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  1. it was with mastercard. i did order the part. i just didnt get the part. does the bbb have any help with this?
  2. okay. last november i was ordering parts for my diy comp build. i oredered a cpu cooler from joorat.com. it is jan 2011 and not only have i not received the part i cannot find the website anywhere nor can i get a hold of anyone from customer service. ive seen where a numer of people are having the same "paid but not received" issues from this company. what do i do now? by the way, i love my comp. i havent oc'd it and dont relly need to. i do need to xnsfer my starcraft 2 and wow games from the old comp to the new one. anyone know the best way to do that? i have an 8 gb stick. thanks:) peace out p.s. if this is in the wrong place, please let me know or move it. i tried to figure out where it shoudl go but since the part was for a system build i put it here.
  3. i uninstalled then re-installed the driver...voila...i gots da internets. unreal. thanks for all y'alls help...ile get a digital cam and take pix of her then right what i did, problems i had and resolutions. thanks again...now off to overclocking.... um...whatsa memset? ile look into that again...i had b4 the build but, when i had network troubles i brain farted the info outta my blob of cranial cholesterol. deuces
  4. ok...usb ports loaded but not the ethernet...wtfo? ok, i looked into loading the realtek ethernet drive but, it doesnt have the right one. i have the realtek 8111e gigabit lan featuring ai net2...but, when i try to find the driver i can only find the 8111c & 8111d versions. will i need to go to the website wth this comp and dl the new driver info onto a cd for loading into mine?
  5. ok...ime a dumb arse but, while i thought i had installed everything...i hadnt...ime halfway thru express gate...so lets see if that works... if it does i suck so bad... cross ure fingers
  6. yes...the modem doesnt have a connection for anything else but the power and the router.
  7. ime not...i had to move the cable to another room (where my new comp is). my roomie and i use comcast with motorolla modem....belkin router is attached....this (roomies) comp works great. according to device manager i have the triangle of death in front of the ethernet and usb. ime trying to troubleshoot why they didnt get recognized upon installation. ime trying to get to bios but the comp is so fast now when i try to get in there the comp is in full run. gotta luv dat ssd:) sorry, for being such a comp dolt... tanks deuces
  8. i saw it but, i cant connect to the internet...what do i do now? thanks deuces
  9. okay, so i built my computer...works great:) but, i didnt realize i needed to have a lan card in the dang thing to access the internet...i know...ime dingy.... anyone have any suggestions? sorry, no pix of the build...i dont have a digi cam or a cam corder that works...when i get the internets going i can try to use the logitech to take a quick pic. rite now ime using my roommates comp. i will, however, write a lovely tale of my adventures in first diy comp building. ile keep trying to look for the info in this forum. thanks deuces
  10. does this mean ime screwed with my sapphire radeon 6850 card?
  11. not that ime an expert but, do u think the 650w psu will be enuff? especially with the intel 900 series? will he oc it? just asking... deuces
  12. sweet pea, is "sk" like saskatchewan...as in canada? if so...i kinda understand how el tigre indirecto cant figure out ure order...lol sorry hun, i feel ure pain...joorat is killing me....at least u know where ure order status is...i cant even find mine:( good luck deuces
  13. joorat absolutely the WORST! they take 14 to 21 business days to get you the part AFTER taking 4 days to get ure charge thru....had i known that prior to theordering i would have gone to newegg and gotten my cooler there...oh wait, i did. ive ordered from tiger direct and its been fine... knock on wood deuces
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