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  1. hey thanks for reply, what card would be better than a 4850 for say less than 100 dollars? cheers
  2. Hi guys, I've built two computers before, so I have a pretty decent genreal knowledge, but havent looked into it for more than over a year, so obviously a lot has changed, and I'm wondering if you's can give a hand! I'm going to be mainly using it for gaming, not to major gamer, just want to get back into it, but wanting to be able to play the likes of the CoD games, and Far Cry II say, I use it for college too, so would be using it for databases and programming, I'm studying computing science! Other than that, I will probably photo and video editing occasionally, basically I just want a computer that will boot up fast, and just stay fast during general use. So I was thinking something like: //http://www.imagebam.com/image/b4ace7104352454\\ I always use hardwareversand as and example, as of the layout of the site! But in essence, just thinking i5 processor, 4gb ram, fast hard drive (maybe SSD - if you's could reccomend me one?) dunno about the motherboard, would like one with maybe HDMI so i could connect to TV, but I dunno, maybe someone could advise, as for graphics, I've a HD 4850 which is awesome. Thinking 700-800 pounds max, all in including monitor, can anyone maybe suggest something? just want everything to load really fast, and just work, basically. btw - I store a LOT of files lol Thanks, Tim
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