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  1. Yeah but he can leave the PCIE blank for now, which will suit him fine for D3, and then add a dedicated later down the road if he wants to play something more intensive But 7770 is an insane card for that price. I sure as hell would want one. UPDATED the first post, it's actually $30 in rebate so the total is $382.47 with tax. Pretty sweet He will need to buy this rig before the 13th or else the sale ends.
  2. I think I know what Option 3 suggested... Yeah I am sure he won't need anything like a 7770. At most he will upgrade to that 6670 haha. We had a long discussion and decided to buy a Win7 Home Premium OEM at $99. I am sure this rig could play D3 on med/high settings easily. Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. Yeah thats probably what he will be doing down the road. And yes, I also heard that the 6650 benefits from a dual channel and more RAM, but heard that faster RAM has negligible differences in performance. The thing is, it's a combo deal for that 4GB stick which is why he is getting it for $17.5 which is a great deal. If I wanted to separately get a 2x2GB, it'd be $31. He's really a light gamer so I don't see this price difference justifying it. EDIT: I'm so jealous of the Antec One. It's such a great case for so little money. If I only had usb 3.0 on my mobo, id definitely upgrade from my Antec 900 with its poor cable management, and hard drive rack. Sure, there will be less fans than my 900 but it sure as hell looks good at $40 and $10 rebate, $30 OMGGGG
  4. Not bad at all. I will have to consider it, thanks Ed. The i3-2100 will def outperform the 3870k in gaming situations.
  5. Okay so my friend wants a computer within next week and I picked out some parts for him to buy. This computer will play Diablo 3, LoL, and will be used for general internet browsing. He is on a strict budget of $500. How does this build sound? CPU: AMD A8-3870K 3.0GHz with 6650HD $95 Mobo: ASUS F1A55-M $75.50 RAM: AMD Entertainment Edition 4GB x1 DDR3-1600 $17.80 HDD: WD Blue 500 GB 16Mb Cache $70 Case: Antec One Mid Tower $40 Power: OCZ ZT Series 550W Fully Modular $70 Optical Drive: Generic one $ Free This has $30 in rebate so the total cost comes to (with tax) : $382.47 He might need a copy of Windows 7. That adds $99 plus tax. Not bad at all for a D3 capable system. He can add another 4gb stick in there or a dedicated videocard whenever he feels like he needs a boost in performance. These prices are pretty SICK, because some of them are on sale. ( better than newegg omg ) All parts are from NCIX. Anything you guys recommend of replacing with a better choice, please recommend it to me. Thanks guys. PS. Can anyone build a similar performing INTEL system? Cuz that would be sick. ( Highly doubt it )
  6. Diablo 3 was a disappointment to me...it just isn't what Diablo 2 used to be. Why change a working formula? I mean, its still fun and all but...somethings missing.
  7. Oh man...the headaches Ive had with Duplicolor. So many orange peels and just not sticking right. Avoid at all costs.
  8. +1 for Rustoleum. I have used this on a monitor bezel, and even for car applications. It bonds very well to surfaces. Primer coat highly recommended first though.
  9. Still on 12.3, upgraded to 12.4 and it totally reduced performance, so I went back. Come on AMD
  10. imo BF3 is not worth the money to buy a whole new system. I have a less powerful rig than yours and I can max out D3 easily, and I have played BF3, on high but not maxed out, and Skyrim maxed out is fine for me. Just get a new videocard and throw in a SSD, enjoy fast computing for a long time and save money. You should overclock that E8500, it OCs very nicely.
  11. nickk47

    Diablo 3

    Totaly agree...Wizard should be much more powerful than it is right now...it's a glass cannon, but take out the damage part....
  12. Great suggestions guys. Yeah I am giving it to him for $20 That corsair psu is a great deal! I think a 6870 or a 560 is a bit too powerful for his needs. I don't know how he will feel about spending $150+ on a videocard. I think a 6770 will suffice. So...it's around $200 for the PSU and the GPU. Not bad! But honestly, that 40GB Seagate has to go XD Too bad HD prices are much more expensive nowadays. And I think 2 GB is good enough for what he will be using it for. It even says 2GB is recommended on D3's requirements. Thanks guys! And keep the suggestions coming if you have one EDIT: OH yes, I am also throwing in an Asus aftermarket heatsink for the CPU. I will be overclocking it to maybe 3 GHz. I don't want to push it because 1) the case isn't the best for airflow 2) I want it to be rock stable for him.
  13. No problem haha Sometimes you just forget things that are so obvious XD
  14. Power = Current x Voltage isnt it? 20 mA = 0.02 A 2 Volt drop P = (0.02)*(2) P = 0.04 W
  15. So here's the situation. My friend wants to buy a computer from bestbuy after he saves up some money during the summer. He wants to play D3 so badly. He has no knowledge in computers. I stopped him and told him I can build him a computer. The problem with this is that to play D3 on medium settings and to use this computer for other stuff, he will probably want a ~$500 to 600 dollar computer. The problem with building a 500-600 dollar computer is that it will take him 2-3 weeks to earn it. ( part time summer job ) He wants to play D3 ASAP. I have these spare parts on me. Antec Case with 380 Watt PSU Asus DVD drive G.Skill DDR2-800 2 GB Dual channel Seagate 40gb 7200 rpm Asus 8400 GS 256 MB Intel C2D E6700 2.66ghz ( this was my previous cpu, oc'ed to 2.93 ghz easy with no volt changes.) Asus motherboard with 775 socket. As you can see, all he really needs is a decent videocard and upgrade that PSU, and maybe swap that hard drive out and he's good to go. And just maybe, put 4gb of ram in. So he is super excited cuz it will cost him less to get a computer. BUT The problem I see with this build is that...down the road, he has no upgrade paths whatsoever. I am giving all these to him for only $20 and thats with me installing and setup everything. The immediate thing to buy is a videocard and a 600 watt psu, and he can play D3 pretty nicely. Do you think he is better off buying more new parts ( like ddr3 capable, and 2011 socket, etc ) and I just give him the case and dvd drive for 10 bucks? Im just sad if the latter happens, these good parts go to waste It's perfectly capable to play D3 and LoL which is all the game he will play on PC. Otherwise, it's used for word processing and surfing the web. ( He's more of a Ps3 guy ) Opinions?
  16. nickk47

    Diablo 3

    Heading out now to pick it up at my local store, midnight opening
  17. Exactly what I was thinking. I am waiting for the 660 to come out. I want to see its price/performance ratio and might pick one up! $250 would be amazing for a 660.
  18. Mmmmm the 7850 really makes me wanna upgrade...we'll see how smooth D3 will run with my 5770.
  19. nickk47

    Diablo 3

    So...anyone jump on the Collector's Edition of this? The in-game items kinda intrigued me....but the "exclusive" colors are so...plain...theyre like white and black. If I wasnt so broke, id be all over the CE.
  20. Get one of those new Phanteks air cooler. They come in a variety of colors and they are better.
  21. nickk47

    DOTA 2

    Just found out Dota 2 will be free to play...now I might actually play it
  22. Tarantula, 4 years and going strong. Tanked a drop and 2 pop spills. Deathadder, 2 years and the rubber coating is starting to peel off a little. If it starts to get really messy like my brother's deathadder, I'll replace it.........with another deathadder lol. Barracuda, these headphones were freakin awesome but died in 1.5 years....was not too happy. Goliathus, first soft mousepad Ive gotten, 2 years and rather disappointed because it is now a bit dirty and stripping at the sides. Next time I will def get a hard mousepad, but this one is okay for the price of 9.99
  23. nickk47

    Diablo 3

    That's good to hear. And newer drivers from AMD and the final polished build of the game will make it better hopefully! Wooo
  24. nickk47

    Diablo 3

    I hope my 5770 can play D3 in high on a 1680x1050 monitor. Can't believe this card can still run current games on high no problem...If it can run D3 on high,(not hoping for MAX) then my jaws would drop anyhow
  25. Between XFX, HIS and Gigabyte, in my experience, XFX is great. They have lifetime warranty and customer service is great. Gigabyte is also trustworthy. Barely any difference between those manufacturers.
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