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  1. You guys ready to move to the moon? I am packing my things now.
  2. Not the best photo's(room is to wide). Partsexpress is your friend.
  3. Welcome! Take a seat and relax.
  4. Do you want our opinions on how to fix it or are you just posting in old threads for the fun of it?
  5. Put a pair of Silver iris speakers next to your monitor. You won't be dissapointed. If you have to go for one of the sets you suggested i vote for the Logitech's.
  6. I buy used off Amazon depending on how much cheaper it is.
  7. You can use my swiss army knife. More fun!
  8. If you do leave you should go out with a bang. It's more fun that way.
  9. Why leave when you could stop posting? Then just post when you think the time is right. I have been here since about 04 and look at my post count.
  10. Bioshock Soundtrack The Jitterbug Waltz - Fats Waller I am addicting to everything Bioshock.
  11. Sweet now instead of having the torture of going to wal-mart and seeing this people I can just look at them on the internet! Woo
  12. Seeing how you guys are posting Star Trek pictures i thought i would do the same.
  13. If you are into sport pictures like that just go here.
  14. Sorry to post in such an old thread but i thought you might want to watch this video and it seems pointless to make a new thread just for said video. Edit: Another video that might answer some peoples questions.
  15. Sorry i never replied back. Turns out it was a bad stick of ram just as you guys thought. Thank you all for the help. Peace.
  16. Sweet! I hope it's a true reboot of the franchise and not a mechassault kind of title.
  17. Woops did not see that there is already a post about it. Sorry.
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