As you get better and working on bigger things. Doing this you will have a higher chance of burning what every you're working on.
  15. Sure. sucker, pump, solder doohickey thing. All the same thing
  16. Flex is ok to have on hand. But if you get solder with the flex in the core, you wont really need it. I use solder with no flex in the core. As if l have something that needs more solder then i will get more of flex on the part as well. Then you will need to get some flex cleaner as well. But for someone just staring on there is no really need for it. Also something to get is a solder sucker, or wire wick like Stonerboy said. As its a pain in the ass removing unwanted solder with out any.
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