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  1. Intel Dual Core E7300 3850mhz + AC Freezer 7 PRO | Asus P5Q Deluxe | Galaxy GTX 470 GC 775/1550/1738 | 2x2GB DDR2 920mhz | ExcelStore SATA 320GB + LaCie External 320GB | CoolerMaster eXtreme 650W | Delux Multimedia Keyboard | Gigabyte Laser Gaming Mouse | Samsung T200HD 20" | Unitec 5+1 Surround System And my resolution is 1680x1050.
  2. Hi, I noticed that my GPU load under gaming isnt what i expexted. I tryrd with several games, Operation Flashpoint Red River, NFS Shift 2 Unleashed, BBC2, The Withcer 2... When i play my GPU usage is bewtwenn 40 and 80% and changes a lot... Is this normal or there is something wrong. Becouse i've noticed in some games my FPS isnt quite good for this card. Maybe my CPU struggle the card? GPU - Galaxy GTX 470 GC 775/1750 CPU - Intel Dual Core E7300 ( Clocked 3.85Ghz) I could use some help, thanks, mates
  3. Hello, I've done some trouble and need some help. Ok, I overclocked my brand new Galaxy GTX 470 GC 803/2020/1606 with 1.1v my temp in furmatk and kombustor was 102 degrees but in neavy gaming no more then 80. But yesterday i run kombustor again and when the temp go to 100 degrees the pc shut down and died. I cannot run it anymore with my GTX 470 it just flash for a second and nothing happens. But when I unplug the two 6pins from the GPU and the PC starst, the card runs and the fan is glowing. Ok, now I tryed with my old 4850 GPU. With this card the PC runs but there are big vertical artefacts all over the screen they are like snow dots or something I can explain it... i changed tge motherboard and again the same thing. With 4850 pc runs but there is 4-5 vertical lines which bluring the hole monitor even in BIOS. When i connect again the GTX 470 and nothing, when I unplug the 6 pins and the card runs but ofcourse i cannot get to the system. So, I think i shoudnt fryed or killed the card but maybe the PSU? My card clock was 803/2020/1606 and my E7300 from 2.66 to 3.95 with 1.4voltage is it possible that the CPU Cooler Master 650W died or just something happend and now this PSU is unable to start my GTX470 but starts Radeon HD4850 becouse of lower watt usage? I think if the card is dead during high voltages or freyd it shouldnt start at all. Please tell my that my card is OK but i jsut need a new PSU!? Thanks.
  4. I cant imagine why they will be unable to do that. Especially the DELUX is very good MB!
  5. According to the two Motherboards what do you think? I can get them at the same prize but the DELUXE is pre used...
  6. MSI support answer me, they told me to FLASH the BIOS and gave mi BIOS file, but still the same...
  7. I am going to buy ASUS P5Q Deluxe or ASUS P5QD TURBO and i think i will solve my problem! The card works on another PC!
  8. I contact MSI and waiting for answer. The wierd thing is that i know someone who use GTX460 on P35 motherboard... I am with P43 and nothing! Maybe the brand is the difference his mainboard is Asus.
  9. Do you think if i contact them there is a chance that htey will realease new bios or i just will be sure that i must buy a new motherboard?
  10. No, it beeps different. This beep means "GPU PROBLEM" 1 continous nad 2 short beeps, I saw that in the net. The GTX 470 Starts and works, can the problem still be in the new card? If its dead i think it shoudn run at all!
  11. My Motherboard is old but if the card runs on some other motherboard this will mean that i should buy new one!? Wow, i flashed the BIOS but still the same... 1 continous BEEP and then 2 short ones... "Mainboard: P43 Neo3 (MS-7514)" & Chr(13) & " PCB Version: 1.0 "& Chr(13) & " BIOS Version: V1.A (aka Version: V1.10)" & Chr(13) & " BIOS Date: 9.4.2009 Ј. " & Chr(13) & " " & Chr(13) & " Report stored in your Desktop at: " & Chr(13) & " C:\Users\iNfRaSoNiC\Desktop\MSIHQ_INFO.TXT " ,0,"MSIHQ: Detected by MSIHQ Tool ver: 1.19a") " Thats my Motherboard ... The bios is latest but still very old may that be the problem and just I need a new motherboard!?
  12. I didnt uninstall ATI drivers but can this be realed to the problem of the card? When the Windows is not load? I cannot get to anywhere with the new card jusst "NO SIGNAL"
  13. I will try but i thing i have the latest afterall i will try to flash it!
  14. My PSU is Cooler Master Extreme 650W, i think it must be enough... Yes, i jsut see black sreen with NO SIGNAL on it! I tryed HDMI and DVI (both of them) and still NO SIGNAL! My motherboard is MSI P43 Neo3-F...
  15. My older video card is Palit Hd4850, the monitor is working properly with the ati card which i am using right now. I thing the bios is set to use PCIE becouse otherwise i cannot run the Ati card too... I hear beeps with the GTX 470 maybe i need to change the motherboard but why????
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