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    1090T Crosshair IV formula 8gb Mushkin Ridgeback Noctua D14 9800 gtx+ 120gb Mushkin SSD 640gb WD black OCZ 600W Obsidian 800d LG Blu Ray
  1. Mushkin products work great and are very good quality. The ridgeback ram I have overclocks very easily and performs better than anything I have ever used. The 120gb SSD performs great and is also a great price too. It would be awesome to see more colors in the ridgeback ram heatsinks and I would love to see some Mushkin hats!
  2. Finally all finished up. I did order a Lian Li fan bay because the case needs more air coming in. Should help my temps a bit. OC to ~4 ghz 1 1/2 on prime and was stable. The SSD speed is insane. The CPU is hardly tasked and I can do so much without having to worry about bogging the system down. I would say this build is a success. I will get some final pics up later.
  3. Completed my build!~

  4. Took out my GPU and PSU. Update, got CPU installed, cooler installed, GPU installed and PSU installed. Now My SSD and blu ray will finish it.
  5. Well I have installed the motherboard and exhaust fans. I test fitted the Noctua Cooler against the memory and it clears all the dimms just fine. All my wiring for fans and case headers are finished. On Tuesday I will get my SSD and bluray drive. Then I will steal the PSU, hdd and GPU from my old rig and will finish it all up. I am itching to finish. Some pics of the progress.
  6. Well my current rig is 5 years old and I am finally building a new setup. I will be reusing my PNY 9800 GTX+ I bought Dec. 2008, an OCZ 600W PSU and a WD Black 640gb HDD. Everything else is new. Old Rig: ASUS A8N SLI Premium AMD 3800+ x2 Corsair XMS 2gb PNY 9800 GTX+, before that an EVGA 7600GT Tuniq Tower 120, before that stock AMD cooler 250gb and 640gb HDD LG Optical DVD-RW OCZ 600W, before that APEVIA 500 Watt Couple 120mm Fans Cooler Master Elite, before that APEVIA X-Navigator New Rig Asus Crosshair IV Formula AMD 1090T Mushkin 8gb 1600 mHz PNY 9800 GTX+ (for now) Noctua NH-D14 640 gb WD Black and Mushkin Castillo Deluxe 120gb SSD LG Blu-ray drive OCZ 600W Noctua NF-S12B FLX x3 Exhaust Fans Corsair 800D (3 exhaust on top, rear as intake and bottom intake) I have recieved almost everything. Should have the SSD and Optical drive on Monday, then the build will begin
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