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  1. The Frostbite engine actually has the capability to use more than 4 threads. That's the only one I can think of...
  2. Acceptable for whom? Many GPU's begin producing artifacts after 85C. Some even as low as 80C.
  3. Your temps are super high for a 7600GT. In fact those temps are super high for any graphics card. It should never idle at 70C, or see load of 95C. Most 7600GT's would top out around 70C load. First thing is pull that sucker out and make sure you fan is working. Unless your 7600GT is a silent model (no active cooling, no fan). In which case I highly recommend ditching a passive cooler for performance applications. Make sure all the dust is cleaned out of the heatsink and you may want to pull the heatsink off and reapply some thermal paste. Applying some Arctic Silver and remounting the Heatsink should make a noticeable difference. To take things further you could try adding a different heatsink altogether, either aftermarket or a larger OEM heatsink from another card.
  4. Well considering I just replaced my 720 BE with a 965 BE, and my HD 4890 still slices through games at 1680x1050, I'd say a monitor would be next on my list. I do love my 22" LCD though. But a 24" 1080P would be perfect.
  5. Say what you will about the Beta, the facts are BC2 is VERY well multithreaded. Quite possibly the heaviest CPU reliant game we've seen. A simple google search pulls many results of people talking about and experiencing CPU and GPU bottlenecking.
  6. There are plenty of sources that prove more cores = better for Bad Company 2. Just look at how the load is distributed across an i7 980x: Here's some results from a member on overclock.net when compiling a dual core vs quad core in gaming. This was back when BC2 just released in BETA form which is even more of a testament to how well it likes more cores.
  7. Honestly, the Content Aware feature is really nice, but its not perfect. It simply uses algorithms to calculate the pixels nearby and it constructs based off what percentage of content is nearby. It really works best when you have a consistent pattern throughout an image.
  8. BF Bad Company 2 is heavily CPU dependent. Its one of the few games that likes more cores. Probably one of the most multicore dependent games out currently. Slap a quad in there and you'll see your frames jump up considerably.
  9. I think its an error code added with the later BIOS revisions. Which BIOS are you running? Try resetting the CMOS like Waco said. Put everything back to stock and check stability. If clearing the CMOS doesn't work, try pulling the battery, unplugging the PSU, hold power button for 30 seconds+, and/or just leave the computer like that for 30 minutes or so. I've seen where it takes up to 30 minutes or an hour for the capacitors to completely drain out where the board will let you boot again.
  10. No real difference whatsoever on your 3D benchmark scores. However, in real world usage, a good SSD literally feels like you doubled your CPU power. Its amazing how much a modern desktop is just waiting on the hard drive to feed the data to the CPU. Buying an SSD was one of if not THE best upgrade I've ever done to my rig.
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