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  1. I think I'm slowly getting used to Win 8. Only reason I got it was because it was free for students at my school. I have moved from Vista to 8, but Vista did not give me much troubles like most people tell you. I think same things happening with the 8. And Windows Blue will make it better too, hopefully.
  2. Tell us what the main use of the computer will be? I am guessing gaming since you decided to sell off a mac for it? If it is for gaming and entertainment, then Id lower the amount of ram to 8-16GB, and get a 750W or 850W power supply, from reputable brands. With the extra funds and a bit more, maybe look into multi monitor setups...sound system, new keyboard/mouse as suggested by potatochobit, and you didn't mention any hard drives in that system either. High capacity SSDs will drive up costs fast.
  3. Well im sorry to disappoint anyone who wanted it...my friend actually wants it real bad so I decided to give it to him haha.
  4. Haha yeah I realy want to try this game, but I dont want to deal with Origin. I just heard....bad stuff about it. Anyways, you guys intrigued me! I will hold a small contest for it. In what section would I make such a contest thread?
  5. Oh you're right..it is a mini pcie. I guess I'll get one for now...
  6. Hi, my desktop needs some kind of wireless adapter to use for a couple weeks. I have a laptop with a pcie wireless b/g/n so I want to make use of it. I'm at work right now (hehe) so I can't test it out, but will this card work without the black and white antenna wires that are attached on the laptop? Or will the signal be super crappy?
  7. Hello OCC, I have a free code for the game Simcity on Origin. Got it as a gift for buying A-Series cpu. PM me if you want it!
  8. Damn newegg already shipped it!! If I saw that earlier or check this forum more often (
  9. Whole new rig, Gone from Intel dual core, 4gb ddr2 800, hdd, and 20 inch 1680x1050 lcd to AMD 5800k, 8gb ddr3 1866, ssd, and 21.5 inch 1920x1080 led lcd As imagined, I'm pretty satisfied at what the last 4 years of tech advances have brought me, at much lower prices than years ago
  10. 2 of my friends have Samsung ssds. They have nothing but good to say about it. From my research, OCZ's ssds have been pretty bad in terms of failure rate and reliability issues, but take it with a grain of salt because its just coming from my searchings. Now from my experience, which is with Corsair ssds, they are really great. Only reason I got it over the Samsung ones were because of a sale.
  11. I always just buy a psu that is in the middle zone of good enough and overkill. Just because I want the peace of mind for when my system is older, to take account for capacitor aging, as well other unexpected upgrades or something.
  12. Asking anyone who has had this mouse for a while for its durability, comfort, and just other thoughts? I know mice is all personal opinion but I have used my Deathadder for a long time and just wanted to try a Corsair mouse since I bought a new rig with lots of corsair components in it. I don't play a lot of FPS, but I don't want the M95, too many useless buttons for me. Thanks guys!
  13. Well it was working perfectly fine before so I don't think drivers are the problem. One day, I was curious on what kind of connector the optical drive uses for a laptop, so I detached it and put it back in...and after that it won't work anymore. I DID accidently touch the lens that reads the drive, but it still should spin the disk...or light up or do something. Anyways, I barely use it so whatever. The person selling the CPU on eBay for some reason dropped the price to $8 shipping included, so I went ahead and ordered that too. After all these upgrades, I think my laptop should be snappier in Windows and run Dota2 very well on the current resolution! For some reason upgrading this crappy laptop feels really rewarding compared to upgrading a desktop. Maybe it's because the upgrades are so cheap and the benefits (should be) significant!
  14. Good point...upgrading to that 65nm cpu will surely help me in terms of battery life as well. Just a question, my optical drive will not respond to anything I do. Device Manager recognizes it, but when I press the eject button, it wont respond, and even if I manually put a disk in, it won't spin. Is it dead?
  15. Thanks! I went and ordered the ram XD At this point I'm more concerned about the current CPU's temperature. I never touched the voltages but it seems like it is running hotter than before. Can the temperature of the CPU go higher because I increased the frequency?? 82 Celsius is pretty hot...but it doesnt go any higher.
  16. My desktop got stolen $12 for Turion X2 2.0GHz 1MB cache or $20 for Turion X2 2.1GHz 1MB cache I can OC both of these about +200 MHz without touching the voltage. (Assuming they are just as OC-able as my current one) Both those chips are 65nm while mine is 90nm so it should run cooler too, and maybe better battery life? $25 for an identical Samsung 2GB ddr2-800 ram. I am convinced that this is a good upgrade because when I checked how much memory the videocard uses, it maxes out its dedicated memory and uses ~100 MB of the shared memory. Having identical 4GB of Dual-Channel ram instead of single channel mismatching ram would benefit the videocard imo. Correct me if I am totally off the grid here. Also a good news, I OC'ed the IGP and it is now running at 675MHz from 500MHz stock. It was a BIG bump in performance, as I am now playing at 1024x600 pretty smoothly (I was playing at a mere 800x400 or something before). Now if I can get it to be super smooth in 5v5 fights at this resolution, my goal for this laptop is complete! It crashed at 700mhz though XD
  17. I know, these are basically the only upgrades I am able to do haha @ El_Capitan After googling around for the performance factors that cache has, it appears that the cache size makes a significant difference in gaming but not in benches. Source:http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cache-size-matter,1709.html Can anyone confirm this? And thats a good idea. I didn't know you could overclock IGPs, but after a few googling, found out I can. I will do that tonight and if Im satisfied with it, then I won't even have to upgrade my CPU!
  18. I have a laptop with an AMD dual core 1.8ghz and 512KB cache, and Radeon HD 3200, 3GB ram. I can run Dota 2 with the lowest settings, but I just want it to run just a little bit more smoother. Even 2-5 more FPS would be sweet. Would upgrading the CPU to something like a 2.2ghz and 1MB cache be beneficial to running the game smoother? I think the cache will make a difference in gaming right? My other upgrade suggestion was going to be upgrading the RAM to 4GB, since the IGP uses shared RAM and this would also mean it will run 2x2GB dual channel...but I don't think Dota 2 maxes out my RAM anyways so...idk. Also, does upgrading the CPU kinda boost the GPU side of the performance as well since it is an IGP?
  19. We get free Windows 7 and a discount for Office Home&Student...but I don't know anything about hardware. Or I could somehow get Dota 2 working via a USB Ext. Hard drive and just play it at school. Last time I tried that though, Steam tried to update and then it said I don't have permission.
  20. the problem with their refurb systems are that the motherboards don't have a PCIE slot since they are all small factors... I dont see any hope
  21. Hello OCC, It's been forever since my last login, been busy with school and other things.. So here's my situation.. The PC u see in my sig was stolen a couple days ago. I am currently using a makeshift laptop that's good enough for schoolwork, but as a poor college student, I can't go out more than a few times a month. Dota 2 was my other activity that I do with my friends, and this laptop cannot handle it. Ive been tinkering with the laptop for a bit to the point where things like Office 2010 and other programs are in smooth order. All these parts were salvaged from old laptops that were virtually free. I think I spent $30 on all these upgrades, Turion TF-20 1.6ghz ---> Turion x2 Dual Core TL-50 1.6ghz OC'ed to 1.8GHz WD 5400 rpm 160GB ---> Toshiba 7200 rpm 320GB Broadcom Wireless b/g ---> Broadcom Wireless b/g/n New battery And the system has 3GB DDR2 ram and a Radeon HD3200. So from these specs you can see that it has a hard time running Dota 2, even with lower resolutions. ( I did not try 800x600 or anything below because that's just sad. ) I saw a couple budget systems on Kijiji (a craigslist type site) but they are stuff like Acer or Dell. I don't wanna deal with the crappy PSU they come with, and the motherboards. A used custom computer parts would be the best as I have an Intel Core2 E6700 lying around, and I have a keyboard, mouse, and a monitor. And my budget for this computer is $150. Really can't give anymore than that because I have other bills to pay What would you guys do in my situation? Do you think I can get a computer that can play Dota 2 smoothly on a 17 inch (1280x1024) monitor with that kind of low money? (donations of old computer parts are super welcome..!)
  22. wait...you gave them ALL that info in the application form...??
  23. Well if he has an SSD on the way, it will be plenty fast, no need for a RAID 0 config for the HDDs really...just use it as storage drives which is what Im guessing u were gonna do. I wouldn't bother RAIDing it.
  24. Well, I keep my data backed up once a week so I really don't worry about losing data. I have mine in Raid 0, and have had it for over 3 years with no problems.
  25. Okay yeah I thought so. And if I ever get a new system, I can put this Seagate as my storage drive with the capability of SATA3 and pickup an SSD as well. I feel kinda lazy though to install everything again~~ Especially knowing that I don't get a significant performance boost..
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