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  1. i have the same p b4, use PowerQuest PARTITIONMAGIC to check ur hd c if there s'th wrong w/ it, most of the time that software can fix that, just try that and c how it goes
  2. dplxy

    Kids Comp Problems

    is u donr have a boot disk you go come here and get 1 BootDisk
  3. dplxy

    Need Help

    no... and i did close all the background applications and antiAliasing is off ........ this never happen 2 me on my old comp 1.4AMD w/ esc mb 512DDR geforce 2
  4. dplxy

    Omg How Can He Do This!carzy

    this is just too carzy.....still dont know how the hell he did that.....man.....btw what's Winbond ram? is that good?? and abt that 4mb video card..hahaha i dont know what to say
  5. CPU :Pentium4 2.80C(SL6WJ) M/B :ASUS P4C800 Deluxe MEM :PC3200 Winbond BH-5 256MB x 2 VGA :Matrox Millenium PCI 4MB HDD :Maxtor 5T020H2 20GB Power: ABLECOM SP401-RA(ETASIS OEM) 400W OS :WinXP Pro SP1 Set up: Vcore 1.98V、Vio 3.58V、Vmem 3.40V、MEM 2.5-2-2-5 DDR266 He oc his cpu to 4672.97MHz another 1 he oc his Pentium4 3.2G with ASUS P4C800 Deluxe and PC3200 Winbond BH5 256MB
  6. dplxy

    Need Help

    im running the agp 8x mode, and i did switch between OpenGL and D3D....and im using DirectX 9...god help me..
  7. dplxy

    Need Help

    sorry abt that, i will post in the right place next time, and i tried 800x600...still lag alot.....my driver is from nvidia's web site version: 53.03....u know when i was using my old card which is geforce 2 running 1024x768 is ok....and im using dsl........plz help me
  8. dplxy

    Need Help

    hi hi this is my 1st post, hope i can get some help here... i just got my P4 2.6 800-MHz with MSI 865pe neo2 and kingston 1 g DDR 400MHz PC3200 dual channel kits ..and fx5200 128ddr the thing is when i play CS with 1024x768 the picture lags alot.... and im sure i got the right driver....this is killing me now....plz help me.......