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  1. Ok, so my parents needed a HDD for a crappy dell computer that they will be using for browsing at work, went to NCIX and they bought a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB with 16mb cache. It even has SATA3 My computer currently has two WD RE 250gb with 8 mb cache in raid 0. I compared the two read and write speeds, and it's like this: WD -read: 8.9ms -write: 10.9ms SEAGATE -read: 8.7ms -write: 9.5ms I want to know if this single SEAGATE drive will be faster than my current raid 0 setup. They both have the same cache right, because there are two 8mb cache for the WD. So which is better? If I use the Seagate, I can just give one WD drive to my parent's computer and I'll have 750 gigs altogether! But this wont be worth it for me if the Seagate is going to be slower. Thanks in advance guys!
  2. nickk47

    Diablo 3

    Meh, I'll wait till patch 1.1 to start up again fresh IF they patched everything by then.
  3. Weirdest thing happened at the gym yesterday. I usually do something called Tabata interval training almost everyday, its an exercise to get your cardio and endurance up while losing fat really, really fast with a thing called Afterburn Effect. Google it for those who don't know. I still do it. The reason I started this was because I used to have a six-pack but lost it during school because I did ZERO exercise. Also I wanted to build my muscles back before school starts again, so I started hitting the gym really hard for a month. On the bench (45 pound bar) I was doing 25 plates on each side to begin with, and then moved to doing 3 sets of 35 plates, around 5-6 reps. (I'm only a 135 pound guy) Then I got lazy, and stopped going to the gym for 2 weeks, but still doing the Tabata training. Yesterday I went to the gym with my friend and I tried doing a 45 plate and to my surprise, I pumped out 4 reps , 3 reps, and 3 reps of it. Weird huh? Maybe I could have done those already and just didnt attempt it, but my goal was to bench my own weight and I'm suddenly reached my goal. Or somehow the Tabata training helped build muscle? Either way, I am super happy I am benching my own weight and hopefully increasing the reps to 6 and doing 3 sets of it by the end of the summer.
  4. It's really cool that you're doing this! Keep us posted!
  5. nickk47

    Diablo 3

    Im done with this game. Selling all my gear, sold $7 bucks worth already, thats after al applicable Blizzard taxes. I am hoping to get 30 bucks back, and I will be satisfied I got my worth out of this half finished game. Sigh... EDIT: Sold some more stuff. I am at 27 bucks. Man, I kinda wanna play just for profits, people actually buy this stuff for this much??? HAHAHA Nah, I'd rather go out and do something else rather than earn money like a chinese gold farmer.
  6. I agree with Waco. The 7770 is a really good card for the price. Don't crossfire, save up for the 7770 directly and save yourself some money. It's probably less power consuming than a crossfire 5570.
  7. I think you will be very satisfied with the 6770.
  8. Intel E6500 Pentium D 775 Stock: ?? OC: 4004 MHz Volt: 1.41 v Idle: 33c Load: 61c Ambient: 21c I need a new cpu....
  9. I wonder what the price will be if you're going from Vista to 8? I mean, like a full version disk or digital copy, not an upgrade.
  10. Ive used the Deathadder for 3 years and I have not played with any settings that comes with the driver/program. So I couldnt tell you
  11. Yeah it is really better in games. Super satisfied with this card!
  12. Okay here's my experience with the 7770. Temperatures are really low, it's idling at 25 c and with Furmark only went up to 52 c. I bumped the core to 1050 mhz and memory to 1150 mhz with no volt increases obviously and it is not crashing or artifacting. Weird thing is that it is getting a lower score in Furmark preset than my 5770. Is it the crappy 7xxx drivers that are doing this? I was expecting an upgrade...wtf. Overall very smooth and good card. Even though the Furmark score was lower, it seeems to perform better with games. If you can find one for 119.99 like me, then it is a great card. For the original price, not worth it.
  13. Razer Deathadder is my recommendation. Pros: Glides smooth, and the click is satisfying. I love where the side buttons are. Looks good too. Cons: Your hands leave residue or buildup on the side of the mouse. After 1.5-2 years the rubber coating starts to peel. This is the only thing I don't like about this mouse.
  14. WHAAAAAAAA I missed the Purolator guy by literally 5 minutes. Now I gotta wait till tomorrow 11am to pick it up from a nearby Purolator place...OMG I WANT IT NOW
  15. Ohh zune needs to be synced to put songs in? Wow I despised ipods for that sole reason. I would stay away from those kinds of mp3s XD
  16. I just use my phone as an mp3. But I think these are neat mp3s, my friend has one and the user interface is really clean. http://www.ebay.ca/ctg/Microsoft-Zune-30-Black-30-GB-Digital-Media-Player-/56516126?_dmpt=Other_MP3_Players&_pcategid=73839&_pcatid=39&_refkw=zune&_trkparms=65%253A12%257C66%253A2%257C39%253A1%257C72%253A6540&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
  17. Finally tried this game after my friends bugged me enough about it. I was not impressed. Some features are really neat and are improvements over Dota, but I just don't think the gameplay was as fun as Dota. Basically crushed everyone with cs but I still dont have the hang of the heroes and whatnot. When I first played Dota, it was exciting. LoL did not make me feel any excitement... Maybe it's because I do have a bias as I am a Dota veteran...played over 4 years on and off in between, and currently ranked 493th in Battlenet servers. www.dotacash.com
  18. Yeah haha but it came with a free game AND $4 express shipping! ( usually its like $9 ) Should be here tomorrow
  19. Yeah I am hoping the overclock will make some difference in gaming. I only game on a 1680x1050 so it should be fine to run everything. Hell, I was satisfied with my 5770's performance, so it is an upgrade. Just not by much... I'll post a review of what I think of the card after it comes in the mail tomorrow. <3 express shipping for $4 !
  20. ncix.com They are on sale. Such good prices always. I saw that in some cases the 7770 beats the 6850, and I am planning on overclocking. I like the fact that the 7770 is newer tech, and it consumes less power. But then again, for only $10 more I can get the 6850....it was a tough choice but I impulse purchased the 7770 just 5 minutes ago haha. I never had this brand before so I hope its okay: VisionTek.
  21. Decided on either: 6850 1gb - $129.99 or the 7770 1gb - $119.99 Does the 7770's lower temperature give it an edge in overclocking? Which would you get, and is there anything considerably better in the $100-150 price range? Thanks in advance!
  22. Ive always switched back and forth from red to green. Maybe it was the pricing or it was on sale - I always try to get the card with the best price/performance. From 9800pro to 5700 fx, x1950 to 8800 gtx, now 5770 and thinking of going back to team green because this 5770 is crapping out on me after 2 years...I expect it to last me 3 years...like my 8800 gtx did before it started dying. Overall, I think Geforces have served me better, just because I never had to un-do driver updates because it made my performance crappier. Nvidia's new updated drivers performed equal or better for me always (maybe just me?) Well...time to wait for that 560Ti to go below 209.99, and ill jump on it! That 6950 is tempting at 219.99 though.....
  23. Built a budget AMD system for my friend to play Diablo 3 on, and other games.
  24. cough *error 37* cough Haha I feel soo bad for that guy...just imagine what if I was doing this presentation..LOL Id start sweating like a waterfall.
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