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  1. Noctua one of the best avalaible cooler in the market, read awesome reviews about it but also read that liquid cooling is the most efficient when compared to air. Price is almost same for both.. i am confused between these two things. i have a Cooler master Storm so fitting a H100 is a bit difficult. ready to buy Noctua but second thoughts for water cooling. PS: i will overclock, presently on stock
  2. the lighting doesn't distract gamming in the dark, as the lights are faced down, they dont directly focous on you..
  3. hi there.. well this can be applied to any cabinet having a nice ground clearance, got the LED strip 2 meters was sufficient , also requires some basic solder skills and may be a bit of patience and planning places added LED strips, my cabinet, CM Strom, had already a front fan with red LED, so firstly got the idea of putting the strip beneath the cabinet and it looked very nice. .. but the glow overrides the default lighting system, so had to open the front panel and put some pieces of strip before the fan and that pretty much balanced the overall look, then pasted some to the cabinet door, so that they dont focus outside all my room, instead they just glow inside the box.. here are some pic in darkness and normal operating conditions. before the setup.. after the setup,,..
  4. i guess i shall have to go with RedFury77, keeping in mind the limitations of my current PSU, it shall definitely not have room for 3 cards, well i shall be lucky if i can perform a SLI with the current, any one having the same PSU with a sli config... i admit it will be on the edge.. but i would like to hear from any one..
  5. Yes, i shall have to upgrade for many things.. SSD, psu, GPU, even a carefully planned rig will mess up in near future
  6. i have an option of purchasing a used 550Ti for a reasonable price, presently am on msi GTX 570, i want to use the 550Ti for physX processing. On a Sabertooth,i shall be using on a 8x slot, the other 16x slot is free for a SLI config. some where later in time, i plan to purchase one more GTX 570 for SLI, when the single card doesn't support much of the games. so it it possible to setup 570 sli and a 550ti in physX and is it REALLY worth.?
  7. #000000, i totally understand point 1, its obvious. >3. yes i shall be running on same resolutions. >4. this concerns me now.. how much more power does it use.. cause lets assume in a game maxed out, i get 70 fps on a single monitor setup, then on a dual monitor, mirroring the display will the frame rate drop down or only if i extend the display it will drop..
  8. how good is this one for 1080 gamming and overall thing.. had some other thoughts of purchasing a TV(LED) and using it as a monitor.. but dont know how good it will be.. so finally buying right tool for right thing.. and any more options of a bigger led monitor..? i had seen a dell ultra sharp.. with HIGHER RESOLUTION..
  9. as my signature says.. i still have a gts 570 going good... and am planning to purchase a Asus 27" LED and use it as secondary monitor. can i game on both(another one, 18") using same/different resolutions.. and will the configuration use more gpu or its like sending the same video out on two ports on the card without using further processing.... PS: nothing..!
  10. what is your target resolution, any plans for multi monitors..?
  11. some one wisely said "all thats hyped for gamming doesnt work well " i agree that they do have some really good products like mouse but every thing that they make cant be the best . Yes be it razer or some other company. Will check for pc300 how about CREATIVE AURVANA
  12. thats true mids and highs are quite clear.. But the advantage with inears are you can still listen good music at very low volumes cause of isolation being good. But i think in openears its really hard to get that. And my orca sounds like a pair of portable mini speakers.! Planning to get inear from razer now hope they will be good at least..
  13. get orca with great expectations... but finally when i put them on... they sound not so great.... my creative in ear ep-630 am using for about 2 years still rocks with amazing bass ..... am still confused if the orca needs some burn in....
  14. and one more thing,.. they sound really cheap when compared to my Creative ep-630 in ear... the bass is awesome in that .. dont know it my orca is messed out or it needs a burn in still....
  15. my new orca still misses some bass.. hope to find with the leatherette razer makes for that.. but here in India, cant find one way to get that.. would be really thankful if some one really cooperates in shipping them for me.... of course shall pay you...;D
  16. guys finally decided to purchase an Orca... any final thoughts...?
  17. D5000 is extremely pricey.. instead of spending so much i would rather upgrade my rig... but but.. they seem really good when i checked the price.. is it a 7.1 headset.. like razer tiama??
  18. In Facebook Razer has made an announcement that in North America from 23 September.. still awaiting for user reviews... razer says they are awesome..!!
  19. is it due to the plug system you recommend Orca..? thats good i guess like if the wire gets damaged, can be changed..
  20. thats good:) how much level of noise isolation can be achieved .? Am into heavy traffic .. Can low volume be audible.?
  21. Orca looks really cool to wear it out and the brand is quite good as i know so preferred that. Not primarily for gaming but for music and out door listening... Price range: within 70$ and have to check existance in India.!
  22. Planning to get a orca soon... bu knew that electra with the same price is also releasing this october..! so shall i wait for the electra ..? i could not find a comparison with orca and electra now...
  23. Antec has 2 pairs of that cables.
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