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  1. sticknstone

    Lighting question

    I do not see magnets mentioned. I am unsure if the case is aluminum or steel, but fasten the light to the magnet and it could easily be moved when in the way from any upgrade.
  2. sticknstone

    Water Cooling Issues - Radiators/Fans

    Just a tip running electronics with water on them could short them out. It is best to dry all the water possible with towels etc... then let the electronics sit for a day to let the water which could not be dried up dry.
  3. sticknstone

    pentium D 925 overclocking

    I tried to stabilize a 16x multiplier with .15 v on this amd system only it didn't work. At .1v the temps reach just less than max cpu temperature. With the d 925 at a .16 v increase how is the cpu temperature.
  4. sticknstone

    Phenom 955 to FX 6200

    Looks like a free cpu to oc, but which one stays in the system is up to you.
  5. The search of that bsod code states the reason could be hard drive space, driver, or bios problems. A 755 socket is an old system. The psu is three years old. I am leaning toward the bios being the problem and would suggest a new bios battery.
  6. sticknstone

    BIOS not have multiple adjusting

    I guess that is an amd cpu. Twenty hertz increase on the fsb is excellent. Good overclock. The system can't boot because it is not stable running on 100 hertz increase. Go as high as the system will allow or any where from stock to the highest allowed (operating stable). Don't forget to do the increases in small steps and to use stability test software to ensure the system is working well. Keep an eye on the temps. All the best!
  7. sticknstone

    OC I7-3960x C2 & ASRock X79 Extreme6

    Not when there is fire. hahahaha
  8. The hardware which was stated in the bsod as giving the error should be checked. To verify the hardware is malfunctioning. What was in the bsod?
  9. sticknstone

    My first time overclocking pls help

    The hardware in that system will most likely not oc, but perhaps on the next system purchased look out for an intel "k" edition cpu or amd black edition cpu (current overclocking feature enabled cpu's), a motherboard with an adjustable front side bus (fsb) clock (at a minimum), adjustable voltage for cpu, north bridge, and memory, and adjustable memory timings. An entry level motherboard will have a minimal overclocking features such as fsb adjustment. A mid-level motherboard will have adjustment for north bridge, cpu, and mem. The top end motherboard has a larger power phase system, full adjustability, and has power, reset, post code display, and diagnostic leds. I guess at least take a look in the bios for a screen titled "cpu pnp setup" and set "cpu over-clock" to enable and adjust the "cpu frequency" (this is the fsb or base clock). What pages are in that bios?
  10. sticknstone

    wrapping up WC loop.

    Use a jig to shape the piece. A full jig or half a jig and turn the piece. In shop class I remember the teacher using some heat equipment maybe 18" x 5" x 6"h with a taper to bend a piece of acrylic resting against the equipment. The acrylic eventually bent down on its own and the teacher removed the piece. I never bent any acrylic because I decided to make a pen and pencil holder. I used acetone or acetate? to bond multiple layers of clear acrylic and sandwich them with white for the base. I remember being surprised at the bonding fluid which had an appearance like turpentine and was not sticky. I remember asking the teacher if this was the right container. The pen and pencil parts needed screw holes so I simply drilled the size I needed in the base only the exitting side of the drill hole chipped. To avoid this drill a smaller pilot hole through and then turn the piece and drill the hole part way then turn and drill through. I know from wood cutting masking tape works but unsure about acrylic.
  11. sticknstone

    wrapping up WC loop.

    What is the problem with the acrylic bending? Have you searched acrylic bending? 1. bottleneck 2. increase flow, maybe different plate, thicker o-ring 3. the top just increases flow, the 355 has a higher flow stock, did that comparison have identicle setups
  12. sticknstone

    Low noise mini tower CPU cooler

    The right cooler will need to be of equal or greater surface area and cfm airflow than the stock cooler. The shuriken with the sheet metal assembly cooling surface above may have a slight greater surface area in a slight smaller sized heatsink compared to the stock cooler. The shuriken has three heat pipes which is not found on the stock cooler. The pwm fan range at about 10 to 30 cfm will operate with sound at about 10 dba and up, so that the benefit of the silent fan operation will be heard at idle or little load on the cpu. This heatsink is giving slightly better performance as far as I can see compared to the stock cooler. For a cpu mainly running under 50% load the choice would be the shuriken, but for a cpu mainly running over 50% load the choice should be the andy samurai. The samurai is twice the size of the shuriken resulting in it being able to hold a far greater heat from the cpu. The fan runs at a single speed with a dba about 20 or whisper sound level. At about twice the fan airflow of the shuriken (considering it similar in spec to the stock cooler) I estimate about a degree temp rise in the room over the stock cooler (under heavy load for a long period of time). The samurai under little load will operate with silent operation despite having a three pin fan connector because the mobo cpu fan header is a four pin fan connector.
  13. sticknstone

    Reason number 475000

    Was the dye used a paste type which was squeezed into the loop? It does not look as if the dye was mixed into the fluid. Blocking all those pins will reduce the cooling surface area they create. Did the pump upchuck some object that it sucked in? Maybe stirring the dye and fluid before filling is a better idea.
  14. sticknstone

    Finally - Last One is Gone!

    Reading this and thinking of parents who say "They grow up so fast and then they are gone." makes me laugh.
  15. sticknstone

    Sound card making noise

    I have had three different models of sound card and have never heard pops because I power up my pc. I am glad I never owned a xonar sound card. hahahaha It may sound normal to some users, but it doesn't sound normal to me. Normal for the card. hahahaha
  16. sticknstone

    Making a scrapped subwoofer work with PC

    I hooked up a speaker box I had made to my sound card quite a few years ago when I still had the speaker box with that cable. I purchased the cable at the dollar store. The speaker box was not amplified as that sub is, so the sub will sound louder.
  17. sticknstone

    How often do you visit OCC?

    Once a day for news, and multiple times per day when posting.
  18. The overseer uses the bottom of the case as an air intake for the psu, must be placed on a hard surface even when the case is placed on the carpet. Eventhough the case feet are looking high I don't know if their will be enough space between the carpet and the case bottom. The case even uses a 120 fan beside the psu which will need the space for air flow. The front fan is attached to the drive cage which because of this restriction will decrease the air flow, so adding an additional side fan will be of a benefit. The big boy fan is too loud for this case. A better 200 fan choice is the megaflow 19 db is quiet, but not silent. The fans of the overseer are silent. 120 fan choice SilenX Ixtrema Pro Bl├Žser, or Silverstone FM121 (Sort). Before adding fans to the case see the temps the case gives at stock cooling, and when more fans are installed the lower temps will justify the purchase.
  19. sticknstone

    Having some issues.

    1. Check the tims. My 6970 paste is like a rock. The pads on the mem and v mos where in good shape. My mobo cpu v mos pad was excreeting sticky liquid, and the nb paste was dry and cracked, the sb pad which is not sticky on the contact side with the chip stuck onto the chip in one area on removal of the heatsink, the cpu paste was dry and wet like a zebra pattern. With tims in these conditions the sys is not running optimally. oc pushes the tims to extreme performance and they need greater maintenance. 2. Try to copy a small (maybe 1mb) file and see if the wait is identicle. 3. The drive is finished
  20. The gigabyte board in this sys uses an ide and sata drive chip just as the asrock in that sys. Check the bios and enable the ide chip, I think the sata type will need to be set to native ide because I am not sure if both the ide and sata can work in different modes. This also means the sata drives would operate at ide speeds. This is how I had the settings in bios when I was using an ide hdd and cd drive. Later I ran an ide hdd and a sata blu-ray drive in ide mode and it worked till my hdd upgrade to sata. After the bios adjustments the standard cmos screen should list the drive. IDE tech is old and if a board doesn't include it ok, but I still use a 9 pin printer on the lpt port of this sys only for rebate printing (thankfully) because my lexmark inkjet printer was discontinued after a few years and therefore there are no win7 drivers. I don't see why there are no generic drivers. What a waist of tech!
  21. sticknstone

    90sgamer's new rig!

    What is tim paste curing then?
  22. sticknstone

    90sgamer's new rig!

    How was the tim cured? I am itching to try a hair dryer to cure the next tim I apply because I see the way the stock heatsink tim is looking and the way the tim I put on is looking, and the comparison makes me think the tim I apply is not dry yet. Do you think you would ever mod the tim under the cpu heat spreader? There are high performance tim sheets about 60mm x 60mm that adhere to the surface being cooled.
  23. sticknstone

    New Ivy Bridge Rig

    ohh noooo! no leds, what? epic fail (just joking) excellent build, one of the best builds on occ. pssss don't show hornybluecow or the $70 he spent is going to make him even more sick. mjcro great end of work day video clip.
  24. sticknstone

    Watercooling build.

    The first chart with the mx-2 tim is the chart to compare waterblock performance independent of tim performance. The best performing block is the one with the lowest temp. The second chart is the temp vs flowrate comparison which indicates that as the pump speed is increased and therefore the gpm also increases the temp will decrease. The other part of the waterblock charts show the temp effect of various tims. The best pump is the one with the most pressure to overcome all the restrictions in the loop. As an example lets say that the sys was being designed to operate at 1.6gpm with a 10c delta, the DD d5 pump @ 1.5gpm 4.28psi - ac rad @ 1.5gpm 0.43psi - ac kryos hf @ 1.5gpm 4.8psi = -0.95psi which means the d5 does not have the needed psi to sustain this level of operation. The system will use all the pump pressure and the flowrate will drop down to the level where the pump has the pressure to move the fluid around the loop if possible. The cooling capacity of the system will deminish, and the delta will increase. Another pump could be used to boost the sys pressure and maintain this operation. Also the pump pressure will be used up in moving the fluid through the tube and the fittings, although I have not seen any pd (pressure drop) data on these components.
  25. sticknstone

    Watercooling build.

    The aqua rad has the higher surface area because of its three row of tubes, also the tubes are made of 90% copper which has better cooling ability than brass on the thermochill.