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  1. Yup, I have the extra power plugged in and the that's a good observation.. It was a serious pain gettin the extra molex to reach the MB with the Bitfenix build (literally another mm shorter and it would not have reached it).. Anyway, I did some more research and it turns out that the Corsair 600T is perhaps my best bet (as this picture nicely demonstrates - http://imageshack.us/f/819/1002594d.jpg/). Since the RIIIE is not a true eATX, rather just a longer board with normal ATX screwholes, the main requirement from a case is that it doesn't have an indent for the ATX form factor MB's.. So as long there is sufficient space, any bigger mATX case should do the job.. 600T being a brilliant example.. But feel free to give me any last-minute thoughts.. I'll probably go ahead and order the 600T in the morning. lol, answering my own questions =D
  2. Hey guys! So I have an ASUS Rampage III Extreme mobo based system which used to be in a Chieftec Aegis case. After buying a new GPU though (Vapor-x 7970 3GB) the temps inside the case started getting a bit too hot for comfort (mainly due to my superhot i7 [email protected], but every new product with a bigger heat signature adds to this). So I decided to go for a new case and I made it a Bitfenix Survivor - not the best performer but I figured that the size, style and big handlebar for transportation would be worth it. Little had it occurred to me at the time of purchase, that the R3E is an eATX form factor MB (well, not technically since it has regular ATX mounting holes, just that it's a bit longer than normal ATX boards) so I was in for a very nasty surprise mid-Build as I discovered that the R3E doesn't fit the Survivor. Okay, technically it did fit but not as it is intended - the indent for the MB in the case is too small so the extra inches now rest higher than the mounting brackets would allow. I worked around this by not mounting the MB on the 3 rightmost brackets at all and only half-screwing in the middle brackets. Before you even tell me, I know this is a big no-no for the MB, as it adds unwanted stress to the board. SO here's my problem - paranoia! 1) Should I just leave the rig as it is? The build went nicely otherwise and the system looks sleek and stylish because the fit is really ridiculously tight (1mm space between HDD frame and MB edge). I did some heat-testing and benching and the MB seems to be working fine, I'm just scared whether the extra bend in the MB will prove fatal for the MB in the long run. 2) .. OR buy a new case? If so, which one should I buy? I don't like FullTowers and practically no midTowers officially support eATX these days. I did some research and came up with the following cases that I'm thinking about. What I ask of you is comments on experience with trying to fit an extended MB in any of these bad boys: -- Corsair Carbide 500R Corsair Obsidian 650D Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Cooler Master 690II Advanced (don't really like it) Cooler Master Storm Enforcer EDiT: Cooler Master HAF 922 (probably my favorite but also unsure about the extra space for the MB) EDiT: Feel free to add more cases to the list if you think I missed a good contender (600T?) Thanks!
  3. Okay, this is kind of weird but I'm not sure whether it's weird in a good way or not. At first when I got my system built I immediately noticed that my cpu temps are rather high. I was idling with my H70 at around 40-43c and full load (I do all my tests using prime95 largeFFT) got it to ~72-75c. I originally thought that the H70 might be defective but after I tried the system with the Intel reference cooler and got 60c idle 90c+ load I started suspecting my cpu might be one of those 950's that just tends to run hotter. Since getting intel to replace your cpu because its 10c warmer than some others is a total bureaucratic nightmare I started looking into my Auto voltages in BIOS. My Auto vCore was 1.21 idle, 1.3+ load, CPU PLL was 1.8'ish, ICH was 1.22, IOH 1.16 .. So i gradually started lowering the vCore and PLL at first.. This resulted in 1.075 vCore and 1.75 PLL and torture test passed 16h stable with max temp 64c!! Is that something any 950 can pull off or is that a bit wow? I am now testing 1.050 vCore, 1.6 PLL, Bridge volts and all other volts (except DRAM, which is at 1.64) are at their lowest values. Cpu Spread Spectrum is disabled.. Any other hints what I should do? I am planning to get this CPU to like 3.8'ish full stable for everyday use as long as the temps stay under 75c full load so this thread can double as my 950 OC thread ^^
  4. Cool, cool.. so I'll just have some backup RAM should I choose to play SCII whilst running Vuze, winamp, Firefox, WLMessenger, WLMail and spybot & ESETx64 in background which I probably will Also, since it would probably be a 1 answer thread I'll just ask here - do you guys think if I should decide to get a second GPU (so 2x Sapphire Radeon HD5870 1GB), would my PSU handle all the commotion (@ like a maximum of 4GHz clock on the 950)? I will be running on a Chieftec CFT-750-14CS click I'm also putting in 1 128GB SSD and 2x 1TB 7200rpm's
  5. Ok so I've just ordered an intel i7 950 and a Rampage III Extreme motherboard (they were out of Sabertooths atm so I figured hey wth, it's not often I buy new comps so why not make it last).. will be hoping to start the build come friday ^^
  6. Totally agree, as I said in my previous post (at some point) "Be all that as it may, I'm not saying having a Bulldozer wouldn't be totally sweet.. also I'm not saying that right now is a good time to buy high-end stuff" And I'm quite a gullable fellow so it isn't actually all that difficult to talk me out of things So give me your point of view - since you have a comfortable current-gen rig, are you going to upgrade to next gen or will you skip it and wait for the fictional "Sandy Bridge 2 (or whatever they're going to call it)" because your current rig is timeproof enough?
  7. Yeah, I did a lot of thinking on that front and decided that since I've been through a lot of fails very recently on the pc front (first my new rams failed, then motherboard.. now my laptop is starting to die on me) I don't really want to get into another temporary solution which doing what you suggested would be.. And since I'm not really an enthusiastic overclocker (I just do it to prolong my hardwares lifespan a bit) and what matters to me most with pc's is that it would perform very well on games and multimedia, not that it got more points on a benchmark, I'm probably gonna go for a nice and reliable Sabertooth x58 and i7-950 which will be more than sufficient for all games for a few years easy, then when the warranty ends OC the CPU to 4+ =) Besides I already put almost 200$ into a previous gen mobo (Rampage Extreme) and I don't want to put another 100$ or so in another one.. It's just stupid to buy old stuff in a market that completely overhauls itself every 2 years or so.. I know Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge will be out Q1 and Q3 respectively, but i doubt they'll inspire a software-upgrade so vast that it would render an i7-950 useless on the front of high-end gaming. Even if intel is arrogant enough to obsolete their award winning platforms in under 2 years, software developers aren't.. I mean there are what, 3.. 4 games in the world that actually utilize more than 2 cores When it comes to pc-gaming and multimedia and not such IT-territories where 8 cores and 12mb of cache actually have a purpose, such as sound and video editing, servers etc., a 3.6GHz i3 is pretty much powerful enough to let you play anything on 'high' to 'very high' for the next 2 years. So ultimately, when push comes to shove even an i7 950 is total overkill for 80% of the mainstream users who have one and will be for years to come. Be all that as it may, I'm not saying having a Bulldozer wouldn't be totally sweet.. also I'm not saying that right now is a good time to buy high-end stuff - in 3 months I'm betting all the current superbeasts will cost a good third less. So you do make a valid point, however getting a bulldozer in 6 months and rocking it out with a cheap mobo (that i'd also have to buy) until then would still definetly be more expensive than the expansion that I'm planning right now.. Also in terms of usability, Bulldozer wouldn't give me any real advantage over a 950 and 8g of 1600Mhz in the applications I use my pc for.. So you see, getting a reliable and sturdy yet powerful enough system right now is still wiser than the alternative, because goddammit I am a gamer and OC'er (albeit a humble one) and I do want a good computer! So there =D The battery of my laptopt is almost dead and it's 8am after a long nights out working, I'm going to sleep. Please do reply and convince me otherwise Btw, thx for the sympathy.
  8. heh well you could try that with your rig just for fun.. Not that it really matters ^^ Take out one dimm and leave in 3x4GB and run some benches and see if the results are any different than 4X4 =D Pretty much just passing time with this tho
  9. Hmm http://www.computerforum.com/177183-how-would-8gb-4x2gb-ram-work-tri-channel.html check out post #7 .. I wonder if that's true.. If I take out the A2 will it run faster?
  10. Ok yeah I misspoke on my last post.. So A1, A2, B1, C1 would give me triple channel interface?? Wouldn't the DIMM in A2 screw everything up?
  11. thx for the reply El_Capitan (and indeed bobby898).. I'm leaning toward getting a i7 950 for now.. I'm a bit confused about the ram's though.. If i get an x58 mobo with 6 RAM slots (having two triple-channels) and occupy A1, A2, B1, B2 and leave A3 and B3 empty - will it give me triple-channel??? Or should I occupy A1, A2, A3 and leave the fourth one out altogether to get triple-channel? Or should I go out of my way and buy these to get A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3?
  12. So if I bought another 2 DIMMs of the same RAM, I'd automatically go to 2x triple channel? Or if I'd just leave out one of the DIMM's and put my RAM's into one tri-channel that would also work? Edit: i.e. if I bought these in addition - link
  13. Hmm.. I'm going to jump from soc775 x48 to 890GX AM3 or maybe to x58 1366.. You think there could be problems? What was suggested in post#1 was so old I couldn't even relate (didn't read the 5 pages tho )
  14. Hi all.. My soc 775 Rampage Extreme just died on me so I've decided to sell the old faithful q9650 and get a new mobo-cpu.. This has raised a few questions I would like opinions on.. At first I thought that I'd get an AMD cpu after years of intel, mainly because I had heard something about AMD/ATI Fusion and probably got that mixed up with something it really isn't.. So can someone clarify - Will having an AMD+ATI combo have any effects in performance increase compared to Intel+ATI? Then I started looking at the i7's and found that the 950 is kind of in the same price range as is the 1090T and in most benchmarks will beat the Phenom CPU. I'm not looking to do any hardcore overclocking on my rig, maybe a bit later on, should the need arise.. So my second question - which one is better OCable (in terms of simplicity of the process, also stability), a 1090T system or a i7 950 system? I recently bought these RAM's link and since the new components are going to be pricey I will be keeping them for the new system.. These RAM's have Intel Xtreme Memory Profile.. Obviously on an AMD system this feature would not work.. Also, these are not triple channel DIMM's.. Will running them on x58 @ dual channel (2 and 2) make any problems for me? Will the XMP have any performance gain over using them on an AMD system? My final question at the moment is regarding cooling.. On my last rig i used a custom lapped CNPS10X Xtreme but I kind of fell in love with the Corsair H70 instead.. Should I get the H70 for this system, how much headroom will it give me in terms of OCng on i7 950/1090T and would it give me reasonable performance gains over the CNPS10X? Ok, that's all for now, shoot! I realize this post might start a AMD vs Intel war so let's try to keep it laconic and to the point Thx to all for the replies beforehand Also, advice on mobo purchase is also very welcome.. Right now I'm considering Crosshair IV Formula in case of Phenom and Sabertooth x58 if it's gonna be i7.. Suggestions are welcome - I just want i t to be ASUS and would love for it to have SupremeFX X-Fi audio
  15. No sweat MercuryDoun, it's all good.. after all what you proposed was right.. However I am very sad to post that as of now my motherboard has died on me which is a total and indeed an epic FAIL since i had used it only about 2 months.. Without going into further details it works on its side and doesn't when the pc is upright.. I was a damn fool making the risk of buying a second hand motherboard (one built for OC'ng even) without any warranty and now have paid the price.. So since I won't be OCng on this system anymore I see no real reason to keep this post alive.. Probably going to get an i7 or maybe a 1090T.. gonna start a new post here soon.. Thx for everyone who posted and helped me out with OCng.. real sad this happened.. I was just about to get good at OCng on 775
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