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  1. A tick that is head crashing into the platten will damage both the head and platten.
  2. It could be that the fan is not mounted properly. It may need to be clipped back in to place. You should interpret the trim it off as sand it down a bit, so that you do not trim the blade off and lower the airflow through the fan.
  3. I am on the POWER camp with EVGA, use two cables, but I would add to make the cable PRETTY.
  4. sticknstone

    New Forum ??

    Those online are not listed at the bottom anymore. Which is OK, but I will not be giggling at familiar names anymore.
  5. The M2 drive has bad blocks affecting the average write speed reported.
  6. You mentioned the VGA board fan PWM had stopped working, so I would not trust the software reported fan speed. To verify the damaged PWM, connect the fans to the VGA card and at idle the fans will be slow and quiet and under stress, fast and loud. Make sure to turn off any software fan profiles. The fans can be connected to the power supply and run 100% always. The fans can be connected to a fan controller and manually adjusted. The fans can be connected to a 10k rotary pentiometer and manually adjusted. I would add that the Gigabyte heatsink can cook a higher wattage than the Asus because of It's size. Therefore, I would bet that the broken fans also blow more air than the replacement fans. Just compare the size, number of blades, the thickness of the fan, and the amperage and know that the bigger compared item will move more air.
  7. A laundry tub accessory that would be ideal is a three foot garden hose with the one end simply hose. Don't know the cost, but the loop could drain in the tub and you could use hot water to flush.
  8. First arrangement would benefit from a top rear exhaust fan to lower the GPU, VRM and case temperature. The second arrangement would benefit from raising the case off the desk to decrease the bottleneck from the gap between the desk and case. Decrease the CPU temperature, looks like by two degrees, by adding three radiator booster fans. The third and fourth arrangement would benefit from having a side top exhaust, so that the air entering does not simply get exhausted out the top. Best cooling happens when the air flows over the components being cooled as in Bottom Intake And Top Exhaust, or Front Exhaust And Rear Intake. The bottom gap in the third and fourth arrangement I would raise the computer higher whenever I place fans there to get my money's worth, and get whatever it gives without fans.
  9. The use of a hot air gun to bend that small plastic when your heat is generally applied over the surface is going to fail to make those straight line bends. You would benefit from an electric resistance wire device that is used to bend acrylic. I used one in shop class back in the day. I am sure you would put it to good use. Alright motor turns!
  10. I had an issue not related to the OS that caused a random pointer glitch/shake. When the usb cable of my drawing tablet rests on the tablet it can create a glitch/shake of the pointer.
  11. Try to add a desk fan for cooling the laptop when overclocking. Whenever better cooling is added the performance achieved is better. Laptop coolers are a base with two fans under the laptop, or just the desk fan on the left or right of the keyboard aimed downward with something that raises the laptop say 1/2" so that the air can blow under the laptop as well as above. A thick marker is going to work, as a test, when placed, under the laptop, along the front and back edges. A permanent solution would be those 1/2" rubber feet that stick on to the bottom right next to the 1/8" rubber feet that are standard on laptops. Take a look at turning the graphic settings down in the game. I am not familiar with the game, but there may be a high, medium, and low graphics setting. Hope you have fun with the OC and the game.
  12. Just hoping for the best for you! For low loads and low temps not all fans are needed, but use them all in high loads and high temps. Cars are the same, one fan always runs and the second kicks in with high loads.
  13. Computer components temperature increase and the corresponding auto fan control rpm will increase in unison. Motherboards have CPU and System fan headers Check your connections Happy oc'ing
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