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  1. I have cash, but not THAT much cash lol. Dual 980Xs is outside even my price range.
  2. Thinking I'll just tune them to 820Mhz for a little extra boost, thats around a 6.5% increase so it shouldn't have any adverse affects outside of a slight temp raise, but thats where liquid cooling and fan control come in.
  3. Actually think i'll just copy Inno3Ds OC edition also, with the settings and setup I am going for, stock is not enough. I want to stay at 60 fps with maximum graphics settings at 1900x1080 with Nvidia 3D Vision enabled, with the newer DX11 games I will require overclocking to achieve my goal.
  4. I am at least going to take the GPU to 800Mhz which is a just a bit over EVGAs superclocked edition of the card.
  5. Any of the Asus Xonar cards are a good choice.
  6. Comfort is a big thing for me, my Alienware TactX headset is freaking amazing in this regard. But it just isn't very top of the line and I figure it won't allow me to get the most out of my new sound card.
  7. Ya, but with my SLI setup I really don't think there is any need to go anywhere near that high. I'm thinking just a moderate tweak so I can give my 3D performance a boost.
  8. Oooo Editors Choice, that's got to be worth something, plus "•Comfortable ergonomic design"
  9. Looking to replace my current Alienware TactX gaming headset with a pair of Sennheiser PC350s (the "premium" ones that come bundled with the Xonar Xense card), anyone have any opinions they would like to share on the PC350s? How is the quality, build, and comfort?
  10. Theory crafting here bud, still waiting on some of the pieces before this baby is up and running. Just wondering what some average numbers I should be shooting for without going too overboard, looking for some decent performance increase without compromising the system. My system is liquid cooled and I have full case fans so temperature should be pretty easy to keep in check. Gonna try and stay below 90 on full load. Also all the clocks are gonna be factory stock to start out with.
  11. Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should bring the numbers on my dual GTX 580s to, could probably push 850 but i'm thinking I won't need to go over 820. Shader can probably be tweaked to 1650-1700 and memory i'm thinking 4200 or push it a bit further to 4400. Also I plan on tweaking my 1866 6Gb Corsairs Doms to probably 2000, although my experience on RAM tweaking is pretty limited, any suggestions on the other numbers? My I7 980X CPU will be running at probably around 4, but I may push it a tad bit more if it can't keep up with the GPUs Also don't really feel like touching the volts so lets just use that as a limiting factor.
  12. So I suppose the X58 would have TRIM support. Eh like I said, i'm not too worried about it. Really wish the Lycosa came in red though I was originally going with a Gigabyte motherboard but decided on the Asus...problem being that I planned my neon to be blue and match my Gigabyte....and the Asus is bright bloody red. So now I have red neon on the way....but my peripherals are blue >.< This is my biggest concern....which is actually kind of a good thing, i'm not worried about any other part of this system.
  13. Well the rig looks good, but I don't know why you are picking up the Arctosa over the Lycosa. Pretty sure the Lycosa is only 10 bucks more and it is a much better keyboard than the Arc.
  14. I will be buying 2 more Asus VG236Hs for the surround 3D. Unfortuantly I sort of tapped my self out for this month so i'll need to wait for my coffers to fill back up before I go blowing any more money on monitors. But I am looking forward to 69 inchs on 3D awesome.
  15. RTSs and Racing sims work amazing on 3 screens. Batman AA is also sexy with the surround. Ah you are correct, so my performance would be faster but I would lose TRIM therefore causing the drives to degrade faster, and also I would have 2 failure points instead of one...yea, don't think i'm all that unhappy with the 240gb option. Honestly i'm just getting the 240 so I don't need to mess around with symbolic links for my steam folder....i'm lazy and would rather just throw money at a problem until it goes away. Eh, I have the money and could use the performance, I feel no need to downgrade.
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