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    The Witcher 2

    Oh damn this is the first game I can't seem to play on high... Even Crysis 2 played good on high for my system. I wish I could run this beautiful game on high What do u think needs changing, my cpu or gpu? CPU: Intel C2Duo @ 3.2ghz GPU : AMD 5770 HD 1GB
  2. PC: MP: Sc2 Dota SP: Witcher 2
  3. Crystal disk info doesn't even recognize my disk. Maybe because it's in raid?
  4. So my cousin is telling me that he had similar symptoms before his hard drive died. After re-formatting my computer, it seems to have gotten much slower. Specifically -The startup -The Welcome screen, and transitioning into loading startup programs (virtually none) -Shutdown - I have had 2 blue screens. -Opening and closing programs, windows, music, pictures, everything to do with the "Windows Vista" aspect, OMG just RIGHT NOW, it lagged while I was typing THIS. WOW. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. So is my Raid 0 paired WD drives dying? And just for reference, yes I have installed all my drivers, chipset updates, and all windows updates. quickie system specs: core 2 duo @ 3.2ghz 8gb ddr2-1066 ram radeon 5770 hd xfi xtremegamer 2x wd 250gb @ raid 0
  5. Well despite my current situation, I went out and bought another Antec. 750w gamer series, cuz it was on sale too, and who needs 1kw anyways So the rep sent me an email with an attachment to send with my psu to get a replacement, not a repair which was a relief. I am glad Antec is handling this well ( knocks on wood ). I will post once more once I actually get my replacement which I'll probably sell on eBay or something.
  6. Yeah they contacted me today and I do have to ship it out to them. Whatever, its much cheaper than getting a new power supply...But the problem is that I don't like the fact that this other Quattro 850 might shock me and/or cause an electrical fire...which it almost did. Also, I can't bear to have no computer during this long weekend and I JUST bought Witcher 2 too... I am going to get an OCZ 1000w power supply that is on sale from my local store and sell the Quattro. Thx for the reply guys!
  7. So....I was just on my computer, listening to music and suddenly, my computer shuts off and simultaneously, theres sparks flying out my power supply and then my first reaction is to unplug the power cord which I did immediately. There was a bit of smoke coming out and it smelled like there was a fire. The psu is Antec Quattro 850W bought 3 years ago. I filled out the Antec Warranty online form but I am wondering if I have to ship it to them and all that bull crap? ( I havent got a reply yet) I'm too impatient to wait for one, especially if I have to ship it out with my own money. OH MY GOD im on my cousin's netbook and its the slowest piece of crap ever. Although I hope nothing else got damaged, deep down inside, I wanted to upgrade my C2D setup even though it can play all my games on high settings Computer parts have gotten sooo cheap compared to 3 years ago!! I can probably get an AMD 6 core setup for 1k and it would perform better than my current system. But, it also seems like a good chunk of wasted money considering my system ran great... Anyways thats my little dilemma :/
  8. Interesting..I'm about to get a Xeon proc myself and I'm gonna oc the piss out of it cuz I'm curious how well it can handle more voltages and higher clocks, being a server processor, which kinda suggests to me that its suppose to be rock solid stable in stock speeds? What cooler are you using? I am gonna be using the Coolit evo internal water pump cooler
  9. I guess it really does its job for a 2.5 year old system with 1 upgrade. I think I will keep it for a little longer than spring 2011! But maybe an SSD is in order...I despise long loads with passion. @ SpeedCrazy Haha I dont really have brand preference...except maybe Asus!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. Hmm, so the usb 3.0 isnt a huge deal yet and its backwards compatible too. Ah, those are codenames for CPUs im guessing. Intel is still on top? I always went with Intel but if I am to buy a whole new mobo/cpu combo, i could switch over...isn't AMD's CPUs much more "bang for the buck"?
  11. Hey people. Just introducing myself here to the forums! I've been out of the loop on hardware and everything related to computers in general, but I am now (trying) getting back into it! I have a pretty outdated system now except for the videocard upgrade recently ( I think I upgraded it about 6 months ago). Full spec is on my profile but I will list what is important. Intel C2D @ 3.42ghz 4gb of DDR2 Ram @ 850mhz 3-4-4-12 Radeon 5770 1GB Asus P5K-Deluxe Socket 775 Yeah, so if I want to upgrade to anything new, it's basically building a new rig, seeing how I have to replace the mobo, cpu, and the ram. :/ Good thing is, my pc runs really great right now with Vista 64 bit. The pc is mainly used for schoolwork, surfing the web, and some gaming (Starcraft 2, DoTA, Oblivion) I guess I can post a question with my intro right? Where do I start.... Okay, if I were to upgrade..say...spring 2011, is there anything I need to know before I grab some stuff? Any big changes I should know about? ( EXAMPLE:. in summer 2011, there will be PCI-E 5.0 (lol) coming out, making the mobo/gpu I will be buying completely obsolete.) I heard somewhere that USB 3.0 is out now?? When did this happen...whats the benefit over 2.0? Also...DDR3. Omg. And wtf is this? SSD for consumers??? Wow.. Aynthing else I missed? Haha. Thanks for your time, and thanks in advance for answering these questions!!
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