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    Asus Vulcan

    haha yeah I know....I really love music though, dont get me wrong. I just cannot justify the $340 pricetag on those Dr.dre ones when a 20-50 dollar ones will do.
  2. nickk47

    Asus Vulcan

    I couldnt tell the difference between a razer headset and a dr.dre...I guess Im not much of an audiophile. Now Im satisfied with a $20 generic headset cuz my razer one broke. Meh. lol
  3. Just read over the comments and I dont think its worth my time downloading to even try it. I'll wait and see how the retail build is...still on Vista. I did not feel the need to upgrade to 7, Vista was/still is actually really good to me ( compared to the things Ive heard online ).
  4. What is up with the midrange cards from AMD lately...5770 = roughly 6770, and now 7770 is only a slight improvement over 6770? I guess I still won't be upgrading. At least the lower temps might help with overlocking it further, but still....
  5. What is your maximum load temperature right now? Try increasing your voltage to 1.34-1.35 and it might give it enough juice to go 3.6 GHz or so.
  6. Stupid person? She was an influential singer and she achieved a lot. It's pretty rude to say that...What do u know?
  7. Had an Rx-7 FC, sold due to school, was one of my favorite cars. My other favorite is Acura NSX.
  8. Is it weird if I'm already bored of it?..... Then again, I did start playing it right after exams were over, for 7 hours straight on some days. But still, Its only been two months and it's not as fascinating as when I played Morrowind for the first time. Game was still good though!
  9. Oh okay, 53c still isn't bad though. I think you can get that to 4.2ghz or so. It's all really trial and error but my comfort line is 60c load and nothing over 1.38v.
  10. Wow, your load temperature is ridiculously low. I think you can get that cpu to higher levels. Mine is at 4.0 as well and the load temp is 61 c...which is why I am not choosing to push it further. But its a e6500
  11. Silly gimmick. I see no potential in it. Razer should focus on improving their peripherals more. Why bother with all this new gadgets, switchblade, fiona, blade? They really must have tons of money to burn on R&D like Krazyxazn mentioned, AND their product designers must be bored of making keyboards and mouse only lol. If they want to expand their market, Id suggest something like decent speakers, not cheap portables or super expensive THX ones.
  12. I think I made a very smart decision by not jumping on the post LGA-775 sockets or ddr3 because this things still kicking some serious framerates on skyrim and bf3 on high (and hopefully D3). Now I can save up and build a whole new system when ddr4 comes out or something! Talk about system longevity...! Futureproofing isnt really that hard if you just ask yourself what you're gona be satisfied with. Unless you're "that" guy whos never satisfied XD ( aka, me 4 years ago, always wanted flagship models until I realized the horrible truth of technological advancement...) Sorry for getting a bit off topic, but yeah. I think OP needs to just go with what he thinks will satisfiy his gaming needs, don't think too much into the future because you can only predict so much...
  13. Looking forward to this card!! And yeah I found it very strange (and impressed) that my card is able to run Battlefield 3 on all high with ultra texture, with AA and AF on. And even then, I was not that blown away by the graphics compared to when I got Crysis haha!
  14. John_again, I'm just curious on what kind of cooling you have to maintain stability at 1.49v?
  15. I liked the old rainbow sixes...they actually force you to strategize before you storm the bad guys. I played Vegas and the game was a walk in the park lol
  16. Getting too old? No way! Id love to have your quad. But, as long as my rig will run Skyrim and D3 on high, I'll live.
  17. I know exactly how you feel about building a system for another person that isn't really a family member or a really close friend...Especially for people with no computer knowledge. Even if you did ALL the right things, there could be something wrong and the other person can't help but to think that you are somewhat responsible for it deep down when it could be a faulty hardware or they have a virus.....
  18. I dunno if I wanna risk doing anything to my computer right now...and I dont even use HDMI haha I would do it if it was a performance boost but thats not the case haha.
  19. Looks like it turned out alright. I really did not expect a "gasp" from the bulldozer...But I don't know about going the whole full-platform thing. Its nice, but could potentially turn away buyers who might think "oh my system doesnt have this AMD or that AMD. I might as well go "this brand" and "that brand" and so on...You know?
  20. If AMD can pull off a good pricing on this as well, then I guess I'll stick with AMD gpu for my next upgrade which will be after the release of D3. ( If it doesnt run on max setttings for my current setup.)
  21. I guess being the CEO of a huge company takes its toll on the person...Must have had a lot of stress, adding to the fact that he was sick. RIP.
  22. You're better off looking for the best single card for your money for your setup.
  23. Im not an expert in this, but every in-ear earphones($20-30) Ive heard seems significantly more clear and crisp than any other open headphones ($70 range). Maybe it's because they cancel out background noises? Not too sure.
  24. Totally agree with this...kids are let off too lightly these days. But by no means am I condoning violence to discipline, but they really need to know that they are responsible for their actions. I'm only an undergrad post secondary student, so I guess I don't have much say in parenting, but boy am I glad my parents disciplined me, now that I look back.
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