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  1. Love the contest, thanks for the opportunity for those like me who visit to read the articles/reviews but don't post frequently
  2. MSI's cooler is usually superior to ASUS' but both manufactuers make good cards, they're up in the top with gigabyte
  3. I think Intel is working on getting trim enabled soon with raid 0
  4. To replace this one: CPU: i5 760 @ 4 ghz MB: Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Memory: 2 x 2GB Mushkin Graphics: MSI Hawk GTX 460 SSD (OS): OCZ Vertex 2E HDD (Storage): 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3, 640GB Western Digital PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 600W Case: HAF 912 I really need a PSU with better cables as these one are extremely short and makes cable management crap. Having more power for future upgrade would be awesome as well.
  5. I only have one corsair product so far and that's the corsair HS1 gaming headset. It's extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, I really like the quality of it and how it hasn't broken down on me in a year where as most other headsets tend to be pretty fragile. Sound quality is great as well, using it mostly for Gaming though as it has a mic as well.
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  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822152185&Tpk=Samsung%20F3
  8. I'd put the RAMs in before the heatsink, depending on the layout of the board and everything, it might be annoying to squeeze them in after the heatsink is installed.
  9. Of course people will always tell you to wait, and after in April/May, they'll tell you to wait for the 2011 socket and so on. So it's up to you when you want your hardware, but it looks to me like you've already got it all sorted out. Good rig.
  10. I really don't know why people were talking about who has the bigger technology, population, military army or w/e. Let's just cut it down to facts: NK has access to nuclear weapons. If China doesn't help NK, do you think they're just going to stand around and try to fight back with normal means against SK+US? Yeah right, they have nothing to lose anymore at this point. US getting involved puts us all to danger, you all know how crazy NK truly is. They've already gotten warnings for doing nuclear tests but they just don't give a ., and what has been done against that? Nothing. Everyone is scared. NK would be long gone if it wasn't for them having nuclear weapons, notice how nothing has been done either about the turpedo that was launched at SK? And now this? Nothing will be done either, just watch and wait out for another attack. I think in reality they just want to show the world that they're still there and important or something like that, I don't know the motives honestly. Some of you said to get ressources from countries, could be a reason, but matter of fact is if it comes down to World War 3, don't think that NK is just going to get shut down without another country getting wiped off by a nuclear bomb. but hey, I could be wrong and I hope I am.
  11. Satire

    FFXIV Benchmark

    wrong, compare nvidia/ati gpu results and you'll see ati is leading by far in this benchmark with equivalent gpu power/series range funny though because of the nvidia logo, trust me though or check for yourself
  12. It's probably using 2d clocks because it thinks whatever you're doing isn't a game because it uses low load. When you play old games, this can happen. So to fix that, just go to Nvidia panel > Manage 3d Settings > Power management mode > Change it from Adaptive to Prefer Maximum Performance. Don't forget to turn it back unless you like your card to always be running at max clocks (bad idea). Or, you could just add the game to Program Settings instead of using Global Settings (same page in the panel) so it will use Maximum Performance/will go max clock for that game whenever it's launched. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal for every card out there. They all downclock like that for old games, and sometimes it's bad because the downclocking gives you lower FPS.
  13. Yeah that's why I don't use those anymore. Give 3D Mark Vantage a try, so far when that ran fine with no artifacts, it was fine in every other game.
  14. Benchmarking at low resolution isn't really a good way to find out if a card is stable. Try running 3D Mark Vantage at Performance preset and see how that goes, if you have no crashes/artifacts at all then you've got a real jewel there. I found 3DMV more reliable rather than Furmark at windowed 1920 * 1080 / MSAA Samples: 8X for stressing the gpu to get artifacts out. but hey, if it really works in all your games, it works. I've never seen something like that before... amazing OC As for trying this work-around, well that's only possible with the 460 hawk atm but what you can do is flash your bios. You can request here for your bios to be flashed, keep in mind this will void your warranty.
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