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  1. SpeedCrazy, hermes09 - thanks A little update, I reamoved the slower pump, and do a little cable job: http://www.pohrani.com/?3a/Ko/tfGAFlP/img3726.jpg http://www.pohrani.com/?t/F0/4MA8RnaD/img3728.jpg http://www.pohrani.com/?1n/6E/3MgTsa9e/img3729.jpg http://www.pohrani.com/?3D/Ym/3RwWqdd6/img3731.jpg
  2. malmsteenisgod- Thanks for the explanation.
  3. Update: I put components in the case. First pic is my old Bfg block, I screw fitting too much and plexi cracked, next is Ek 280Gtx block adn cleaning. Sleeve under Uv light: The sponsorship packet arrived, big thanks to C. Schultze and Aqua Tuning team: Thats all for now, any comments?
  4. Is is almost done, I still have to put metal parts, I put 2 hands of paint. Some tries of engraving, I didnt decided yet will I engrave on the plexi, If I will it would be this picturelink Sorry for my bad English.
  5. slick2500 can you explain a little more on what you mean, I think I didnt realized the point, do you think that I dint have to paint at all or ?( sorry I'm not really good at English ) Update: I put another hand of paint. Pics: Power buttons, parts which are going to cd, middle box: Interior: Back, front, upper part: Side page: Another thanks to my sponsors:
  6. Hi people. Hire is some mine project. I am building case of wood. Size: 60 X 54 X 30 cm ( height, length, thickness ) The colour of the case is black with orange details. Hire is some pics: Wood for the case( radiator, psu, pump , hdd will be at the lowest stage and mbo and reservoar will be upper ) Back, left and right side Painting: Sleeve( 8 pin for gpu and mbo ) and radiator( I used something like carbon stickers ): Components which will use: Mbo: Asus p6t sw S1366 Cpu: probably i7 920 Ram: Kingston Hyperx 1600MHz 3GB Gpu: 280GTX +Water cooling. Thats all for now. Big thanks to my sponsors: Sorry for my bad English.
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