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  1. 1+1 = can equal to 1, 2, or 3

  2. Very much agree. i7 are very good at overclocking. Thats a thumbs up
  3. Bro dont u see the h70? Thats a pre assemble Liquid cooling for your cpu.
  4. Do you think that 3 gtx465 will out beat a single gtx580? im talking about performance here in benchmarks. im planning to spend around 500 dollars on graphic card for my new build. right now evga gtx465 is at 160 dollars each after rebate. so i can get like 3 and still be on budget where i can only get 1 gtx580 for around 500 bucks? any suggestion?
  5. Nah bro u need 2 1500w for them. ur wires will start smoking like a kid smoking a cig lol
  6. You can just jump the power supply with a paper clip. works better than plugging it onto some other computer. If youhave no clue how to jump a power supply just search youtube.
  7. Hi BlackShark77. i overclock with my cpu voltage on auto and it works fine. and also in order for 2.8ghz on 8 as multiplier u only need 350mhz fsb. 350*8=2800. but the problem is that u get BSOD at 285 FSB. try setting the voltage on auto and reply on wat happens.
  8. umm are u trying to say that dont mix alumunuim and copper together in the same loop?
  9. distill water is conductive and so is feser 1. theres this video on youtube that a guy tested out "non" conductive coolant and distill water. distilled water actully works better But who cares if its conductive or not, i mean ur not gonna squirt it all over ur system anyways right?
  10. Yea the corsair AX1200 is good. Corsairs got some good power supplies and rams
  11. well i dont think its really that overrated because it did show its power on my machine lol. even my workmate changed from using a zalman 120mm to v8 and he said its good.i guess everyone has their veiw of point. Im planning to change to the swiftech Liquid cooling kit. The swiftech h20-220 ultima
  12. good choice. also if u need a want to know wats a good heatsink. ill recommend u get a coolermaster v8 . its pretty good. my q6600 is on 3.6ghz and folding currently and the temp are at 31c with my room being around 23c
  13. u mean 4.3ghz lol. I've got my Q6600 to 3.6ghz with ease. My grandpas comp with phenom ii x4 965 to 4.0ghz too
  14. srry didnt read signature. and i read somewhere that did say i7 works better with odd multiplier. wish i still have the site on my history =( Thx for the welcoming thing
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