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  1. Life's been keeping me real busy, but I finally have some time to tinker with my PC and get some upgrades done over the summer. I haven't been keeping up lately, but just how worse is the performance of an APU (say, my 5800k) vs like a FX chip or an Intel equivalent? I bought this APU because at the time I was REALLY on a budget and needed something to play Dota and League. It handled both with flying colors. But now that I have some cash on hand...what do you guys think about the new APU that's supposedly coming out in 2015, Carizo for the FM2+ ? My board isn't even FM2+ so basically my FM2 mobo's socket life ended, and I heard that AM3+ is going to be dead very very soon. So I guess my next option is to either swap over to Intel or wait for the new socket from AMD. Thoughts on the future roadmap for CPUs?
  2. I was wanting a window for my Corsair Carbide 200R, but there were only videos of mods and other things but no option to buy a windowed version of it or anything... but then I saw this: http://www.ncixus.com/products/index.php?sku=90146&promoid=1320 http://www.ncix.com/detail/corsair-carbide-series-200r-window-7f-90146-1320.htm http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=11180AC2605&vpn=CC-9011041-WW&manufacture=CORSAIR http://www.directdial.com/CC-9011041-WW.html/ Part #: CC-9011041-WW So what's going on? That part # doesn't even show up on Corsair's website.. And why does ncix.com, which is probably the most popular site I listed, they don't have it in stock. Damn...I shoulda bought the windowed one. But tempted to buy it anyways and just swap the windowed side panel and sell it for $10~20 less as "like-new". Cuz I totally woulda paid $20 for an option to buy just the windowed side panel.
  3. Yes, C6 should be disabled on most APUs. That thing was giving me troubles as well. I suggested the Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 Pro and the CM Gemini to him. It's upto him now to get what he wants. Thanks all! Off topic: Don't purchase the Asus F2A85-V. Dunno about the Pro version, but this one HATES it when increasing the fsb frequency to overclock. Could not get it stabilized even when given ample voltages to the NB.
  4. What about this? Has anyone had any experience with this cooler? http://ncix.com/products/?sku=42382&vpn=Alpine%2011%20Pro%20rev%202&manufacture=Arctic%20Cooling&promoid=1010 Cheap, comes with pre applied good paste, probably is better than the stock easily, and again, the OC will be either super mild to none. It's his first time switching out a heatsink and I'm in Alberta and hes in BC lol so I can't really supervise him on how to correctly apply thermal paste n stuff. Just a bit skeptical because the price is insanely cheap. @ cjloki, that ones a bit outta his budget. Looks like a good cooler tho! Abit overkill too haha
  5. It's a no name brand, don't exactly know the dimensions of the case, but the rams don't have any heatsinks on it so no problems with that. Down draft coolers don't tend to be that tall anyways, so I would not worry about the tallness or clearance. Stonerboy, that one looks pretty good. I think I looked at that one too. Any comparable ones?
  6. My cousin is looking for a cooler that is better than the stock one for his Sandybridge cpu. He will be doingsome very mild overclocking but the problem is that he has a case that cannot fit tall tower coolers. His case is an old hand me down from me, which has two 80mm fans total. So a cooler with fans blowing down is pretty ideal so it can also give some extra airflow to nearby mobo components. Been looking but would like your guys' suggestions on this! Price should be under $35.
  7. From what I can conclude, it looks like a legit company.
  8. Tightening the screws on the bracket even more allowed for idle temps of 41c! Load temps are is still same. Switched my only front intake fan to top exhaust and reduced mobo temps by 1c. Increased my ssd temp by 4c tho. Waiting on my 3 extra fans...one for the front intake and one for bottom intake, and last one for push pull on my h60. I am quite satisfied with the performance of it, so i guess ill leave it at 4.0ghz. Saw one review of 5800k doing 4.2ghz on stock cooler and stock voltage. Oh well you win some and lose some.
  9. I am pretty sure Corsair's pre-applied paste is Shin Etsu, which is a pretty good brand. I had my load line at medium, (60%) and prime95 got error at 30 minutes. I set that to High (80%) and now it is completely stable. Also gotta take into account I have my igpu side OC'ed as well, but I still do not like these load temps. When I get home I will check if there is anything out of the ordinary, but I am sure I tightened the screws good enough for a nice firm contact. My motherboard gets quite hot as well, since the airflow is not ideal at the moment. 44c after +2 hours of Prime95. Will report back after my second fan arrives, which should reduce my mobo temp for sure, but probably not much cpu temps. And then I'm asking my bro to send my extra 120mm Antec fan from home, and using that as my push/pull config for my H60, which should shave off 2-3c?
  10. Hmm. What are your temps like at full load? And what setting do u have LLC set at? I dont have an ideal airflow in my case atm cuz I ordered a 3pin y splitter and as soon as that comes ill have another fan to help. But still, these temps look awfully high for 1.294v @4.0ghz , its load temp is ~76c but it only spikes to that and usually stays around 70c. Idles at 44c. Weird that it keeps jumping when Prime95ing, like goea from 68c-78c but stays at 78c for only a full second.Could it be due to the new thermal paste that was on the H60? Beginning to think I just got a really bad chip for ocing.
  11. NPs man, I'm not doubting the capabilities of your overclocking. I was just extremely frustrated at the stock cooler at the moment of writing this thread haha. I'm curious at what voltage you have it set at? And I am jealous of the manual mode setting
  12. Nevermind. I am using the top vents as the exhaust. I'm putting one fan at the bottom as an intake, and my new H60 cooler will be an intake from the rear, and I have one intake in the front. Positive air pressure PLUS the natural flow of hot air will hopefully draw hot air out the top. I'll watch the motherboard temps to see if it requires an exhaust at the top as well. But I don't think it will be necessary.
  13. A lil update, I contacted Asus and apparently, the F2A85-V BIOS does not have the option for manual mode for vcore setting, while the F2A85-V Pro does. What a bummer, oh well. I read up on offset overclocking and it does not sound bad. I wonder why they would remove that feature for the non-pro version Also, they recommended me to turn off C6 and PowerNow, which are both power saving features, and CPB is actually the name for Turbo Core in the BIOS. So I turned that off too. I'll give an update on my overclock as soon as my cooler arrives.
  14. Actually after a bit of thought, maybe the fan holes should not be covered as heat rises? I don't know...I want to try and cover it up and compare temps! I\ll cut out a piece of cardboard to test it...that'll be the easiest
  15. Hello OCC. Firstly I want to recommend this case because it was really cheap, and has great features. Really surprised with quality of the case. Now, I want to address some of the flaws of the case by modding it. Not really fit to call it a mod, but could be if done right and cleanly?! Flaw #1, for those who aren't looking to put 2 top exhaust fans on the case, these holes are a problem. Dust can settle in when the computer is off, other crumbs can fall in, causes more noise outside the case, and last but not least, some of the intake airflow escapes through these holes before it even reaches the extent of the rear exhaust fan. To solve this problem I want to just put some kind of material to block the top of the case. Sheet metal would be the best, but that might be too costly?? I want ideas on what material to put here. Bonus if the material can be painted, easily drilled according to the fan holes, and CHEAP. (AKA, cheaper than putting 2 140mm fans on) I was going to write flaw #2 here but seems pointless since it seems too hard for me to do anyways.
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