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    Computer System Code Named "Widow Maker"

    Fractal Design Define R5
    Asrock Extreme 4 X99
    i7 [email protected]
    Noctua U14S
    EVGA P2 Supernova 1200 Watt
    EVGA 980ti Classified
    Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB
    16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum [email protected] (OC)
    Asus PB287Q
    Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 600 Ohm
  1. So I tweaked the Asus control panel enabled Dolby Headphone and DH-2 and set it to 8 speakers. Sounds much better. Listening to Gojira is pure bliss.
  2. AllYourF0rt


    Super bad ass game
  3. AllYourF0rt


    Just wanted to tell you guys how badass the new Doom is I'm a seasoned FPS player and I've gotta say this one is almost perfect. It runs quite well on my system. I am running it on max settings at 4k and it rarely drops below 60 FPS.
  4. So I have a 140mm fan. I want to put it in muh case not sure where. I have 1x140mm in the front for intake and 1x140mm in rear for exhaust. I have room for 1 more in the front or 3 on top for exhaust.
  5. I have my 5930k OC'ed to 4.4 GHz. I just installed the Noctua U12s yesterday with push pull fans. I was using the U14s with a single fan and my temps were much better. Thinking maybe I needed to repaste the CPU I just got done doing that. I am using Noctua's paste the good stuff. So anyway now with the U12s installed I ran Aida64 stress test and hit 83c?! My temp right now is 35c which seems kinda high. Am I missing something?
  6. Got the STX installed I am very pleased. The sound is leaps and bounds better than on board!
  7. PCIe #3 on the bottom is open there is so little room since it's next to the PSU.
  8. So I received the STX 2 yesterday. The packaging is top notch. The plastic clam shell keeps the card very secure. Problem is that my HSF for CPU is 140mm and over hangs the top PCIe slot. I have my GPU in slot three which covers the PCIe1x slot. So I have to wait till Tuesday to get the Noctua U12s in..sigh. Then I can put the GPU in slot 1 and install the sound card. I also bought the new Doom but want to wait to play it till I get the good sound going eheh. Since I have this sound card it pretty much eliminates doing SLi now. I'm thinking about waiting till the EVGA 1080 Classified comes out and just running a single card setup for good. Which means I could have saved money on the PSU...
  9. I had the 1500 v2 not a bad headset at all for the price.
  10. I ordered the STX 2 this morning. Going to be here Friday! Can't wait to see how much better my DT's will sound with this sucker. I also needed to buy a keyboard. The one I had was super cheap. Never buy Gamedias. The keys just stopped working. So I got the Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth 2014!
  11. I've heard of people using a card for 10 years... So they mustn't go obsolete that quick.
  12. Is it better than the STX? I'm wary about Powercolor. I have heard a lot of bad stuff about them.
  13. Yeah the STX 2 should be good enough then. It will make my DT 990's sound awesome!
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