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  1. Resolution is how detailed the image looks. Higher resolution looks better at a closer distance. Refresh rate is how many times the image is updated on the screen. When the image is not smooth there is a bottleneck occuring. Things are changing in game faster than they are being shown on screen. Refresh rate is closely linked to FPS. FPS is how many images the PC makes, so that if you only make 60 FPS then 60 Hz is all you need.
  2. What model laptop is the system in? OC'ing is done in BIOS, software or hardware (with electronics knowledge) i.e extreme OC'ing. To just have some gaming fun while you wait for a new PC, try to lower the graphics settings to make the game playable. Resolution will have the biggest impact.
  3. In the past I looked into getting better performance fans and comparing the 8 cfm improvement per fan the outcome would be like adding an extra fan and getting a few degree drop in temperature.
  4. Filters change the fan curve and lower the CFM flow. Every user is against filters. I don't use them, but in certain work environments it would be helpful. I think the filters in the cases are to restrictive though, at as seen in reviews. To use them and get 44 c temps you would need to compensate for the reduced CFM by adding more fans. The fan could even be doubled and work as a booster fan, but this does not boost the flow 100%, so it is wasteful.
  5. Water cooling will give you lower temperatures and therefore, higher overclocks.
  6. An extra fan blowing towards an exhaust fan is a waste. Use that extra fan as an exhaust fan. I hope there is enough air entering the case for two exhaust fans though.
  7. Overclocking involves increasing the system settings one unit, stress test that component, and monitor the temperature, and check for system errors. When you reach a high temperature or error, go back one unit. This way the system gives the maximum performance. Research other people's overclocking attempt on overclocking forums.
  8. A tick that is head crashing into the platten will damage both the head and platten.
  9. It could be that the fan is not mounted properly. It may need to be clipped back in to place. You should interpret the trim it off as sand it down a bit, so that you do not trim the blade off and lower the airflow through the fan.
  10. I am on the POWER camp with EVGA, use two cables, but I would add to make the cable PRETTY.
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    New Forum ??

    Those online are not listed at the bottom anymore. Which is OK, but I will not be giggling at familiar names anymore.
  12. The M2 drive has bad blocks affecting the average write speed reported.
  13. You mentioned the VGA board fan PWM had stopped working, so I would not trust the software reported fan speed. To verify the damaged PWM, connect the fans to the VGA card and at idle the fans will be slow and quiet and under stress, fast and loud. Make sure to turn off any software fan profiles. The fans can be connected to the power supply and run 100% always. The fans can be connected to a fan controller and manually adjusted. The fans can be connected to a 10k rotary pentiometer and manually adjusted. I would add that the Gigabyte heatsink can cook a higher wattage than the Asus because of It's size. Therefore, I would bet that the broken fans also blow more air than the replacement fans. Just compare the size, number of blades, the thickness of the fan, and the amperage and know that the bigger compared item will move more air.
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