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  1. Not sure of the life of LCD's(i am sure they are higher) but my panasonic plasma claims 100,000 hours till half brightness. Just like lcd's, plasma's are also getting better and better.
  2. I prefer plasma myself due to the increased viewing angles and fast response times. Sorry no options for OLED or CRT. Want to keep it to plasma and lcd only.
  3. Going to school for Diesel tech. I know it's odd. I plan on moving to being a technician for electric cars when they start to hit it mainstream.
  4. 1. Little Big Planet 2. Uncharted games 3. MGS 4(if you like the Metal Gear games)
  5. Woops. My bad. I need to pay more attention.
  6. The kid most likely puked because his parents had been telling him to lie, plus being nervous in front of the camera.
  7. I like their reckless and careless style. Safety makes for boring television.
  8. Hope this has not already been posted.
  9. I would say go plasma but they start at 42". I hear good things about Samsung LCD's.
  10. I wonder if these Xbox 360's will have the jasper motherboards?
  11. Is anyone else as psyched for this game as i am? I was a big fan of the first one. Review
  12. How about a Geo Metro vs a 59 Chevy? I want to see how that turns out.
  13. Agreed. Elfen Lied and Ghost In The Shell are my favorites.
  14. I'll take the 09 and pass on the smart.
  15. Just in canceling the wow account. It's obvious both kids have issues.
  16. I have seen this. Scary stuff if it is real. Props to his mom for making the right choice. Some parts it looks like he looses control of his body. Is it possesion? You decide.
  17. Oh the countless art of wasting time. Don't let the parasites put you down.
  18. I only buy the physical copy. Not a fan of downloads.
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