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    CPU : 1090T @ 3.9 ghz
    GPU : 6850 x 2 asus directCU
    DVD : LITE ON x24
    PSU :Corsair 750TX
    COOLING :H50
    RAM :8 GB CORSAIR vengance 1600
    CASE :HAF 932
  1. yamilegend

    How many PC games are you ACTIVELY Playing?

    League of legend, Dota 2, Super street fighter , Mass effect 2 (creating my save file), Hard reset
  2. yamilegend

    GPU: GeForce GTX 460

    Great, how do you feel them ???? hopefully you will be able to enjoy every other game as well
  3. yamilegend


    Send them a e-mail, waiting for tomorrow response since they don't work on weekends. Gonna wait till tomorrow.
  4. yamilegend


    MMM people i have a really weird question, does Newegg search for packages that USPS has left a note since there was no one to receive the item ? or they simply ignore the note and forget about a return ?
  5. yamilegend


    Guys and girls im worry now, cleaning the room i found the socket pin cap that came to protec the sockets T_T it says that it must be place if returning the motherboard...i hope they dont go and return the one i send back just cause us this i know its my fault for forgetting to put it back but i hope that they dont care about it.
  6. yamilegend


    well today i sent the board RMA, guess i wait and see if the next one comes clean or not.
  7. So not long ago i decided of trying a Intel build, i got a nice deal on a i7 2600k and got a z68 fatal1ty professional gen 3 motherboard. Right now im almost regretting my motherboard choice, it looks awesome, good features and of curse the price its of a high end stuff, today my new CPU arrives and the board arrive about a week ago, the board came with a PCI-E slot dead. I'm disappointed that a motherboard of this price get to come like that :S and i was having a lot of hope for asrock and for the motherboard. i have try a few things probably gonna try a few more and if it not working i will call newegg to get it to RMA. if others know something about the issue or your opinion please feel free to comment. thanks for reading.
  8. yamilegend

    I pay for 12Mbps Internet

    i wanna live where you guys live T_T i pay for 5MB $56 and recive worst customer service and only 0.6 MB i wanna blow the company up if i could.
  9. yamilegend

    p67 or z68 ?!

    well guys after reading is like computerEd says there is really no need to go for a $200+ motherboard, however i really cannot resist the black and red either from the ROG motherboards or Fatal1ty ones. i went with the asrock Fatal1ty one the black and red look really sleek, read few reviews about it seems really high quality and that way i can keep the black and red and not have to paid 340 for it. Thanks guys i really like overclockersclub a lot and soon i be reading about overclocking the i7 2600k on the Fatal1ty board as soon as everything arrive by the end of the week. Thanks again.
  10. yamilegend

    p67 or z68 ?!

    was looking today at that one and for 121.99 not bad of curse i also looking if it has a failure rate really high, i also was looking at the fatal1ty one cause...you gotta love those black and red color theme GOD i think thats why im in love with my crosshair formula 4 T_T either way i though all z68 were compatible with ivy if not then i check. thanks
  11. yamilegend

    p67 or z68 ?!

    then if im looking at the z68 wich are some you recommend ?
  12. So i got a i7 2600k coming in about the end of the week, haven't really decided witch motherboard and about the chipset neither in my other treads i finally choose also a SSD upgrade and went the crucial m4 way just waiting on a good deal to get one. i will go from a AMD 1090t and im using the crosshair formula 4, it had serve me really well im very happy with it and it looks so freaking sexy that i love staring at it. i would like you guys to recommend me a good board, one important thing is i run 2 x 6850 in CF. thanks in advance.
  13. yamilegend

    HELP plz

    Ok i manage to get something, in the device manager i unistall the video cards and got it to work somehow i have not try installing the catalyst i will in a moment to see if the problem persist.
  14. yamilegend

    HELP plz

    Ok i have done stupid things i mean curiosity its our best and worst enemy, this morning i for whatever reason bored or just messing with it i disable my main display in the amd catalyst control center. the detected display, my monitor went black screen and when it boots windows it just go to the black screen, now i have tried a few things i attach a second monitor which is my wife and manage to uninstall the catalyst then i use driver sweeper to clean it in safe mode. i manage to get display with only my monitor connected without the catalyst but once i install the catalyst it when black again. so if anyone have been in this situation i will thank you if you know how to put this back together. thanks to all
  15. yamilegend

    Oh dear god, I don't even what is this

    3:21 am here where i live and i read this and god...................plz just let it be a April fools day release MEGA EARLIER or just make it a comedy T_T