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    Pentium Dual Core E6500 2.93GHz @ 3.2GHz (273x11) 30~60c
    Kingston VR PC2 6400 (2x2GB) matched sticks, CL6 @ 1.9v
    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB GDDR3, HDMI, PCIe x16
    Western Digital 500GB SATA HDD (WD5001ABYS-01YNA0)
    Gigabyte G31M-ES2L Rev. 2.3.
    Antec EarthWatts 430 Watt PSU
  1. LOL! Thanks for the replies guys. I was a little buzzed when I shot off that rant, was talking about my new setup. I also noticed I still have my old sig with my old rig, I completely forgot I had it on there. My new hardware is actually OK and pretty fast too. I am actually impressed that the hardware in my box is OC'ing as good as it is! I'll have a new sig up in a few. Just recently upgraded my cpu, ram, video card and hdd. So all in all it will get me by for the next few months, lmao. Hell I can play Crysis 2 on medium to medium high settings even though my CPU is below the recommended. Never drops below 20 FPS when there's hard action in game. Usually runs at an average of 30-40 FPS without AA & AF. I can max the original Crysis maxed out at 1680x1050 with average frame rates at or around 30-40, dropping down to 25-ish when in firefights and the likes. Anyway here are my new specs... Pentium Dual Core E6500 2.93GHz @ 3.2GHz (Stock cooling is actually doing quite well!) 30c idle, 60c under load. Will be upgrading soon, of course! Thinking about a like-new Zalman CNPS7700-ALCu from a friend of mine for a whopping $10. Kingston ValueRam 4GB PC2 6400 (2x2GB) matched sticks, CL6 @ 1.9v (Will be upgrading ASAP) Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB GDDR3, HDMI (Had the Asus 4850, 512MB version with the bad reference cooler and it went tits up! -$100) Western Digital 500GB SATA HDD (WD5001ABYS-01YNA0) It's an okay drive, had 2 and one died. Traded some guy an Evga GT 430 for them, told me they where the Black Edition's when the only thing black about the where the labels. My fault but oh well, WCYD? Gigabyte G31M-ES2L Rev. 2.3. Nice little board, will be using this in my "Hackintosh" when I get around to upgrading. Antec EarthWatts 430 Watt PSU, 80+ Gold, yadda yadda. It's a pretty decent unit, will hold the fort for a while. Prime95 stable for the last 2 hrs. ...So far, so good! BTW my case, as some ppl are aware is an older Gateway E4300 workstation case. It's actually a pretty nice mid ATX case, roomy, solid, tool-less, 2x 80mm rear fans, loud as a Eureka and its all black and doesn't look half bad.
  2. Well what do you guys think? I mean I only get so much money every month as I'm on disability. And I don't see any i5's or i7's in my future anytime soon. After seeing how affordable DDR3 and AM3 Athlon's are going for these days, I'm seriously just thinking about Craigslisting my whole setup, minus the video card. I thought at the time what I bought was still "future-proof" but I was mistaken. I guess being out of the PC game for so long made me impulse buy and that was a mistake, I feel. I didn't do the proper research and whatnot and now I'm feeling the aftermath of it all. I feel like such an idiot and I am constantly kicking myself in the arse about it. I guess this is lesson learned. Sure my computer performs great but I don't want great I want super-awesome-great for what I get. It may be a pipe dream but who knows. This is my rant and sorry if it's in the wrong forum but hey the topic is processors, motherboards and memory so, eh?
  3. As far as case fans go I'm pretty much covered on that one. I am thinking about getting an Antec Sonata Proto case, I've always liked the look of these cases.
  4. Well my case is a gateway, nothing inside is gateway. And as for the stock cooler I seem to be doing good so far @ 3GHZ although I'm sure I can get allot more when I get my new cooler. And as for the video card I have it tuned via overdrive in the ccc. Seems okay so far, ran furmark for 30 mins with no apparent problems.
  5. I made a day of it last month lol! Man did my eyes HURT!
  6. It's been a while but I'm ready to start milking my hardware for all it's worth! All new hardware and its beckoning to be overclocked. When I started out this past summer I believe I had an old P4 HT 2.2 or something or other. Just wasn't stable, no matter what I did. Well folks here are the new specs of my rig and for now, I am happy with my current setup. CPU: Pentium Dual Core E6500 2.93GHz, LGA775, 1066FSB, 2M Wolfdale (Stock cooler, unfortunately I broke my good one) MOBO: Gigabyte G31M-ES2L F1 Rev. 2.3 (Will be upgrading soon, going the CrossFire route) RAM: Kingston 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2, 800MHz, CAS 5, 1.8-2.0v dual channel kit VID: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB GDDR3, PCIe x16, HDMI etc. HDD: 1x 500GB WD Caviar Black, SATA, 1x 160GB Seagate Barracuda, SATA PSU: Antec EarthWatts 480 watt power supply (It does the job quite well but will need to upgrade sooner or later) Specs may not be %100 accurate but you get the idea, lol. So lets get this party started! Not really all that exciting but hey for a broke butt like myself this is as exciting as it gets! I'll be posting some results after I do a few stability test and so on and such. If any1 out there has had any positive or negative experiences with a simular setup to what I got I wanna hear from you! Thanks to everyone who helped me out in the past and happy overclocking!
  7. 200+ degrees (F) under full load? I don't smell ozone, lol eh... I think the max reading was 94c.
  8. Thanks! I'll try to keep her ticking as long as possible, lol!
  9. A bargain INDEED! I'm going back on the 1st to see if I can nab one of their 20 dollar LCD screens.
  10. 3.262 GHz, 932 FSB (233x14) 1.328 volts lol. Running Prime95........ NOW, GO GO GO!!! 51c a little too high for my liking. Time to plug in my noisy case fan I suppose. Update! Went for a smoke and came back to TMPIN0 Temp @ 94c (201F) in HWMonitor, WTF?
  11. Well my temps are looking good. 35c Idle 43c under load. I'm going to up the FSB to 233 to start, Prime95 it for a few then maybe on to 240. Will update for kicks. Voltages are auto managed by my mobo so we shall see how that goes too.
  12. LOL! This little guy has taken quite a bit of abuse from me the past 3 weeks. I'm surprised at the performance (or lack thereof) But it will keep me satisfied until I get paid.
  13. I have one on my P4 and man those push-pin thingamajig's are a biotch! But I had to install the cooler with the mobo out on a table. I found it easier for me.
  14. My P4 520 is chugging along at a merry 3.15 GHz (225x14), as apposed to the stock 2.8 GHz. I'm itching to ->)squeeze(<- as much juice from this CPU till my next payday. Any recommendations as to how far down (or up) the rabbit hole I should go? So far this is the fastest OC I've yet to attempt on this one.
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