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  1. western digital no long has ISO images. Plus you you has to use 3 party software to make a bootable usb stick. So if your mother board does not support boot to a usb drive you are on your own to try and see if their HDs are bad. Have used them for over 20+ years and is making me think about still using them. Johnny333
  2. I would take the cooler off and clean it and new Thermal Compound. Stock heat sink should be better than that. Also use http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html instead of probe. I think it is better. Good Luck and god Bless Johnny
  3. I have a Asus M4A87TD EVO. I have the cpu x 17.0 and the cpu Bus frequency at 220. Is working fine. But what is the difference between the cpu bus frequency and I have a cpu/nb frequency? When I up the cpu bus frequency it ups my cpu and ram. So I think this is the one I should be using? Right? Or should I be upping the cpu/nb frequency? Hope I am making sense. Thanks and God Bless Johnny
  4. When I am running Prime 95 to check my setting to see if they are OK. Is it OK to use Firefox at the same time so I can still use my PC or will it mess up the testing? Johnny333 AMD 955 at 3.8 and looking good
  5. Sorry I have trouble at getting 2 post
  6. I have a Asus M4A87TD. I am new to OC too. What I did was install Probe II first to keep and eye on the temperature 60C is the max CPU can get so I woul not let my be over 50C under load. I run Prime 95 to test. Then in the BIOS go to Ai Tweaker set the CPU to 16.0(that is stock just type in 16.0 and hit enter) then go to CPU Offset Voltage and type in 0.00000 hit enter. Exit and save. Go into windows start Probe II and see what temperatures for CPU and Mother Board and Vcore voltage are. Mine were about 33C CPU, MB 28C and Vcore at 1.28. With Prime 95 for about 30 minutes it would get to the MB to about 45C(at 15 minutes it would get to 45C and then just stay there so I would stop after 30 minutes) Then if temperatures are ok. Go back and try 17.0 CPU ratio at 17.0. Don't mess with the CPU Offset voltage. Exit and save. Check everything again mine is at 17.0 and 0.000 offset. Now are at that now and mine are CPU 34C , MB 28C and Vcore 1.31. With Prime 95 for 30 minutes 45C. Then just go up at .5 each time(like 17.5 then 18.0) But keep and eye on the temperature and I would let the Vcore go over 1.4 volts. Hope this helps and good luck Johnny333 O if you want to go back to auto just type auto and enter
  7. I just would like a little better cooler and like the looks of the Hyper212+. Do you think it mite give me a little better temperature. Plus at 65+++ it give me something to do. Thanks Johnny333
  8. I have it set to CPU 18x for 3.61 GHz , Vcore at 1.31 volts. My room temperature is 72F. At idle it is CPU 34C and mother board at 27C. Running Prime 95 for 45 minutes it gets to 48C or 50C. But during the summer my room will be 82F so I am looking for a better air cooler. Thanks Johnny333
  9. I have a ZALMAN 9500A now. Would a COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus be better. Thanks Johnny333
  10. Does anyone have this combo Noctua NH-D14 and Asus M4A87TD? Does it block any of the Ram slots and does the backing plat that comes with the mother board work? I have a 955 AMD what kind of temperatures do you get? Thanks Johnny333
  11. I have a AMD 955 MB Asus M4A87TD EVO. I have my CPU radio at X18(stock is X16) ,Dram at 1600 MHz,CPU/NB at 2000 MHz and my Cpu offset voltage at .01. This give me a 3.6 GHz(stock is 3.2 GHz) My temperatures are ideal (with Firefox open) are CPU 34c and MB 27c and a Vcore voltage of 1.32. With Prime 95 running for 30 mins it get to 48-49c. After 15 mins is at 48c-49c and does not get any higher. If I set the CPU offset voltage to auto it will give me a Vcore of .0136 and my temperatures go up about 2c to 3c at both ends. Will it hurt the CPU to run on to low of voltage? Also I have a ZALMAN 9500A CPU cooler would it help that much to get a Noctua NH-D14? Don't have a lot of money right now. Also my room is at 75 f. Thanks and GB Johnny
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